RESPONSE to Cortez calls a sitdown with Smack, URL, and all Battlers

There was so much more I wanted to say, but decided to only leave in the heaviest things for time sake. I can answer anything else Cortez said also either in comments or another video because trust me there was lots more wrong.

I am NOT fighting for the side of Smack or the URL, I am fighting for the side of the fans that just want good match-ups and battle rappers to come prepared with three rounds of good material.



  • Jay r da star

    Bro you gota look at it like this, the rappers are the employees , n they want a raise n better treatment, smack is growing and the artist are not,

    • Naylz

      1) As a rap FAN, why is this something we care about? You gonna side with pro wrestlers, school teachers, nfl players and auto mechanics when they say they want to get more money from their employers?
      2) the ‘top tier’ battle rappers are giving shitty performances and as a fan I think we need to demand they give quality performances before we crusade for them to get paid more money. I mean the battle rappers aren’t even complaining about the money they get anyway (only lux has a money issue) the battle rappers are made because sm3 was given to the mid tier battlers and smack called the top tier out for sucking on stage and smack only did that because WE THE FANS spoke out and said they sucked. don’t lose site of what we fans was originally upset about. don’t let yourself get twisted.

    • brandonbowie77

      thats not smack problem he pay them to rap not to baby sit there every step ,,,but not if smack not paying what they agreed on they that would be on smack,other then that like okwerdz say SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RAP!!!!

    • mitchbuchanan

      to be honest if top tier battle rappers are giving poor performance, like any other competition e.g. NBA, NFL. no matter what your rep is or history if as a player your in decline or on a slump the rookie who’s on fire is gonna get your spot, its only common sense.

      If all the top tier rappers go to KOTD they will get booked less as there will be too many performers on their roster. you will see new legends come up in URL. KOTD cant book everyone, and URL cant give too much employee power, it doesnt make any type of sense.

      3rd point is nobody is gonna pay Lux that 40k and i also have a feeling there is more than meets the eye with the pay per view avenue, its more complicated than you think.

  • brandon davis

    smart brother

  • sd

    I agree with this brother!!!

  • myian barnes

    Damn, great blog fam. Well thought out and well put, I agree with everything you said. I do, however,agree with Cortez on the battles not being released. That’s a significant portion of their income. Cortez has battled Tech 9 and Yung Ill, two battles that could generate 500,000 to 700,000 views together, that have never, and prolly will never be released. I can’t lie though, I was dissapointed to see him bash Smack too. He asks, “Where’s the motivation?(I was waiting for buddy to bury him right there)” The motivation is what’s in your pocket at the end of the day, for the exposure, something for an artist like Cortez, who unlike most of these battle rappers, makes really good music also. If it wasn’t for Smack, most of these cats would be nothing but local artists, to INCLUDE Lux. They are getting national exposure and an opportunity to showcase their talent, which is what Smack used to always say on the dvd’s. I guess iPhone cases are more important than beating that dude across from you in a battle. If Smack was around when I took rhyming seriously, I would have been in NYC every weekend trying to body everyone of these niggas. I get they are trying to eat, but if you are hungry,work hard and get it. The Lux situation is fucking stupid. No way would he come in my office dictating shit to me either. Dude is trying to squeeze a years salary out of one battle. He doesn’t seem like he’s doing it to be the best anyway so fuck him, he’s a great talent, but I’d much rather see JC battle 4 times a year than Lux ever again. If it’s really that bad at your job bruh, submit your resume to another company and work for them. The company you left behind is going to make it regardless, they have already made sure of that by setting up the proving grounds, and Norbes can be found at venues across the country scouting talent like he’s Saban or Calipari. I liken the situation to wrestling, which I don’t watch, but I notice you can find all the old school wrestlers on the TNA show, or whatever it’s called….meanwhile a bunch of cats I never heard of are in the WWE, but clearly, that’s the big stage. Maybe I’ll take a look at that one of these days……

