Scheme Street/URLTV Presents: Ceph Deezy VS JC


  • Tony Brown

    Jc is da best battle rapper today handz down. O red, and Big Kannon is right behind em’ doe.

    • jax


    • VinEdelNegro

      Ha ha fa nah mah mah

  • struckdemdimes

    jc sound like my son, luck!!!

    • Zedric Young

      jjdd is dead and clips i s going over his round if he seen this

  • vmanTDOT

    damn JC in small venues kills shit….

  • WTF?

    that stutter shit is cold!!!!

  • Jei Sweet

    DAmn JC… He shoulda saved that stutter line for Summer Madd… oh wait….

  • Raymond

    JC is the best small venue battler out right now #nodebating. He’ll kill anyone in a small venue.

    • BuckShit

      he will kill anyone in any venue nigga wtf

    • king

      I totally agree in small rooms he will beat anybody in big rooms I think he gets overwhelmed and his punches don’t land as hard

    • ScottyPimpen33

      JC is the Floyd Mayweather of battle rap.

      • Richie McKie

        I completely agree. JC is the Mayweather of battle rap.

    • Waka

      “What chew mean”

    • Logic

      You’ve gotta respect the fact that he doesn’t take anybody light. To be fair though, he can out bar a ton of no names, but against most battle MCs with names, he loses his spark. What big name has he killed? He’s dope, but he’s not a true killer (yet). He doesn’t have a body worth mentioning. At least Swave Sevah killed O Red and Daylyt killed Rich. JC could barely handle Ill. A weak version of Ill at that.

      • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

        day did not beat rich .. i repeat day didnt kill rich . even day says he edged it and that was his toughest battle . i think rich beat him .. only the third was debatable

  • Chris Scott

    Jc nigga John John boy better come wit it

  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    that nigga got some new shit in his arsonal it ova for jjdd

  • ScottyPimpen33

    John John is rewriting all of his rounds right now.

  • R.O

    Jc snapped on dat nigga Dayum !! Body bag Jc got another victim !!

  • ms marjane

    damn this didn’t even seem like a fair fight.. jc is cold

  • Spike

    Cut it OUT JC… JC and Magic could run through any rapper out there. If QP ever got his act together he would be next to these two… Good battle once again JC…

    • Unspoken Truth

      I feel u on dat but both of them had aa problem wit young kannon

  • 305_dade_bully

    ceph ain’t deserve that… a couple of dollars for ya career ain’t no fair trade ask any Indian

  • jamaal

    LMAO….slink aint think that shit was all haha

  • Say what?!…what

    This match up is so unfair. This is why the new battlers need more time to get better before steping to more seasoned battlers. JC beat this dude so bad he didn’t even wanna spit his third round. Even if you got the money to pay dude to battle its not a good career move if your just gonna get washed on cam

  • Ty Jones

    JC top 5 battle rappers ….

    • jax

      Hollow, Con, Swave, Surf, lux, arse, clips, etc etc

      • You mad bro?

        Con is not top 5 O-Red and Rex is better than Con

        • jax

          I wasn’t putting them in order i was listing dudes better than jc. Personally im from bk and i font like con i wish he rep Florida but as a lyrical mc i give him his props

        • You mad bro?

          Oh yup I see what you were getting at now, I totally agree with you about Con reppin Florida more

      • hit

        get off lux nutz already…day nigga battles ‘1’ a year…gtfo

        • jax

          Get off my Dick how bout that. How i gonna ne so much a hater of a nigger that u get mad to see his name mentioned

        • hit

          con is ‘top’ 5-0′.??? nigga you out of circuit so shut yo black ass..

      • Ty Jones

        Con his time has passed my man, lux? Really ? That a couple yrs ago was nice but why won’t he take another? Clips is nice but his delivery is so sub par …. My opinion

  • H’D

    jc 2-1

  • Maxxedout

    Damn what was this a sparring match for JC? JJDD better get ready. Smack please book this in a smaller venue!!

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    JC wasn’t that GREAT, the guy he was battling was just really that horrible … follow me on instagram @picsforyobitch

  • T-1

    Dude in the light blue got on my fuckin nerves!!!!!!

