Serius Jones Raps His Rounds For Math Hoffa Battle – Behind The Scenes Summer Madness 3

Serius Jones responds to fans request and spits his verses that were to be used in his battle against Math Hoffa. Video also shows behind the scenes from Summer Madness 3 and the video intro that was to be played on the big screen before the battle but was not.

Video filmed and edited by Nimi Hendrix
Additional camera Denity

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  • jay★sjerz

    I dont give a fuck about math sneakin jones, im jus glad I dont hav to hear that nigga no more, math been trash, who he beat? And he too emotional, the females more hard than math

    • DRE

      Math will be back, bet on it.

      • willkill

        Fuck no smack n b said he banned.

  • Jamale J Jones

    Can’t even hate, Serius went in. Wordplay around the 12-13:30 mark is crazy, overall, this shit was fire. “You don’t got barz like that, you snuffed me two days ago, I still look good… You don’t hit hard like that” lol… too many quotable bars to be honest.

  • Remly

    Seein serius like this is…crazy. Like ive never seen him go in like this. As much as i want to say it, i wont claim he woulda beat math that day

  • nxsxmxe

    Those bars were hardddddd …jones was readyyy

    • Caught Choosen

      This is some OTHER Serious shit. This is shit was all the way right.

      BARS – CHECK

      If this is what MATH was gonna have to deal wit- it may have been in his best interest to hit this nigga- cause these bars is something Hoffa really ain’t wanna deal wit.

  • 1000 bars of struggle

    • rob


    • RogerBliddack

      Math Hoffa, is that you?

  • T Thurm

    He would’ve fucked Math up with these barz.

  • T Thurm

    These are the best barz Serious ever spit

    • Marq Nash

      naw he got off on Mook too

  • DRE

    Dem bars tight! I fuk wit that HOMO-cide bar…..crazy lol!!!

  • —MWD3

    I can see why he punched this nigga with all that fags and gays he was callin him

    • Kendrik Lamar

      mad suspect, ” all that fags and gays ” must have really struck a nerve with math, lol … HE MUST HAVE REALLY FELT SOME TYPE OF WAY ABOUT IT… you say some false shit people don’t care either way, you say some true shit hmmm. LOOK AT ME KING!!! HE EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW. MATH = MISTER CEE ???

  • Bar king

    Serious’z bars was fireee!!

  • islandboi340

    Them shits was hard af…. Only thing, he should broke them up, so we could tell which round was which

    • Marq Nash


  • A.j. Johnson

    Damn Math did right like Spike Lee lol…because if Jones was really coming with fire bars like that he would have ended Maths career before Math ended his career…real talk can we get Loaded Lux Vs. Serious Jones ….Jones snapped

    • JC

      Niggas aint ready for Serius vs Loaded Lux…niggas been talking about them battling for years.. forbidden fruit……

      • Marq Nash


      • A.j. Johnson

        yeah i wanted to see them to battle each other for years…LUX will bring it & i know SERIUS is gonna be ready becuase that boyz flow is silly

  • Sssss

    Few slick lines, but needs more work.

  • NasEminemPunBiggie

    Man this nigga nice !

  • jwash

    Shit is nice

  • SinCity


  • Wop

    We were robbed of these bars. Salute

  • Chad

    wow… judging from his last few battles, I don’t know if math would’ve had anything to match this.

  • nine5for

    damn these shit go hard, serius would have won. fuck math

  • Hubert DeRavin

    That video was stupid but the Bars were official way better than his performance with clips

  • roland barringer

    Damn serious went in the bag with this, he went to the “don’t miss isle” lol Stand Up Serius Jones!! Math woulda got bodied.

  • hatedumbasswhitepeople

    damn math, sorry but that shit that shit right there was fire.

  • God Aweful

    I’ve been telling niggas what it was going to be. They didn’t want to hear me out and I know the crowd was sleeping. Math was going to die.

  • Shea

    This niggas jones never left!!!!! Math Hoffa was better off throwing that punch then gettin those BARS!!!!!! Serius jones 3-0!!!!! Math don’t got bars like that he throw jabs when he know he gonna lose, Just this time we won’t be on anybody stage to bring them bars right back!!! Bars lol

  • locks

    i liked the either shit he did

  • Steven No Worries Smith

    Classic at least we aint have to hear Math

    • willkill


  • url judge

    Lmfao serius jones would have bodies ALOT of people with bars like that. I never understood why people were hating on him so much. People forget what niggas have done in the game smh. This nigga is definitly still 1 of the best

  • Florida Boy

    damn he was snappin…..Jones got this 3-0 lol

  • Jlove

    Now I’m really angry at Math for Punching him.