    • RogerBliddack

      Both you and the guy who made the video are missing the bigger picture. Lux told smack what some of us have been saying in these comments sections… for years!! It’s time for SMACK/URL to incorporate ‘pay-per-views’ (and a subscription model) into their current Live Events-to-YouTube business model. However, Lux was asking for a percentage of the total revenue that could be made if ONLY…… URL would start doing pay-per-view events, just like KOTD does. Lux was saying… “Here’s a way for you to potentially make $600k… and if you DO this….. agree to pay me $40k of the half-a-million you could make”. Plus, whenever Smack/URL incorporate Pay-per-views, they will have ‘hard numbers’ for the amount of ‘buys’ that they could take into an executive meeting at say….. HBO… to help negotiate a deal on a series, or some shit. The reality is, a ‘battle rap’ series will eventually come to HBO (or Showtime) in the not too distant future. The only question is… will it be someone like Organik? or Smack? who actually gets the deal. There’s nothing wrong with what Lux did. They may not have liked the split of the income, or the percentages, but that doesn’t mean he was wrong for proposing it. Lux is not Mook who just wanted to get paid $50k. From that interview on HipHopDX, Lux proposed some ideas to help Smack/URL increase their revenue by an ‘order of magnitude’. But its the same thing alot of us been saying right here in these comments.

      • TipOfTheIceberg

        I don’t have a problem with your comment here, I just don’t understand why its something I, as a battlerap fan, would care about. I have been listening to hiphop all my life and I have never gave serious thought to how jay z or dr dre or 50 cent could make more money and I have also never cared about how interscope or universal could increase their revenue either. u say we are missing the big picture, but big picture for who?? battlerap getting an hbo deal one day is not something I care about as a fan. I just want to see good battles instead of these piss poor ones that have been coming out. I have no need to try to tell smack what he needs to in order for himself and battle rappers to make millions of dollars. we don’t sit around trying to tell other businesses what they need to do in order to get rich so why do I care about doing that with smacks business? im basketball fan I just want to see a good basketball game. how david stern runs the league and how his business practices are is of no concern to me, never has been.

        • RogerBliddack

          Some people wanna see SMACK/ URL do well as a business. Some people want to see good battles AND care about the culture growing. Maybe you are not one of those types of fans. Maybe its ONLY about the bars for you. To each their own. But just remember, there ARE folks who would like to see an emcee battle take place in Madison Square Garden, or in a large arena one day. Maybe it does not concern you WHERE these battle takes place, but it might be important to other fans. Again, to each their own. It makes them no less of a fan than you. And btw, there are PLENTY of basketball fans who discuss how the league is run, or debate amongst their friends the business practices & management of their favorite teams. Don’t think so? Join a fantasy league online and see for yourself. The Owners, GMs and Coaches are just as much a part of the game as the players themselves. And sometimes, they are the REASON some teams win and lose. All the pieces matter. You are not watching the GM sink jumpers himself…. but you are watching a team that is the result of his business decisions.

      • myian barnes

        Not concerned with the bigger picture fam, which btw, I can see clearly. However, the picture you are painiting eally isn’t that big, it’s just a short term come up for a specific artist. An artist who I’ve seen put on some nice performances before, but is feeling himself way too much, and has lost sight of what battle rap is all about…..not a percentage….not ppv, just being the best. Hollow, is the best in the game….period. He has gone through GTN and URL and(debatably) taken out damn nearly everyone he’s faced. Lux, has one one battle since forever, and feels he should be compensated four times the standard for a top tier emcee. It’s cool that he developed a strategy/scheme that could help that happen, but if he is going to be on that side of the table, where is the bread he’s putting up? There is no risk for him at all, but he expects the URL as a company to change their entire format in order to bring him to the spotlight? He gains without risking anything where as, they lose everything if he chokes again or loses(which he probably would against Hollow). That’s a stupid investment, he ain’t that cold. PPV is a risky leap from a company grinding off live show and youtube. Being the”hood standard” they may not have enough buyers to surplus from that sort of investment…after all, 98% of URL viewers are used to watching the battles for free….half would prolly say fuck that off top! The staff knows that, and they are trying to set themselves up for another platform, but ppv obviously isn’t one right now. They are better off just developing new talent, and showcasing them. All of the retired people will be replaced anyway…

