Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry) Official Video

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“Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry)” is the second single off of Run The Jewels 2.

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  • Topgun

    Shouts to hiphop syko you absolutely right. But I still believe Dizaster and Caustic set that up bro. Syko I know you a streetsmart dude just listen to youre Caustic interview again very closely and you will see they set him up. He didnt actually call the guy to buy barz Caustic called him on some sharing barz like 95 % of all battlerappers do rather you believe it or not Syko. Do you honestly think Cortez and Math never shared barz? Or Dna and clips? Or Rex and Shine? Or Shotgun Suge and surf? I could go on for days Syko. Arcane didnt buy the barz he actually sent him $200 for looking out its obvious that Caustic has a drug addiction. And another thing Syko I do respect you but why not address him for so call selling barz? Thats not hiphop neither bro. And Syko have Arcane come on the show or you and 40 oz Jess go interview him so he can tell his side of the story and tell us exactly what barz Caustic shared with him.Oh yea and leave Norbes home no offense but he just to bias. Im out peace to 40 oz Jess and Syko Wun….

    • Alexander

      This shit will never stop being debated over until the truth is out there, but it’s obvious most you niggaz are only focusing on Caustic hitting him up giving him bars for free, 99% of you URLTV niggaz haven’t even seen the footage where he spat the bars because you don’t know Arcane, so why y’all giving opinions. Arcane got significantly better over the course of 1 and a half years for a 1v1 competition KOTD has held twice now, he won both of those 1v1 competitions but w/ some cheesy/fishy gimmicks. He’s mediocre w/ good presents, but he offered CAUSTIC money because he knew all the bars he received would cement a win in the final leg of the GP, which overall won him 5 grand. A business move or not, Arcane is a spineless rat for it and loses so much credibility. 
      Who’s to say he didn’t go seeking help again for $1000 and the Kotd title since it worked out so well for him before? 
      The guys you named w/o a doubt trade rhymes, they mouth each others rhyme’s every battle, but they obviously didn’t use bars to win a tournament w/ cash up for grabs nor is there proof they trade each other money for bars. Trading bars is just lame to me unless it’s 2v2, but those niggaz you named are obviously close. Caustic is from Cali Arcane’s in Canada. Him and Arcane plotted against the competition true, Caustic never used one bar Arcane gave him though so just focus on that. It was Arcane’s choice you muhfuckerz, no one was going to shoot him in the head, he was broke as fuck and wanted to cement that win no matter what and didn’t want to feel like shit for taking those bars. It’s not about what Caustic’s crack addiction cost, Arcane did it for himself fam.

  • Chris O

    According to Hip Hop Syko, Arcane = R & B singer. Hahahahaha

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    Shouts out to Hip-Hip syko. i lived by this for over 15 years. when i first got into the culture it was ingrained in me to know the difference between an emcee and rapper. on the other note, i agree with everything  else u stated as well.

  • Brown Island Penis

    Syko is a dick head. That’s that shit. that’s like saying drugs kill the neighborhoods but only the people who buy drugs are to blame and not the dealers. So Caustic isn’t wrong for sharing bars? (lets be clear I’ve seen the convo transcripts they were sharing bars not verses) that’s what I hate about these “hip Hop” heads when they see someone in the wrong for something miniscule they scrutinize and ridicule but if it’s someone from there side doing the same they don’t even mention it just sweep it under the rug. What Arcane did is no different than what John John does regularly accept at least Arcane had permission. Shit Arcane even put up the convos for everyone to see….Hip Hop Syko? my brown Island penis

    • Alexander

      gtfoh you penis seeking faggot, why are penises so preeminent in your mind and that message? If you knew anything instead of taking Arcane’s side for some fb conversations he posted then you’d understand. Arcane, that snake didn’t put it all up, he put up the ones where they both were trading ideas and bars. Don’t matter if Caustic intended on using Arcane’s actual bars or not he never got a 16 sent to him and never paid that dude bread. Arcane aired himself out for even puttin that up. It’s OBVIOUS Caustic sent him a pdf with all his verses for Chedda. Caustic instructed Arcane not to use bars that didnt contain “cheese” lines like “black man in her bush/white house” some BULLSHIT I forgot, and Arcane still used it. That explains why both of them have used it in the same time frame of a battle they did. it wasn’t just bars it was a fucking verse, It’s well known Caustic had a girlfriend that strips, that was all of Caustics verse Arcane was spitting vs Chedda about the DJ and shit. Pay attention, most you niggaz don’t even know the half of it dumbass And Syko got it right.

      • Anthony Buckley

        Wow that was a great break down, whoever you are you got some insight! 

  • matt_bamo

    This is bullshit journalism – you shoulda had Arcane on the show and let him say his peace. I love your show, but if you don’t have Arcane on then you guys are bullshit – sorry but that’s the truth. How can you talk about a dude for 3 weeks and not have him on the show? on another note – most battle rappers can’t freestyle either dude – they just memorize.


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