  • AlgebraKiller

    The closest Math can come to the legends is to punch one…lol.


      real shit

  • TRexsEar

    Honestly most of you wouldn’t have appreciated Jones bars if the battle actually went down so please stop all the cock riding. Ya haven’t even heard Math’s rounds so cut the biased shit. I hate you new fans.

    • Dat Nicca

      Math is that you?

    • barondebxl

      You sound like a down lo nigga. Mister Cee ass nigga.

  • BUckSHIT

    his bars sounds like math lol

    • raw

      other way around dog.

  • Victor

    Smack I’m serious my nigga Jones vs Lux! Math knew either way his career was over if Jones got them bars off. He knew he had a better chance if he snuffed him. But it didn’t work cause Math is done and Jones is on top. Jones hats off my nigga that was the hardest battle rap verse I heard new or old niggas and you just proved that these niggas can’t fuck with. Honestly that shit was up there with Lux shit maybe a lil better. Handle you’re street shit with Math cause that can’t slide but stay focused on you’re music and battles and take advantage of all the attention cause this is gonna work in you’re favor. Let math run home to mommy..

  • stackbe

    bodybag….that nigga aint fuckin playin

  • SmallsBig

    Now I see why Math punched him….

  • Damn

    Yeah buddy if this was his bars he might fucked Math up!!! Lmao.. Math was like hell naw I ain’t getting murked two piece.

  • Ohhh Kill Em

    Math had to have gotten advanced notice of these bars, he planned that shit. Either punch or get killed verbally.

  • famp

    Im glad you got spit ya barz Jones. I gotta a new respect for ya.. !!

  • Dat Nicca

    This shy right here was hella hella hella fire! This nicca Serius Jones took the punch, but appears to be the one coming out on top. While Math is spending his time crying on twitter and making up all kind of excuses to not take responsibility for his actions, Serius is out here swaggin on you niccas. I like it…Serius keep grinding my nicca. The culture got your back!

  • alkgjlkfj

    That ‘dog farts’ line was wack as fuck

    • Edwin Stagg

      its called filler

  • flipper773

    Crowd woulda been going nuts. Nigga Serious spitting hard on dat nigga!

  • the5thgod

    That homo Math wouldn’t of had nuttin for that. Hope I never see him rap again. He’s trash. He needs to stick to what he’s good at, and that’s givin Cortez back shots.

  • Isaiah

    This would have been a clear body bag That Missile Scheme was Crazy

  • Dewluva

    This nigga Jones is NICE and the sad part that crowd at SM3 wouldnt have caught half his shit

  • barondebxl

    I guess Math somehow heard these bars before the battle and say ” fuck that let me fuck him up before he fucks me up with these bars”.

  • CityboyMgntllc

    I Was Gonna Hate Until I Made It Up to 7-8 Mins.. Serious Stepping Sht Up He came prepared… But Yall Think He Woulda Got That Off On That Stage In Front of math and that crowd idk.. Anyway Good Sht Serious would have been a Good battle… Smack Release some new sht!

  • kinkinny

    math would have lost straight up

  • niyon

    Math was ass along time ago he has had a few good battles in the past yr in my opinion but overall he is garbage and Jones been nice!!!! Like been nice since fight klub…Math doesnt deserve to be back on url the fans dont want to cee him rap nor does he put on a good show…This is entertainment no room more emotions and swinging on ppl for an reason the point is to disrespect your opponent to the highest level lyrically and math cant handle that!!! GET HIM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!! Jones VS Hollow would be nice to cee Smack give hollow his 2nd L in a row

  • Debo Marks

    This shit is crazy. I agree with most of the comments here that Serius is spitting some shit here, but i was at SM3 and the crowd acted as if they didn’t want to hear his bars, they never gave the nigga a chance. Why was it garbage in the building but on camera it’s hot? Help me understand this please IDK.

  • ms marjane

    the dope bars got CRAZY! word to serius..

  • riiiiight!

    Serious is that you???? yes ..yes it is. NIice!

  • Eric

    OMG!!!!!! JERSEY!!!!!