        • RogerBliddack

          Yes they could continue with “business as usual” by replacing emcees as they retire. YouTube does not charge to set up pay-per-views as far as I know. They just take a cut off the buys. So there really is no risk involved on URLs part either. KOTD has ppv events. And the income they make off ppv is probably the reason they can afford to do more for the emcees who battle over there, as Cortez says. So why not add an additional revenue stream that doesn’t require much additional effort? They can continue to provide free battles for “the hood” PLUS get some suburban paper from the fans who also watch KOTD. We’ll see how it all plays out. But don’t be surprised if them KOTD dudes buy them out in 2 years if they continue to miss out on the ppv money just sitting out there for those who take the leap of faith. Look where Grindtime is nowadays. KOTD has pretty much taken over all their west coast events in LA. Just saying.

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          You have to ask yourself, how much does their top mc get for a battle? I myself don’t know the answer to that but id bet a months pay its at least 50% less than what lux is asking. so just because kotd is doing ppv doesn’t mean they pay anyone over 15k for a battle. its a reason for that.

        • RogerBliddack

          Maybe the reason is because KOTD is not as large as URL yet (keyword: yet). They don’t have as many ‘views’ (or subscribers) as URL. Check the stats for yourself. (KOTD = 50 million views. URL = 111 million views.) They are half as popular, so of course they would not have as much revenue to pay emcees. Plus their expenses are larger if they book emcees from the states to perform in Canada. But that may change over the next year or 2, if they continue to do EVEN MORE YouTube PPV events while URL does not. Time will tell.

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          You gave a couple good possible answers to my question so i’ll give you credit for that. but my thing is, IF kotd booked hollow vs lux and paid lux the 40k, AND if they managed to turn a great profit from that ppv, then ok…good for kotd and good for the fans because we get the battle. I don’t care of the battle comes out on kotd or smack, uw, street status or ibattle network. it could be considered a missed opportunity for smack but I don’t work for smack nor do I have stock in the company so that wouldn’t bother me.
          I guess the thing that strikes me as odd is that everything smack is doing right now hes doing for us fans. we asked for him to stop taking so long to drop battles and he did that. we told him these top tier battles are sucking and we want to see more mid tier guys on the big stages and he’s doing that. we can SEE that top tier guys are sucking by all these suck ass nome3 battles. charrone and dna just put on a battle that was better than all the none3 battles…and so did rone and real deal. so all im sayin is trying to fix the business aspect of the url so lux can get 40k is the least of my concerns right now. if the battles keep comin out like these nome3 battles aint too many people gon be paying for ppv to watch that shit anyway.

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          and to add on what you’re saying. there is no precedent for a 40k payout for a battle. arod has the richest contract in sports at 250 mil so if a player wanted 250 mil there is atleast precedent for it. but there is NO precedent for 40k to a battler, with ppv or no ppv. funny thing is smack has taken his business from nothing to where it is now….so its likely that in time he will be paying his battlers even more than the 8k they get these days. he will prob continue to prosper. 3 years ago cats was getting a couple hundred to battle. smack doesn’t need business advice from a bunch of us fans who have no idea how to really run a business and couldn’t do what he’s done even if we tried. lux couldn’t keep his lions den league afloat…but wants to give smack business advice smh. in a few years the smack brand will be even bigger because the man knows what hes doing. lux needs to wait on his 40k payday…just coz smack aint given it to him right this second doesn’t mean those types of payouts wont be available in the future. meanwhile we don’t seem to care bout the fact that the product sucks because these rappers don’t give us anything good anymore but as long as they all making millions I guess we will be happy smh.