  • CaliboyDC

    I like how jc battles someone unknown and all of a sudden hes the best out lol SMH

  • CaliboyDC

    JC battles someone unknown and all of a sudden hes the best out…lol SMH at u niggas…..and did yall not hear cephs 2nd round??

  • Antony Hall

    Damn this was a CRAZY Battle JC is getting better and bette yo, and S/O to Ceph Deezy that nigga can spit on the real son.

  • Rexchap

    Jc may not BE the best, BAR wise, but there is NO DENYING that he is the best SPITTER….His flow, his enunciation, diction is HEAD and SHOULDERS above everybody else. I can listen to this nigga all day….SMH!!!

    • Rexchap

      Ceph was actually good, sounded like Chilla after a little bit of caffeine! He has some good punches!

    • Florida Boy

      i agree i always go back and watch JC battles when nothin on TV

  • Darnell Godengineering Gary


  • skizz23

    The crazy shit is that Ceph isn’t trash…just a testament to how good JC is to make that nigga look very light!!!

  • Florida Boy

    JC goes the fuck in

  • Chris Disney

    JC is the best in the game

  • HazePo360

    Damn JC nigga!! SMDH!! If somebody dont stop that boy he’s gonna hurt alot of niggaz

  • sampirlo

    this Nigga says who stand in front of him must earnt for not pay for, and that´s the truth bodybag line right there!! JC 3:0

  • nes

    he planking on everybody a straight body

  • Talksicc

    that front page 6ar is tay rocs

  • Dwight Cunningham

    People JC is ok but he didn’t battle anybody every Smack nigga he battles he gets killed let’s be real

    • ChiseEagle

      Who on Smack killed him? Not O-Red, not YK, not Raw, not Yung Ill…. not even Chilla, which was a Classic.. He flat-lined Time Bomb, niggas is scared of JC. Name a battle where they didn’t talk about his dance video..

      • Dwight Cunningham

        stop it 5 JC is ok that’s it

        • ChiseEagle

          No answers from you proved my point….. His replay value is crazy because you miss his punches the first time thru, that’s how cold he is….

  • jax

    Feel JC he puts on a great performance every time

  • Jamal

    J.C is flawless…he is probably the most entertaining battler to me now other than swave sevah.. this nigga is just on another level..whats crazy is he has like 4 battles like this where he just out the world..and the rest is still crazy…even the lynxx battle crazy shit

  • Taye

    Ceph had bars that went over heads all second round… but JC still got the 3-0 Bodybag… & Jc in my top 5, Ars, tsu, clips,& con, if jjdd didnt steal so much he would be….

    • taye

      O-red creepin in there too

  • ChiseEagle

    What make these lame nobodys think because I’m watching a battle, someone is going to follow them on Twitter? Who the hell are you? You are shouting out crews from your neighborhood, who cares? anyway, back to the battle……

  • Sincere Reason

    Seem like a lot of dick riding going on in these comments.

  • amafuka

    ATTENTION.. PLEASE STOP CALLING OUT JC!! SMDH.. this was tragic from the 1st round.

  • Ty Jones

    Can some1 plz tell me WTF LUX has done besides choke in the 1st rd @SM2 then the NY crowd decides to dick ride the rest of the battle on some lite work ima talk about yo daddy BS !! GTFO !!! Hollow will kill him

  • hit

    JC nice but don’t got shit on luxx…….luxx too much of a veteran & beast..!!

  • Da Sandman

    Follow me @Cephdeezy, the battle was way closer live. with my full rounds but it what it is.. ill be back

  • Brownhornet27

    Yo JC is coldblooded period. He ate that young dude lunch.

  • Guess_who

    so that was a 3-Zeroooooooooooooooooo lol

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    who is the old white lady JC keep takin too. lol shit weird

  • VinEdelNegro

    If Ceph could deliver those bars better and stepped his performance up he could’ve taken it… JC’s shit was damn near flawless..

  • tony

    JC 2-1. Ceph Deezy wasn’t lightwork like y’all are saying, but it’s clear he’s the only one the crowd is willing to respond to. Ceph had bars.. a little lack of control. But the kid is nothing to play with. JC was…well, JC.. which is why he won.


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