Scheme Street/URLTV Young Kannon Vs Bossman BEZ


  • Swagg

    Good battle. Don’t matter what y’all say about YK this nigga is consistent with his shit. I never seen him fuck up a battle or not have the same whits. He just got to have more of a settle groove to get reactions from the crowd with pauses.. Nigga spits none stop but he definitely has the bars unlike some of these so called top tier niggas.. Pans he he beat real deal btw

  • Derick

    classic battle it can go either way depending on wat u like but niggas don’t be givin y/k the respect he deserve he said some hot ass shit in this battle and niggas didn’t give no reaction but thats not takin nothin from bossman bez tho classic battle.

  • Young Espn RU Tucker

    I fucks with YK he need to be on URL

    • WTF

      he been on url twice my nigga…..

      • Young Espn RU Tucker

        I no that I’m talking about on a big card

  • Cleveland 216

    Tired of these random battles dont nobody wana see this shit…if it aint the Hitman and conceited battle or young ill vs conceited who gives a fuck..This shit is getting watered down rns

    • Antonio Jawja Dickens

      NIGGA U ON FAKE NIGGA SHIT. IM GETTING SICC N TIRED OF U TYPE OF NIGGAZ. N event JUST hapnd. norbes said itz some pgs coming out. smacc said he wanna save da best fa last. Bet u be da SAME person when da battles YO MUNKIN ASS ask fo ta drop u ask fa mo. RNS as u say bruh quit tryna force sutn u aint pay fo n it aint just you bruh itz entertainment. if u aint behind da scenes wit dem SHUT DA FUCC UP n wait. yall soundin real feminine nowadays complainin to see another nigga. MAN TA MAN quit it it gettin gay

      • Cleveland 216

        Suck a Dick pause! Why u worried about what battle I wana see lame ass nigga..aint nobody forcing shit..they forcing these weak ass battles by people dont nobody wana see or care about bitch nigga..get off my dick pause!..behind the scenes? Entertainment? Nigga u cheese!! Aint shit fake bout me!! Id rather see top tier battles with bars and names..not this weak ass shit..pardon my back

        • Antonio Jawja Dickens

          (sigh) emotional niggaz nowadays. let me learn u. 1 a MAN refuses ta say gay shit therefore so dat teenage pause shit quit it. 2 SHUT DA FUCC UP n stay n wait like da good little top tier fan you r. itz ENTERTAINMENT AGAIN itz not just YOU im talikn bout. SMACC made it clear itz not about names anymore. he aimin for top quality. so if itz a person we never heard of outside of pgs wit bars or a url rapper went somewhere else to spit some worthy lyrics datz what he tryna give BATTLE RAP viewers. 3 YOURE ON A COMPUTER YOU INTELLIGENT IDIOT. if its not worthy for your eyes. u kno u have da option of not wasting five minutes of ya life of typin you dont wanna see whatever dey put up n make a sandwich tie ya shoe slap a puppy who gives a shit. i kno elders said it to you before,”do sutn constructive” lmao. gone

        • Cleveland 216

          Bro u corny .and get off Smack Dick pause! ..what u think u kicking knowledge or sumn? Im not about to go back n forth with u bro..u cheese..keep ya comments to your self. I stated my opinion. .u aint norbes beasley chico or smack..pgs need to get they weight up..and YK is trash..tay roc kilt him..the niggas dead..straight up!..

        • Antonio Jawja Dickens

          I think itz funny as hell you keep saying pause like it excuses you from capitalizing dicc when speaking on ofanother dudes. I’m proud of you intelligent idiot you’ve kept me entertained lol. KICC KNOWLEDGE you too smart fa smart fa dat. I’m just telling you itz better shit to do than complain about not seeing da dudes you want to see PAUSE Lmmfao. I made a funny

        • Cleveland 216

          Bro u corny!..

      • Cleveland 216

        And bitch nigga..aint nobody complaining to see another nigga… Them battles I spoke on been dropped..u a type nigga that like cortez or some shit lame ya mouth! U corny ass nigga

  • Kid Dynomite

    Jc lookin like dis the same way dat nigga barred me to death

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Ive always like YK but damn this the best ive ever seen him. He straight SPAZZED in this shit.

  • Mentu

    YK 3-0

  • H’D

    young kannon 2-1

  • Henry Xcels

    this battle was pretty even. I preferred YK delivery more so I would slightly edge it to him buuuut Fug all that, the best part of the battle was Lotta zay standing there displaying 0% of emotion the entire battle LOL he look bored as shit LMAO

  • Food for Thought

    YK is a beast. bars, after bars, after bars. gotta respect his hustle, the dude comes with it EVERY time, rain, sleet, or snow. can’t say that about a lot of ppl, but this dude puts in work, and makes every battle debatable if he don’t win most of them. #respect

  • WTF?

    Young kannon got bars for days no doubt. His problem is he is so consistent that all his rounds have the same expectation. the niggas delivery is almost as bad as chilla jones. after a while you stop giving a shit about what he saying because he rushes through his lines like a police chase. You have to have presence and personality in this shit. if you lack that you might as well pull a got damned cannibus.

  • disqus_HqGYazBtxb

    YK flow and delivery is sick.

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh



    BOSSMAN WON WTF BATTLE are yall watching?

  • sampirlo

    YK won


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