      • Greggylasek

        Good points. Everyone knows that Smack and url is number 1 in this battle shit, but Organik sure knows how to run a tight operation with no bullshit….I think KOTD should just close and Organik, smack, and Beasley should just work together to push all this through the roof.

      • mitchbuchanan

        you have to remember smack already has the thing with UFF and BET and maybe it was part of the deal that they couldnt go ahead with the pay per view. theres more to the pay per view issue than meets the eye. nobody would pass up on money that they know will be a easy flip for them and a new avenue to accumulate funds without having to take a large financial risk. i suspect theres a lot of legal red tape regarding the PPV.

  • chriss love

    cortez makes sense he just goin against cortez..they need 2 make more money some way..battle rappers gotta get rich too..find a way..loaded lux is right. but want 2 much..jus battle

  • boro live

    I like the names on the card, I cant wait to see j.c., dude is nice, im not missin lux or cortez, dumb ass nigga talkin bout phone cases and booklets. I cant even find any lux battles online, only a couple from 1980 so who the fuck is lux besides that great 3rd round against calicoe. The only name I wouldve like to see on there is dna, dude always shows up and delivers… south jerz nigga CMD we fuck wit Smmmmmmaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkk

  • Werd

    Dude you act like you know exactly whats going on Smack didn’t have to put out his blog first I don’t see anything wit what Cortez said except deh 5 star hotels irrevelant and it sounds like you are defending URL but just like us you are a fan looking in from deh outside I can admit some battlers do act like divas but if you saying its all about fans truth be told every fan has got upset with smack for how he releases battles dats a fact but does SMACK listen to his fans on dat request?!! No more times it looks like he is more in deh club scene to mi from posts dat you see like fans care about you in a strip joint not saying you can’t have a life but when you make post on your instagram like dat you have to see how some fans would take dat and we don’t know whats going on behind deh scenes but from what it seems like from a lot of battlers is dat money is being shorted even before dis whole thing about third rounds not being written and favors had been made but not keeping dem so we as fans don’t know know deh truth but fix it before there is no URL….

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      1) smack did listen to the fans when we said he takes to long to put out battles u are not paying attention if you don’t realize that. when NOME
      went down, the first battle came out on the 4th of july, that was 2 weeks later. then dna/chilla came out on the 18th of july that’s 2 weeks later.
      Big t/shine came out aug 5th and then clips/magic came out 9 days later rex
      and rex/diz came out exactly 2 weeks after that. what do all these battles have in common? for the most part they all suck. and we know the hitman/con battle doesn’t even have a round 3.
      the verb/ars battle happened on july 21st and it was dropped on july 30th. for u to say smack didn’t listen to the fans about how long he takes to drop battles u are either lying thru your teeth or not don’t pay attention well enough to comment.
      and it was us fans who were complaining saying these battlers are giving us piss poor performances and that the mid tier guys need to get more shine so this whole ‘bars over names’ campaign smack is on is ANOTHER example of him listening to us fans so I really don’t know what u are talking about right now.

  • myian barnes

    BTW, everyone is forgetting Hollow in all this. He should have been making his SM return but got fucked over since the match couldn’t be made. Never heard about him on any of this type bullshit….

  • God Aweful

    There are a lot of things being confused as the same issue. Lux’s beef is not the same beef as with Charlie Clips/Hitman Holla… well at least not to me, maybe URL staff and some other people. I wish Lux spit 3 clean round but he choked and I am still more than satisfied with what he did so I can give his position merit. Holla/Clips have repeatedly shown up without 3 full rounds and even the shit they get off isn’t mind blowing shit so I’m completely with SMACK on the “Bars Over Names” in that regard.

