Ron Paul – 5am In Hartford

5am In Hartford shows you the hardships in a Hartford, CT. You get to see news clips from the local media and FBI statistics to get a better understanding of the urban environment in Hartford, CT. The video is directed by Edwin Escobar. The song 5am In Hartford on Ron Paul Hartford, CT mixtape Coming Soon!


  • wack



    SMack you know the slogan….. get him the fuck outta herrrrreee!!! Im from hartford and i cant rock with this shit. i rather no publicity then to stand behind this shit. not only were the lyrics wack… nicca sending out a horrible message. nicca glorifying reckless shit. smack keep it 100………. how much you charged niccas to post this shit? dont turn this into wshh!!!!!

  • no wayyyyy

    oh lets clear it up….. im not hating….. i rep my city. but its better niccas out there holding the city down……. kid gwap, lambo, oscar black, louch ramsey, face….

  • Young king

    this dude is making us look bad. Common man. thumbs down

  • Cozzo36

    This is total trash. Have heard much better from ron


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