  • Edwin Stagg



    Based off of MATH recent body of work or resume of battles he would have got crucified. Every bully has his day to get a good old fashion ass whoopin like Craig did Debo in Friday. EASY CASKET 3-0 SERIUS JONES

  • Exit21

    Math dont got bars like thats, Its summer Madness why he fucking up the card like that, u snuck jones and he aint bruise u dont hit hard like that , not he gotta do this blog to bring his bars right back

    • Edwin Stagg


  • Knows

    The Rakim of battle rap, no doubt.

  • TyannaG

    if yall think that shit is hot then yall is CRAZY!!!!! as hell

    • Edwin Stagg

      it alot of crazy motherfuckas in the building

      • Edwin Stagg

        you not knowing about the fag shit they said hoffa was on just started watching battles

  • VisionZ

    serius jones SM3 verse was better than every NOME3 battle except “the classic” hollow vs surf

  • famethafelon216

    dam jones back!!!he would of bodied math


    That shit as fucking dope. I’m actually surprised. I thought Serius was gonna do what he did in his other battles

  • bars over names

    man theres nooooo way math could of beat those bars from jones…DAMN! For math, its best he threw that punch tho, .. i would have loved to see this full battle, maybe math will spit his bars

  • p waters

    hard as fuck the best serius i ever heard!!!!



  • Jay


  • Matt L Parks

    Math was the reason URL got banned from Webster Hall. They caught wind of Math Hoffa first battle with Dose and thought there would be a repeat of the past incident. I thought that was bullshit, but Math proved them right.

    Serious BODIED him.

  • ferb420

    Grown man bars, something math couldn’t deal with.

  • Its Good But..

    Its good but these rounds are not sorted for 3 minutes as they both agreed. Thats why Math cut off Serius on stage when he was trying to go over the time limit. Serius would not of got all those rhymes off and executed properly just like this video. He needs to start ending his story shorter. He still hasnt transition into this new format well. As others stated and Math himself Serius got salty when they told him his time was up.

    • SJ

      But he backstrokes through change like Scrooge McDuck 😉

  • ThoughtZ

    Y’all all need to STFU talking about Hoffa can’t handle these bars! Y’all sleeping on Hoffa heavy! All y’all so called Hoffa fans are jumping ship cause y’all found out he’s actually human, and allowed his frustration to get the best of him. Fuck URL, Smack, and Beasley. They haven’t really fucked with Hoffa or truly supported him since URL first started. Mark my words, HOFFA WILL BE BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER! FUCK Y’ALL! #THISHOWBROOKLYNDO

  • Lou Riv

    Hoffa should retire..serious killed him…

  • Lou Riv

    math Hoffa n mister c ………b fucking eachother….

  • Lou Riv

    missile …I dnt mis..ile.dam where u get that gun I said bitch the dnt miss……ile….dam dam…don demarco

  • Lou Riv

    dam dam dam……DON DEMARCOOOOOOO

  • WTF?

    GOD DAMN…..


    How do y’all know that MATH didn’t have hot bars? Cat’s have been really critical of of MATH but everybody forgets that the nigga had about 10 battles this year. He only got bodied 1 time by Calico and the rest were debatable. MATH has been one of the busiest battle rappers in 2013 period! Jones is mad old school and I’m glad math knocked that nigga out. Jones ain’t gonna do nothing! I was there Jones try to act like the punch was nothing(What ever) he was knocked out on his feet and then MATH put the beats on him on the floor after the punch(Jones ain’t know where he was at). But Jones won’t tell you that part lol…. Them Bars was light…That’s what you get for accusing a dude of being a fag. #TEAMHOFFA

    • Troll_E_G

      Verb n Red accused him n nothing happened…..get off his nuts talking bout in was there… Welll if u was, u should of told his choosy fighting ass, don’t swing cause he fucked himself n the long run

  • Ukanhateonme

    He would of KILLED MATH!!!!! “He died so many times by white dudes, he’s apart of the civil rights movement” Jones spazzed!!

  • barondebxl

    Serius impressed me.

  • barondebxl

    That song at the end is pretty dope.


    lol this nigga a fool

  • tycarterbk

    memory foam line was incredible…christ

  • tycarterbk

    Damn yo I’m from BK and didn’t want to believe it. Serius killed this nigga. BARS over everything.

  • duckcheedda

    nigga had barrz…he spit it harder after the snuff too


    DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JONES

  • willkill

    Jones im glad you came back bro.


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