    Now with Cortez… let’s be perfectly honest. Cortez is a different story. Cortez can really spit but for whatever reason he gets shitted on as not really “top tier”. He probably still gets good checks because he can pull in views from Grindtime fans. With that said, Cortez did have an anti-SMACK slant because of his personal gripes which he referenced in his blog. The man doesn’t have any good recent footage on URL and part of that is to protect his opponents that didn’t prep. In the proper perspective, Cortez had valid points and this video has valid points also but I don’t think they should be aimed at each other.

  • Hood Movies

    this guy just said he just finished watching a ufc PPV, but I bet this guy complains about lux wanting 40k lmao Black people we have a sickness. everything he just said just got Blocked out once he said that.

  • RespectDaCulture

    I hear everything you’re saying fam, but there’s just one problem…you’re doing to the battlers exactly what you’re accusing Cortez of doing to Smack/URL. If you’re preaching “fair”, you’ve gotta play fair. Smack made questionable moves…battlers made questionable moves…period.

  • Gazz

    This blog is right. People talking about ppv but one of Smacks selling point is the video quality, editing, and camera angles. If all top tier battlers quit I would still watch Smack. Also Summer Madness was a great move. Honestly how many of you realized that there is not that many battles between top tier battlers to have. There are too many battle rappers that won’t battle newer battlers. Thats what will stop Smack running out of battles!!!!! So now you have just about whole new squad on Summer Madness. Once Summer Madness is over this will be the birth of new Top Tier Battlers. What does this mean? More Battles…….. Before lets say there is only 10 battlers in URL in the beginning. How many battles can you have when each rapper is cool with 2 and has battled almost everyone and won’t battle anyone else

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    I want to say something though. I bought the WD4 ppv…both days for 30 bucks and personally I regret it. I didn’t know that when u buy ppv, the video and sound quality is so poor. there are so many bars that I simply cant hear/make no matter how many times I rewind. and the young gattas bonnie battle as well as the damn main battle, arcane vs pat stay suffer the WORSE from this. so bottom line I wont ever buy a ppv again from these battles because you lose so much site and sound that u cant even enjoy the battle. think about that while we sayin ppv is the answer to everything.

    • RogerBliddack

      There is a solution to bad video/audio quality. 2 words. Better equipment. I’m sure KOTD realizes it too. And will probably do something to improve their next PPV event.

  • AdamsFam71

    I understand both sides,Smack is really promoting the brand ,But many of the battle rappers are frustrated with the promises not being followed thru “money issues” ….If this keeps up battle rap will be a thing of the past…I Think that there should be a sit down.. Get it together URL STAFF & BATTLE RAPPERS!!!!!!!

  • Spike

    Very good BlOG bro..

  • mitchbuchanan

    you have to remember smack already has the thing with UFF and BET and maybe it was part of the deal that they couldnt go ahead with the pay per view. theres more to the pay per view issue than meets the eye. nobody would pass up on money that they know will be a easy flip for them and a new avenue to accumulate funds without having to take a large financial risk. i suspect theres a lot of legal red tape regarding the PPV.

    i also think smack should change the contract so rappers are paid per round. it will give battle rappers incentive to go harder and try 3-0 someone. too many battles were someone wins the first 2 rounds and thinks fuck the 3rd i.e. hitman vs conceited and big t vs k shine

    • RogerBliddack

      I disagree with the first part a little bit. I’ve read lots of posts of certain folks on this site who have been saying that URL should incorporate PPV events for well over 2 years and counting. (Long, long before Lux battled Calico @ SM2…. and long before the recent BET/UFF deal).

      Setting up a PPV video is not as hard as you think it is. Plus it does not cost very much. There are LOTS of companies that do it.

      They can set up unlimited PPV events on YouTube, or U-Stream practically for FREE! Or they could use any pay-service like “Streaming Video Provider” for as little as $15 bucks/month (on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contracts).

      Dunno why they have not done it yet. Maybe they do not want to do it because they are kinda still in that (DVD) mindset where they first started – i.e. they stick to the script of releasing ‘nicely edited footage’ with elaborate trailers at the start (or at the end) of each battle.

