Serius Jones Speaks On Altercation With Math Hoffa At #SM3

Serius Jones Speaks On Getting Sucker Punched & Knocked Out By Math Hoffa At #SM3
Secret Society Pictures Caught Interview With Serius Jones Moments After Fight.


  • Florida Boy

    Soooo SM3 was a fail like alot of people predicted…..and that was some sucker shit Math if u was hot with him ask him for a straight up fade after the battle dont sneak a nigga like that

    • Rance Miner

      That’s what it look like Bro.. Back to the drawing board SMAK!!!!!

      • Florida Boy

        u know how pissed i would have been if i flew up there for that shit. My boy told me it was midnight and it was still 3 battles left to go…cmon man thats awful

  • Rance Miner

    Math a sucka!!!!! Now if Jones swung on you yeah get that off.. But the way it sounds you a SUCKA!!!!! Come to STL and try that…

    • barondebxl

      Nigga didnt even tried that when Daylyt poured water on him or pushed him, Jones didnt even touch him. He is a clown for real.

  • SeanKenneth

    First off Fuck Math and everything he stand for!!! a apology isnt good enough!!! Smack you know the saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” STOP BOOKING SORRY ASS MATH FOR BATTLES!!! PERIOD

    • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


      • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


    • Chuckychuck

      Agreed. He really is trash and nobody cares to see him battle. Smack, you need to cut ties with this idiot. Clearly he has no respect for the culture and what you stand for.

    • Greggylasek

      I really think url can sue math for ruining the rest of the battles. Pussy ass nigga this math nigga is. That’s assault as well. I know its probably not g code to sue somebody but damn bruh, math should have to pay everybody that came out, everybody that was yet to battle, and everybody that traveled.

  • Macmar415

    And now all those Math dick riding fans now understands why people don’t like him! He’s a coward! Won’t do shit to Daylyt in LA, but snuffs jones then RUNS when he’s close to home in NY!

  • Andre Harris

    Wow the fact that y’all put Math put hands on him really makes the company look weak as shit. Sucker punched is more like it. Nigga don’t get points for sucker punching a nigga while they looking at some chicks.

  • Willy KatDaddy Nice

    math is gay for dat weak shit i came all da way to New York from INdiana,but dat bitch pulled dat.Willy Katdaddy Nice form Naptown,i ment math twice dis weekend of summer madness 3 thought he was a real nigga but naw he a real bitch,ill tell em,ik we we want sumthin back from smack but its not is falt un he told math to da dat…smack dont book him anymore he suck any fag as nigga.

  • zeekyg

    Sm3 wasnt a fail cause math chose to do dumb shit utvwas ztill pretty much sold out and the battle that happen were good smack did his thing you just cant account for ignorance im pretty sure he’ll get the rest of the battles done

  • dboy31

    Lost all respect for u math thought u was real that shit was fake made smack look funny somebody might have paid u to do that shit wasnt called for

  • brennan

    did math steal on jones during the battle or after. yo math i hope you take the boxing match with daylt and get knocked the fuck out.

    • K9 aka 40BoY

      he did it 1st round of the battle while jones wasnt looking guessing math didnt have shit prepared

  • barondebxl

    I dont know every single details of the moments that led to the punch, but according to what ppl say on twitter the punch was unwarranted. Its one thing if Jones spat on Math or poured water on him or got in his face cussing his mama or something, but just cause he was clowning him you gon snuff the nigga? Youse a battle rapper Math, yall should be able to stand in front of anybody and take jokes and all that. I lost Mad respect for Math. I used to dislike him then i started fucking with him when he stopped being on his bully shit now this happens. This dude aint real, real dudes know how to control their emotions and not let their emotions control them.

    Because of his stupidity, everybody is gonna lose on this, everybody. Starting with the fans that really wanted to see Daylyt vs Swave and JC vs JJDD. Smack is gonna lose cause that shits on his reputation, what is BET gonna think about URL after this? How are the stars gonna look at URL after this? Especially after a successful KOTD world domination 4 event. All of that because of dumb ass Math Hoffa,. That is such a shame and Smack dont deserve this. Smack may not be perfect but lets keep it a 100, look at all the classic and the great events he threw for hip hop.

    I dont understand these niggazx trying to prove something, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK IF YOU ARE THE HARDEST NIGGA, there’s always harder (pause) niggaz than you. Look at Messy Marv. And this type of shit happened before with Math now it happens again….with Math. Its a damn shame, this man should be banned for real. URL needs to take actions and do some damage control.

    Side note: I lost mad respect for Cortez, nigga went on twitter talking about ” dont blame the punch, blame the culture….” i used to be a huge Cortez fan, he can eat a dick now. I dont fuck with niggaz like that.

