Star is willing to throw up 30k  for  Hollow Da Don VS Loaded Lux WINNER TAKES ALL. It will be judged for the outcome of the winner. Will this get the ball rolling for Lux VS Hollow!!! Stay tuned to URLTV.TV & SHOT97 Radio for more details.

–Catch the Lux VS Hollow 30K feature at the 44:15 mark


  • Kid Dynomite

    Give lux the money now

  • myian barnes

    Star’s idea takes it back to the roots, winner take all, but I could see Hollow getting railroaded. Lux is on some bullshit with this shit. He is more pressed to do his thing musically, but there isn’t a venue on Earth that would give him even 20 stacks to perform his music, let alone 40. Do the battle, take the dough they give you, which is more than you are getting for not doing it and reap the benefits of all the hype, promo, and the platform itself. Lux is going about this shit the wrong way. He is dropping a “you gone get this work” mixtape, a year after the phrase was coined. He could jump in the ring get a nice payday(prolly around 15-20 double what most get) and put himself in position to be the top trending topic on twitter again.

    • God Aweful

      I agree that Lux should negotiate down to something similar to what he got last go around with an decent increase that no one would mix words about and battle but you may not understand that artist w/o the largest buzz can go to clubs and eat decent. Not 20 stacks but maybe 1-3 stacks and do a few of those a week… It adds up is all I’ma say. Then selling the merch… he is probably sitting kind of comfortable and wants to compensated if he is going to risk that. I think both sides have valid points in all this debate. I would bet even URL staff felt like if they could pay it without cutting the live audiences throat or losing tons of money they would pay the man.

      • myian barnes

        So getting that 1-3 stacks(which prolly ain’t happening very often without at least some type of radio airplay or national buzz) is better than what he would get from URL? I understand where you are coming from, but he stands to gain so much more by getting on that stage. Free promo, at least 5 to 7 times that amount you named and the chance to put on in front of people like Puff and get those Howard Stern opportunities again? Honestly SM is prolly the biggest stage he will ever see. He is a great lyricist, but musically his sound won’t sell to the masses, neither will his swag. His best chance at that shine he is looking for is to take every opportunity there for him and PUT ON!!! He has a huge following of fans in the battle rap community, prolly 100 times what he does in the music side of things, why alienate them?

        • God Aweful

          We aren’t in disagreement, but let’s be real that money and exposure only lasts for one night if it doesn’t pop like the last time. If he loses or chokes multiple times and loses… shit if the battle is just mediocre then it could hurt the bread he is getting and to be really real… you don’t have to get mass exposure to eat with music. You just need enough to make promoters believe that you will draw some people. He isn’t going to do battles every month like Math and even Math can’t write enough material to keep up with what he has been doing. Music isn’t large money right now for cats like Lux but it is long money. Ask niggas who haven’t had a hit sense the early 90’s but can still go on global tours and even some of those dudes didn’t even have big hits. Rappers like Camp Lo are still touring and eating well.

          I want Lux to battle too but I am also completely for an artist getting everything they can get because if every lane in hip hop dries up for him out of nowhere then what? Hip hop and especially battle rap is cutthroat. Fans are fickle. If the man feels he deserves that paper to risk his career then I don’t fault him. Especially a dude like Lux. People can say whatever they want but Lux might be just as instrumental to battle rap as Smack and that is from both sides of the camera. Lux has earned more than the right to command crazy money.

        • myian barnes

          Good points, but ultimately…..what would you do?

        • God Aweful

          I don’t know what to do. I just hope that something can be worked out in the future so we can see Lux battle some more and hopefully he goes crazy in the ring again so URL can benefit as well.

  • dboy31

    That shit would hurt niggas pride a lot of niggas would pass these era on that debateable shit


    I think they both should leave with bread winner take 25g loser go home with five that way they both eat!!!

    • scrooge


  • Anon1312

    What was stars co-host talking about “If he claims to be the best” When has Lux ever said that? Here’s a quote that asshole probably never heard from Lux ” Legendary is something you gotta let fans define” (VladTV Fresstyle)

  • PA AllDay 717/484

    Yea Niggas Say They Used to Battle on The Roof The Loser Had To Jump, But Want Jump At Some Bread Stax at that SMH… I’m Confused

  • no way

    He’s asking for 40k? Ok now I understand why he not on SM3…Niggas don’t understand SM2 was almost like a one off thing to get the legends outta retirement. Niggas just got a taste and don’t wanna go down again. How can you ask for 40k knowing there are other battlers on the card, Url gotta eat, equipment, supplies, hosting…Yes Lux is the greatest to ever do it IMO but that can’t generate enough bread to pay him 40k and the card and everything else. It’s just not plausible.

    As disappointed as I am that Lux isn’t on the SM3 card, I still can’t and won’t encourage the payments that Lux is asking for. I even felt 25k was too much money last time round…(especially for Mook!) His performance was worth about a 5th of that. Calicoe got bodied and he did about 5 times better than Mook. What a contradiction huh?

    • scrooge

      agreed about mook vs IRON 5 rds was too many and IRON was the disappointment in most peoples opinion BUT THIS IS WHAT STAR IS TALKING about In my opinion (bias) many people went crazy when mook asked for 20 thou now LUX is asking double that and fans are NOT going crazy with rage or on a hate on lux bandwagon like they did mook and another thing why do alot fans think lux is bigger than he is? Mook and lux names have both have reached legendary status and honestly mook is bigger away from NY especially in the west and south than “ANY” battlerapper people know mook in these AREAS AND HAVE NOT EVEN HEARD OF LUX why is mook so hated on and why do fans be in utter denial when mention these new cats matching up vs mook? We should be happy we have lux AND mook to help push this culture forward and support them both and be proud that they r both battle rappers! Instead we pick sides and hate on one or the other…. back to star (he made it so that blind fans could even see how reasonable his offer was and forcing us to see how unreasonable these top tiers are acting…

  • Jamal

    Star is a fucking idiot…Micheal Jordan is the all time leader in ppg..the reason he didnt come back for the 3rd season as a wizard is because he would of lost his ppg lead…he had 31.9 and when he came back to the wizards it dropped…if star had common sense..yes hes only .3 pts a game ahead of wilt…but if you average that over 15 years 82 games…then that .3 pts becomes thousands of points…what an idiot..i wouldnt give him the 100 bucks EITHER…Larry Bird better than MJ..I dont even think Larry Bird would say that

  • http://WWW.URLTV.TV/ ZEEKZ

    Winner takes all! Let’s see what happens!

  • D.Watkins

    @Myian Barnes How is that when Mook got for that BS battle on SMACK remember that BS Battle 5-0. Come on.Between 20-25 I think is a far amount. I would like to see a rematch against Lux and Mook. Question How Much Do Y’all Think That Battle Is Worth 4 Rounds????


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