      Maybe one day soon they might realize that formula that will take them to ‘the next level’ is to mix Live Events + PPV + “On-Demand” replays + “nicely edited battles” on YouTube… in addition to the BET/UFF deal.

      Beasley halfway admitted they couldn’t afford Lux’ price in that ForbezDVD interview he did a few days ago.

      However, with the views they get on YouTube… the income from each and event event could potentially SKYROCKET if they just simply added a reasonable PPV option.

      If they did that, they could soon afford to book almost anyone the fans wanted to see. (Like Meek Mill vs Cassidy. Or Busta vs Lux. Or Hollow vs Lux, or anyone else imo)

      • mitchbuchanan

        fair point noted. do you maybe think it has something to do with smacks partnership with BET or anything??

  • Dr. Drain

    without Lux, Summer Madness is gonna be Slumber Madness.

  • young boi L.E.S.

    bullshit I damn near have watched every battle that’s been released atleast twice…..these battle rappers are geekin this nigah is komparin KOTD to Smack Yall nigahs keep forgettin the nigah Drake is there sponser he getting checks kut from everywhere its nothing for him to throw a 100,000 into somthn he guienly luv….smack is building a brand yall battle rappers is helpin him all this boils dwn to is nw u battle rappers is building yall own brand and think yall kan do it with ot the nigahs that put yall talents on display jus like the streetz for evry 10 nigahs ot there 1 or two put they self on 5 or 6 had sumthn to offer so another nigah invested in him the other 1 or 2 jus ot there doin stupid shit…..yall nigahs battle rap smack displayed yall talents to damn near the world…yall forgettin he put his self on him n his team nw he putting yall on but yall dumbass nigahs wanna take his ideas n build yall own brand I havnt seen none of yall nigahs pay real homage except lux mook n rex… we see mook on blogs kryin no kause he gd he makin real life moves nt jus usin rap n they gt a gd team DOT MOBB,,, lux is kryin kause hes jus a rapper 40 nigah jus kause u said a line that famous people are quotin dnt mean your worth 40 do u see any ov these industry muthafuckas who runnin aroun sayin U GOIN GET THIS WORk offer u that 40 and its like 40 dollas to them has jay offered to do a verse on your mixtape has puffy offered to sing or dance in your videos NO Stupid kause do u remember U chocked bad you had to put your second verse on youtube n all u did was try to play mind tricks wat Calicoe who is sure about his life Wat U TO SMART MUTHAFUCKAS DNT UNDERSTAND is that YOUR SO SMART YOUR STUPID……to end this LUX would b worth 40 if he gave us good battles bout 4 a year stp bitchin nigah seriously SMACK told u NO n That Shoulda been it… kno how when u ask your parents for somthn n they tell u no then u go outside or to your room kall a person or talk to a person who u think kan persuade your parents into getting it for u or they gt it that’s the type of nigah Lux is bein rite nw broadcastin his problems kause Smack told him No so he tryin to gt the fans to get on Smack,,,,,,We Kall Them Lame Nigahs Where Im From AKA Komfortable Nigahs Who think shit sweet till they gt to eat it

  • mezee

    stopped @ 13:00 because you are biased and you’re contradicting yourself!! Facepalm.

  • Caught Choosen

    Fuck the fans motives! We ain’t payin’ to see any of this shit online! So “we” don’t matter to the extent that we are not investing anything into theses artists.

    The fans that go see it person get what they paid for period.

    Fine “Battle rappers” start battling EVERYWHERE for the most profit and fans don’t say shit about them not being faithful to Smack and then Smack can run who he wanna run and artists can get that money how they wanna get money.