    • riiiiight

      Beasly is that you??

  • FadedSoul

    Damn math i had alot of respect for you, no lie i was saving up to feature you on a track cuz i thought u was real and talented, lost all my respect for you now cuz not only did you fuck yourself over, but the whole url too, niggas thats giving you opportunities to be big in something. Now what they should do is delete all your battles and never book you again smh

  • Ness Rosenbrad

    Math officially has a temper problem. Why couldn’t he do that after the show was done? . People like that shouldn’t be able to battle rap. Battle rapping isn’t for any type of individual. It’s a sport now that it’s being held on stages and venues. ”Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Those words hurt you Math?

  • Specialops83

    You real shit I fuck with math but now I cant rock with him no more how u sneak a nigga then run u screaming Brooklyn and u fucked up ur career for a punch man fuck hoffa u set URL back and u did it on the day of the biggest event of the year hoffa u a bitch straight up and from Brooklyn

  • freshh252

    Maf u ah bitch homie. Kill ya self

  • alfred o. sauce

    Way to go Math!!! You bitch ass nigga. I hope no battle league fucks with you. See you in jail nigga, because you clearly have no other skills to offer this world.

  • islandboi340

    FUCK MATH HOFFA!! I never liked that nigga anyway…. I’m glad there’s a reason 4 his corny ass not 2 battle on URL no more

  • alfred o. sauce

    Bonnie, if you stay with that nigga Math, you must be a lesbian, because he’s a bitch!

  • Ged

    It was set up smack knew the fans were tired from standing all day and it was getting too late in the night so he sent in Math to finish it, its a conspiracy Lmao

  • Paul Dronette

    Did the rest of the battles go down? Did Cal body Rex 3-0?

  • twelvesinatra

    glad I didn’t fly out my chick said she was gone pay for my bday glad I saiad hell naw and got some new Gucci…Math been a bitch yall acting suprised

  • ms marjane

    that nigga math findnq get merked out in the streets. you losin niggas bread fo real. im glad i didn’t fly out for *THIS* shit!

  • Chris Scott

    Wow they didn’t finish the battles and we was worried about daylyt and swave

  • Swagg

    I told ya niggas.

  • myian barnes

    I ain’t gonna lie, unlike alot of people up here, I fuck with Math. First time I saw him was the Dose battle, and I thought he was a sucka for that shit. Seemed like he new he didn’t have bars for Dose and took the easy route. When I saw him battle Solomon though, I thought he was one of the best right then and there. Solomon straight KILLED it, but Maths still came away with the W. I have fucked with him ever since….shouts to Math Hoffa. That being said, I ain’t trying to see dude anymore. Not just because he snuffed Jones(who I also think should stay home) but because he has fell off so bad, that he couldn’t even handle Jones’s dated tactics. He’s done. He has been around too long to still be letting the little head games shake him. Day, killed him on a psychological level, Dose let him kill himself the first time, and beat him with nice bars, but a wack ass flow in the rematch, and Jones, whose rhyme style sounds like it’s being played on cassette tape got in his head too.Sit down, Math, you look bad right now……

    He ain’t the only one either. Anyone who is on this site like that knows I’m an avid follower of the URL movement, and I’ve defended them throughout all of this bullshit lately. This shit here though is a bad look. I hope y’all take the time to read this. If it wasn’t for the fight this weekend, I would have been at SM3 last night. I’m from VA, but I live in GA right now. I was willing to blow a couple stacks on the trip for me and my nigga P, fuck the dough, I just got back from Afghanistan, and we fuck with this culture heavy. After watching all the vlogs, the #SM3 tweets, and feedback from people who actually went, there is absolutely no way I would risk going to a URL event. I peeped Daylyt run up on Smack, and his interview afterward. I can’t stand his antics, but he is a real muthaphucka when it’s all said and done….and I mean he speaks the truth, not the thug shit. I would have been mad as fuck too, the entire shit seemed unproffesional, a surprise when you listen to how poised and intelligent Beasley is. The real nigga time shit is beyond horrible, the delays in how long it takes to drop a battle, sometimes the last second of the release date, was reflected in how long it took to get the event started. The crowds chaotic nature reflects the unorganization involved with the productions. Math snuffing Jones reflects the immaturity of the company as a whole. I ain’t compare URL to KOTD, because bottom line, I just don’t fuck with that product as much but truth be told, I will try to hit up Canada for the next big card they have in Toronto, real talk. Man, so many of us were hoping SM3 would be a Smack in the mouth to everyone who hates on URL, Lux, Cortez and all the naysayers….but this shit just exposed the shit Clips and Cortez were saying ten fold.
    All in all, this shit I wrote is prolly falling on deaf ears, y’all prolly won’t read it cause it’s long as fuck. I am still gonna check for the battles to drop. I can’t lie though, I really don’t see URL as a serious entity anymore though….

