Reed Dollaz talks battle rap comeback against Tsu Surf and John John Da Don

Reed Dollaz talks battle rap comeback against Tsu surf, His top 5 battlers, and earlier battle days



  • barondebxl

    Reed between the lines!

  • Aubrey OVO

    Surf and JJ the biggest biters in the URL.

    • zeke

      Ironically they are in almost everyones top 5 thou

      • Aubrey OVO

        New battle rap fans love them, I can give you that.

  • Jake

    Damn Smack you paying these niggas all this money for bullshit battles and you let this guy first battle not be on URL? You guys got to get more business minded. You not gonna be able to make money every event sometimes its for the exposure to keep it exciting and interesting. JJ vs Reed would be a good look especially on Smack. Go have an event out in Philly..

    • Jamal

      I assure you SMACK didnt let it happen. I think this is moreso of Reed getting his feet wet again before the main stage. I think he doing it the right way. You dont want to go straight to the main stage and get killed cause you rusty. Im glad he did this cause John John got bars but he aint really a threat to body the fans tired of John John since the hitman joint so this is a good come back battle

      • zeke

        I agree with everything BUT Fans dont like john since hitman battle

        • url judge

          I never liked john john. Hes always on stage with someone elses rhymes…dude is garbage

        • JESSE LEE


    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Reed isn’t gonna be on smack they canceled the next event due to math he’ll probably be on UW.

  • Pa AllDay 717/484

    Reed Bout To Kill Shit

  • Winmath7

    very humble reed in this joint. good look. Good choice picking JJDD to be ya 1st battle back, knock off the rust on a youngin. JJDD is nice, just not orginal and cant match Reed aggression. Reed was wrong bout 1 thiing tho.. when he was batting,, there was S.M.A.C.K dvd, he meant URL. but on another note..JJDD bout to die! lets be serious, in a home game in philly, Reed will be unbeatable.

    What can JJ do to Reed, keep it a 100. JJ cannot win this battle, not in Philly. Salute to him for goin out there tho, he jus dont have what it take to beat read in that enviorment. JJ is smart, uses alot a metaphors in his bars. Philly wont wanna hear that. they want aggression, straight to the point shit, and jj sound fake when he try and get tough.

    And to dude sayin its a bad move not gettin Reed 1st battle back on URL… GTFOH, yaa it would be good to have him on URL but you dont wanna repeat of ENess.. let him get tha ring rust off in pHilly, so Smack, Beasly, Norbes, ect can examine his skills and see if he is worth the investment. its less of a risk that way. THATS good business, unsure you will have a good battle not just two good names in a battle.

  • HDTheProducer

    nobody gives a shit about john john vs reed, come on really

  • Gee

    Reed spoke on wat fucc battling up in my flips wit ppl real names,niggaz doin a baccground checc on u (dna),and comedy ..I want that old battling vibe bacc..nuthin but bars and aggression

  • george

    My nigga comein back to kill shit look out tsu and after tsu look out rex shine and math my nigga reed back


      WELL lets see how he do first, cuz for all we knw he can choke like lux or canibus n not get no love from the crowd!

  • MandownCode10

    that nigga look like my avatar. look like life’s been rough for the homie out there in Philly. I hope he comes back and kills shit!

  • MilwaukeeKid

    nigga quit lying u was just shitting all on battle rap like a year ago…

    but NOW is popping. puff and busta showing up…sponsors out da ass…

    surf linked up kevin durant, conceited on tv battling nick cannon etc…

    keep it a 1000 u know u want to get in on the action…not for the fans, hip hop or none of dat…

    • Pj Francis

      stfu nigga….dhat shitt you talkin bout is irrelevant nigga REED is a beast n he been a beast b4 all dem BS niggas you named nigga do ya history

  • JRAR215


  • bringing drama

    u coward/ too hard we run through yall niggas, we troublement, (you) doublemint we’ll chew yall niggas.


    • JustOzzy82

      Classic line right there!

    • MilwaukeeKid

      it we trouble men

  • JustOzzy82

    My nigga Reed bout to shit on niggas. So happy to have someone with a different style other than that same played out URL style everyone uses now.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    no when him , rex , lux , millz were battling there was no smack .. smack caught that shit ..


      They need to bring millz bck but he won’t do it!

  • Mr. SayItAgain!
  • Mr. SayItAgain!

    Yall check out my latest battle taking this shyt a lil more serious now the link below comment and tell me how yall feel keep 100 thanks!

    • MilwaukeeKid

      ayo ron peeped ya battle ya got some shit…stay at it…

  • RealerDealer

    Reed goin body them dumb niggaz & y he say k shine that nigga think he Reed go back to kshine early shit the nigga cold doppleganger surf too the nigga k shine just more polished wit his animation but all that shit came from Reed.

  • Organizeddysfunction3377

    Welcome back Reed its about phucking time. Son gone eat JJ ass! Pause! No homo. Getthem#’sthefuckouttahere!

  • erickvalone

    i dont see why reed doesnt just start a battle leauge

    he is nasty on rex level and shines…..phillly dot mob basicaly
    well thats what kinda style he has , anyways i would watch him battle no question >>>>>aka rambo


    Yea, i can’t wait to see wut he got, shit! he had how many yrs to get his shit together n come bck?!

  • Art

    Reed been top 5. Hate it or love it

  • Art

    Nigga’s be hate on pa nigga’s reed, cyssero, kaboom, n.h, reigh man, hollow man, frank, & joey jihad. Need 2 go show nigga’s why we been the best. It’s only 3 rap crews that would keep up. That has enough rappers which is dot mobb, jersey, St. Louis.

    • Blaze219x

      franky is ok but HE COULD NOT handle the new way of battling and iDONT believe he could hand these URL niggaz!BUT its sad how you didnt name cass becaus he is a #PhillyLEGEND!!!

  • Art

    We need u reed. Been watching 4ever glad u back, get reign man, frank, kre, hollow man, nh, kaboom, joey jihad, and cyssero, and more. I’m from Chester pa let’s go philly. I been watch’n since 4ever, it’s a couple more 2, now that we ain’t beefing. Dat nigga lil, pook papers, stunt woods and I’m still missing so many great philly mc’s vodka, chic raw. Come on reed, the ball is in your court.

  • Blaze219x

    John John AND Surf dont want none of that … THATS WHY SURF IS RUNNING PERIOD


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