  • T_Will 52

    I honestly blame one person for the way shit is right now…and hate me for saying this if you want but I’m simply thinking differently about this..the one person I blame is murda mook….this is the guy who was originally asking for 40 or 50k and then delivers the BULLSHIT he performed on summer madness 2.. since then almost all the battles have been ass.. in the mean time you have battle rappers looking and seeing that mook got paid all that money and was they are can go out and have a horrible battle and still get paid that type of that case..what do I need a third round for..why do I have to deliver cold bars for the same small ass pay compared to a nigga who isn’t that nice any more and performed and didn’t when they seen that shit..they lost motivation..niggas wasn’t doing it for the love..niggas didn’t it for the check…hence the line from tone Montana..”hear smack cutting checks, so who the fuck next”… now ever one wants that huge pay day..and the first time smack tries to show love and make sure his niggas eatin good too…you get the shit that happened with mook performance at sm2 and followed by the poor battles in 2k13 and smack had to lie about every battle saying it’s a classic to keep the fans coming back that the next battle was better than the last when in fact they were all no I ain’t mad at smack for standing his ground..niggas wasn’t more money..then do better performance..wat happened to the whole thought that young ill was talking about saying that battle rappers should do a free battle for smack..cause with out small providing that stage we wouldn’t know half or these niggas..don’t bite the hand that feeds you..if it wasn’t for smack, his brand, and his innovation…other leagues may not exist or wouldn’t even be worth watching..smack set the bar for this shit and paved the way for other niggas to start up and eat but then they turn into ungrateful niggas..if lux wanted 40k of smack profits..then he should have kept up the lions den and be the nigga smack is now..I’m not saying that lux don’t deserve it because really out of all of sm2 to these battles of 2k13..his battle is the one people talk or its continue to watch the most..then hitman..but they didn’t do it alone..smack provided the stage for niggas is getting more fame and glory than they ever did before and then turn around and be ungrateful and ask for more….he gave you more than you can even imagin..he put yall on before..let the man continue to build his brand make shit bigger, better, and more legit so he can come back and take better off y’all than he ever did patient and stick to the nigga who really put you on and kno that ya man going to take care if you cause I didn’t it before and in the first place..he need y’all and y’all definitely need him..don’t fool ya up..produce good battles with good battles and all the characteristics that come with it and get back to loving this shit and the culture and I promise you will get what you deserve..straight like that

  • zoPoundBx

    Your right big man, cortez just a diva. These guys need to be hungry and deliver other wise the performances will continue to not be great and fail to elevate. You cant negotiate with terrorist. ssssSMACK 4 Life!

  • barondebxl

    I respect your opinion, but they are some shit that the rappers know that you don’t.



  • RealShitFam

    This site is fake as fuck just like smack niggas taking comments and placing them in the order they want them i was the last nigga to comment but lame ass niggas want to place my shit all the way at the bottom because i call smack out for not caring about the battle rapper and collecting all the youtube and event money you niggas are fake as fuck on this site niggas tryna hide comments on some fag shit



  • Rexchap

    This nigga doesn’t GET IT!!! URL is run like a lemonade stand on the corner! You have to SPEND money to MAKE money! Hire a promotions manager, get some sponsorships, STOP letting SMACK be the VOICE o battleRap….he sounds IGNORANT! This is a classic case of URL not really WANTING to accept outside help, for they have to PAY for that or give up a piece of URL toallow it to be successfull! At the going rate, KOTD will have ALL the talent! They understand, you have to WANT people to come to your league, you can’t be owing people the other half or short changing cats! They have a LOT to learn and it’s getting too LATE! They ALREADY have disgruntled employees! Once THAT happens , it’s the beginning of the END! Like i said from DAY ONE, this thing has an expiration date on it and it’s beginning to SOUR. You better eat that last bit of cereal NOW, cuz tomorrow, you’ll be like CRAIG “We aint even got no milk” !!!

  • Rexchap

    Memo to THIS NIGGA…they already DON’T get what they want and they are writing SHIT!!!! So it doesn’t MATTER..if they get what they want….niggas can ONLY talk about so much…they ain’t the brightest!

