Round4Round | New Competition Hosted by Street Star Norbes, Announcing East Coast Best Lyricist Casting Call

Round4Round is a Lyricist Competition where a group of Emcee’s go rhyme for rhyme on a Hot beat. Not to be confused with ” Battle Rap” Round4Round focuses on 4 Main Elements. Delivery,Presence,Style and Swag!!! The Emcee’s will be judged by the Fans on Social Media and the winner is chosen to go to the next Round. Hosted by Streetstar Norbes of the famed “URL“. The purpose of the show is to showcase new talent , build exposure for the art and to create a platform for NON BATTLE RAPPERS. As the Show picks up steam, each contender will be ranked like a boxer or tennis athlete. The show will also have celebrity judges stopping in to add more pressure on the group. Created and Produced by James Kraze Billings for

Email: [email protected]
@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


  • Yoooooo

    Norbes you slob…..uw runs this ish…

  • Anonymous

    on my block, my block

  • Atlas

    Url is still the biggest stage in battle rap, UW only had 1 great event so far, and every rapper that battles on UW got big on the URL platform, stop sayin UW is running shit, its invalid

  • Anonymous

    Uw kilt the game with there last performance r.i.p smack

  • Yooooo

    Let’s pay a moment of silence for the url.uw runs this…

  • SoulSistaWoo

    Norbs is one of URL’s biggest problems…

  • uw leage run dis shit

    fxck url…uwl run this shit…

  • url killin’

    url can eat a dick…uwl is the new stage


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    Yakuza 6 so far is beyond trash... I’ll give an update after a few hours
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    RT @IvyLeagueDeNiro: @SluggJackson @iamtherealbigT @TheRealTayRoc I Ain't Gon Lie Bro I'm From Chicago Any Other Time I'll Say @iamtherealb…
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    The “ CHAMP “ Wants to know who ur referring to
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    It is punishment The “ CHAMP “ puts all kids in timeout
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    Stocking Cap “ CHAMP “