  • Razor

    Math needs to be banned on the strength that he single handedly fucked up an ENTIRE event, fucked it up for fans who came out to see it, fucked up from the business aspect, fucked it up from the culture aspect, a racial aspect and fucked up ANOTHER venue for URL to hold their battles… Then the fact that NO ONE understands and agrees with him punching Jones is even worse!!! Truth be told Math didn’t deserve to be on the card anyways I mean lets be real NONE of his battles this year have replay value and he’s mediocre in all of them…

    Funny if this event would’ve finished and went well, this would’ve been a new beginning for URL for multiple reasons… Yet this habitual sucker punching faggot Math Hoffa fucked it up for everyone…. I can’t wait to see how this fuckboy defends this shit

  • Stretch

    Im not going to lie me and my bro went up there and got there at 11:30am. Everybody who got the $200 ticket to get in at 2 didn’t all get in there at 2. I had General admission and didnt get in until after 4. the first battle didn’t start until like 6:30. some of the mics were fucked up had to keep doing sound check and shit. Ima be straight up this was my first event attending it would have been good if it was organized that shit was all over the place. I fuck with battle rap and smack and want to stand by him just gotta get that shit way better organized for me to even attend another event. Also smack if people show up late or something maybe make the times earlier for the event then maybe it can actually start on time or something man but I fuck with you man just disappointed last night.

  • ibraveheart

    should of had dna vs jones KNEW this.. And Something Seems Funny When Poison Pen And Mickey Decided not to come to SM3 n they be at every event

  • rock

    I hope smack learned his lesson…math need to go in a boxing league…he pulled a bitch move

  • Flatbush General

    As a Brooklyn Nig to the fullest I cant even say Math was on that Brooklyn bullshit.
    Brooklyn never respects a sucker punch. Sucker throw sucker punches. You get no love or points for that. Smack needs to enforce a new rule. If you throw a unwarranted punch during a battle you are banned for life…period. Cats came to see you rap fam. U gotta a problem with another cat then see that man outside unless he lays hands on you…Spread love is the Brooklyn way my G!

  • Gee

    All I wanna know is did they get that shit on camera? Drop that shit smacc wassup lol

  • real lyfe

    serius jones asked for and that is words from real man’s that were there and saw up close…So jones can just chill on what he saying . on the real math should of held his composer or just bodied him on stage verbally and waited till after the event to snuff him up…But shit happens it is what it is..

  • real lyfe

    Jones asked for it with some shit he was doing on stage through math is verse and that’s what real niggas said that actually were there and saw it for their own eyes .so jones can just chill..ez

  • nine5for

    i dont care if math punches everyone he battles but the league has to drop the footage

  • Waka

    You all need to relax, you take bullshit way to serious. As far as offense goes,Math aint got shit on miley cirus.

    People saying “Math didnt do shit to Daylyt” shows he a bitch. If anything it shows the importance of being psychologically prepared for battle, a quality that daylyt demands of his opponents, by virtue of his unpredictability.

    I think Math may need to do anger management or some shit, but as for him fucking up the URL…gtfoh. If a movement like that can be destroyed by one man, it was never that strong to begin with.

  • Greggylasek

    Boy if KOTD is smart they could crush the url right now..Got niggas booing just because a nigga is from a different territory, we got everybody from fans to battlers saying how unprofessional the url is..and now this shit. I salute jones because he handled it like a complete gentleman instead of like a fool reacting niggerishly. I mean damn math your battles were subpar any way, at least if you suckerpunch a nigga on some sucker shit, land a good shot lol clown..serious was straight afterwards and handled the situation like a boss. Serious has niggas too, but damn daylyt pushed you and poured water on your lebrons and you did nothing out in cali. You ain’t bout that life math.

    • NasEminemPunBiggie

      Say it again!!!

  • MrHarlem

    math pussy he didnt do dat to Daylyte tho

  • PeaceKeeper

    Guess it’s KOTD for me

  • PeaceKeeper

    Funny Shit Been Going on Lately, #CmonSmack

  • Joey Flvcko

    Fuck math Hoffa you fucken shit go fucken take your black ass some were else nigga if I catch you in my hood ill bust a cap up in yo ass nigga



  • Pab

    I think it’s funny ass fuck cause serious jones is a clown and he don’t got bars like that lol but naw reall shit tho stupid ass math Hoffa man man… Make king the coulter and URL look bad …plus u should’ve ended jones rap carrier with punch lines not punches idiot ….


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