Serius Jones Doubts He’ll Battle Again on Smack/URL


  • Onyx

    hey i dont like him so mush as a battle rapper. but as a person and a man he seems cool

  • Daylyt n Game r strippers

    We the fans couldnt care less if we saw you or math, if we wanna see bitches shake they ass we will go to the club, if we wanna here bitches scream “whooaaa” while the other person is performing, we would watch the bitches battle, cuz thats wat they do talk n holla over each others battles. Even tho math usually has weak bars, he beat serious jones ass for the culture, thanks math, maybee these artists will shut the fuck up when its not ur turn. Fuck outa here jones, you aint said shit since the Jin days.

    • remsin

      Nigga you CLEARLY didnt see the bars he had lined up for Math.

    • InTheClouds856

      STFU. Ain’t nobody tryna read a biased essay. You battle rap fans can be annoying as hell sometimes.

      • DRE

        You’re a fan too tho?

        • InTheClouds856

          I didnt say I wasnt. Alot of these battle rap fans are biased and think their one sided opinions count. Thats all.

        • fck outa here jones

          Leave a comment for the video, stop commenting on comments nigga you annoying ass nigga

        • InTheClouds856

          Wtf you think the “reply” icon is for? You supposed to reply to comments smh. You the type of nigga that always got a stupid, worthless opinion and you state your opinion but get mad or “annoyed” when somebody with some sense disagrees and responds to you.

        • InTheClouds856

          And stop bein a hypocrite nigga cause you aint even comment on the video. In case ur stupid ass aint notice you just commented on my comment.

  • myian barnes

    Serius style is well suited for KOTD. That dude is good with the jokes, and that love that up there…..I’d like to see that happen.

  • Dat Nicca

    Anybody who hates on Serius Jones is a fuckboy…straight up. Dude has been nothing but good for the culture. You muthaphuckas piss a nicca off sometimes.

    • DRE

      What do you call hate? I like Jones and Math, I actually thought that could be a classic battle. I don’t like battle rappers need to leave the woman and props alone and spit bars.

  • Tony Brown

    How you expect grown man shit when your doing kid shit, like making loud ass noises during Math performance. This nigga is really trying to play the victim as if he did nothing at all.

    • whatup

      He made a loud noise … what? Hoffa punched him and pretty much ruined the night and made it harder for smack to book future venues. He wasn’t playing the victim from what I just saw.

  • Cozzo36

    “This thing gotta be bigga than nigga shit” then he turns round in another breath and says he still a pimp!! Nigga please!!! You broke as hell!! A real ladies man never moves like that.

  • Cozzo36

    Im a boss mack!! Nigga please!!

  • Cozzo36

    Messy gets no respect in the hood. They treat his ass like a corner street fiend

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    He still looked slumped. but for real, wat Math did was wrong.


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