Serius Jones – Systematic



  • respectdaculture

    this shyt is garbage, this shyt is garbage…the type of garbage that makes serius a crappy artist….this shyt is garbage, this shyt is garbage..where’s “mathematic” when u need him cus this shyt is garbage!!!

    • shutup

      We wanna hear yo tracks…..go head….ill wait.

  • 302

    this wasn’t half bad

  • respectdaculture

    ur right about that…it was all bad! lol

  • url stan

    im man up this ight

  • rexchap

    WACK…the SAME FUCKIN DRUM MACHINE…SAME FUCKIN TEMPO…niggas are stuck on STUPID!!!! JEEZUS!!!! STOP ALREADY…the SAME beat , only thin that changes are the dudes!

  • http://ultimaterapleague Galvanized Rap Fan

    @respectdaculture – sounds like you’re a systemic hater!

  • Ehd4

    Weak sauce… A bucket of weak sauce. I think math did permanent damage

  • respectdaculture

    @Galvanized: sounds like ur a systematic idiot!

  • Spike

    I like this..good job Serius !

  • will

    niggas sharing beats??? no originality. serious is nice though with the bars. thats it.

  • DRE

    this shit is pure trash.

  • zai

    yo im feeling this!!!!! good shit serius

  • Bloomberg

    Track is cool and good quality video give it an “8”


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rated by 4 users

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