  • Rexchap

    Where is this nigga from.???..EVERYBODY knows this card is what they SETTLED FOR!! Smack and Lux were conversating back in MARCH about SM3. What world is this nigga living in?? The business proposal Lux put on the table was feasible. but the ROOKIES that are URL, didnt want to take the chance! The money they were to make wasn’t going to be IMMEDIATE, like as in 1 hr after show ends! Sometime you have to FRONT or get FRONTED in order to end up with a certain amt! But whatever! It’s going to hurt them!

  • Timothy Bias

    I agree with the blog just step your bars up. Lux’s need to stop trying to give smack advice on what he should do with his busy. All in all he needs to work on Lionz Den and stop having his Lionz Den battlles in record and shoe shops. He trying to get Smacks money because smack is not having battles on the block or at shoe and independent clothes store. Smack must be doing something right because now he is on B.E.T. You cannot compare KOTD to Smack URL because KOTD is only on the internet and now Smack is transitioning to mainstream T.V. B.E.T. If Lux’s knew busniess he would have had a deal with a major label instead of making all this crappy thousands mixtapes on his street blocks with wack videos. It’s good to have bars but the music business is 90 percent business and 10 percent talent. All of the big names got their because of their hard work in business not just talent. If you battle rappers want all this money start your own league like the rest of them that do that so you can have your wack battles no one wants to see in a barber shop. But if you want real money do like D.N.A. , Math Hoffa and Conceited do have battles over seas and in other leagues and earn $8,000 here and $5,000 there promote and shop around and battle in all the leagues and get money. If not SHUT UP AND STEP YOUR BARS UP SSSSMMMMAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!

  • Timothy Bias

    Just step your bars up!!!!!

  • Timothy Bias

    Step your bars up!!!! Lux’s should not try to tell another business how to make money. Look at Lionz Den, they had been out for years and they are still battling in shoe shops, barbershops, small bars and crap. Lux’s get you business with Lionz Den straight first you hating on the URL. The blog is right. URL is on B.E.T. and not only on the internet so KOTD cannot compare to that Cortez. He just mad because he is not getting money with boring music and getting killed in the battle ring. If you battle rappers want money start your own battle league so no one will watch your stupid battles in the barber shop, record shops and corners. Smack URl is on a whole new level. Lux’s need to step his busy up that’s why no label wants him and he is going to keep on making these street albums and mixtapes that no one cares about. The music business is 10 percent talent and 90 percent business. That’s why all the rappers who make millions with wack songs so gets paid because their business is straight Lux not just talent. Smack is right step your bars up or you will not perform on his stage it is not called the ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE for nothing not choke and no rounds leagues. If you want money battling be like D.N.A, Math Hoffa and Conceited battle in every league and over seas be consistent they will pay you at least $5,000 every battle be smart if not. BE QUIET AND STEP YOUR BARS UP.

  • Eric

    The only thing I have to say is that you cant really compare any profession to battle rap.

  • Chris Jones

    This guy is a punk…I went to YouTube to question a bunch of the drivel he had in his video…he responded than blocked me from responding…this dude is doing nothing but peddling horse shit…He doesn’t respect dissenting points of view and he’s a grade-A pussy. Fuck this guy.

  • charles grey

    yo..stop it Fam. you tryn to take up for smack. Fuck your point of view as fan. like lux said nigga do u know what it take write a battle or be an artist. Point blank Battle Rap was shity B4 da legends came back. I cant even wactch dis shit w/o da legends. Lux need to to take a check and work more but i feel him goin hard for what he live..yall niggaz jus watchin n talkin. this shit make url look bad. The culture so big and url aint shit but stage 28. the battle rappers have to move better. and i fux wit smack but nigga release da battles faster, keep it moving sm3 had erbody gased now yall ass went straight back 2004. No body Cares.shit got lux lookin crazy..oh and dat 106 freestyle shit was ass. after last summer i was rooting for yall but yall dont get it.


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