• VA2NC

    Only norbes would constantly upload this long , pointless blogs by this dude… #AintnobodyGotTime4Dat

  • OH.u.Mad

    Only Norbes would keep constantly posting these pointless hour long blogs about this dude speak a whole bunch of nothing #AintnobodyGotTime4dat

  • ifuckedstarsmother

    dis nigga just chattin

  • ju

    how this dude get a show smh

  • Spike

    Star is telling the truth people. These rappers don’t understand business. There is no way they should be sitting around waiting on a man to put money in their pocket and when he doesn’t they feel neglected. I wouldn’t have utter one word until smack would have settled up. That’s the rapper fault. Stop doing business the street way….

  • zeekyg

    That man star smart you nigga need to stop hating of course yall niggaz dont want to hear that but its real this is business

  • Real Nigga

    Say URL you are going to lose a long time viewer, I heard about SM3 and you guys are letting KOTD take the torch bruh, GET YALL SHIT TOGETHER bruh

  • Tito Bloomberg

    Looks like star can’t keep charlie clips out his mouth. Star if anything your the biggest snitch you snitch all fucking day asshole that’s your job! Leave clips along already worry bout yo shit,

  • Suavebos Ofsnapnoff

    dis nigga is on cain clips aint snitch u suppose to expose people wit bad business ethics. support the culture but support urself. dis nigga said dont call me your brother on some tribal shit but call u my nigga u a coon and u tryin to get in on ground floor of something blowin up in the urban culture.u talk #s so others wont get fuked

    • BangOnYou

      Do your research u dum fuk … u new school groupie … star been doing this …and clipse is pu$$y

  • BangOnYou

    Star official fuk u charlie clipse groupies…u niccas soft…eat dat food star…

    • The Real G Money

      Star is an official bitch. Nigga just trying to get good with Smack so he can link up the Battle Rap Media bullshit. Star needs to take URL dick out his mouth.

  • Robert Spears

    Clips did not snitch smh Dude here is on some other ish. Madd funny tho.


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