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Introducing Adam Rodney Perry aka ARP from Staten Island, New York. First let me say that this kite is not intended to be funny or amusing. It’s actually a sad announcement regarding a thorn in the side of battle rap progress.

Right to the point Adam Rodney Perry was a sales partner for a short period of time in Battle Rap Media– a marketing & promotion firm. He approached me as a fan of the culture while trying to open a hair & nail salon in Staten Island. My track record for entertaining all types of weirdo’s made it easy for me to take Adam in. My little knowledge of manicureshot oil treatments and wash & sets made our conversations limited so when battle rap business was discussed, I spoke and he listened.

Not one to accept the word of a stray based upon a smile and a hand-shake, I did a background check on Adam Perry and obtained necessary information along with his arrest record — this will remain private for now.

Among other things I taught Adam how to check traffic ranking on web sites and how to automate his tweets on Twitter. I also taught Adam when doing radio interviews how to be neutral on the microphonewhen speaking about clients.

Fast-forward, after Adams agreement expired with BRM (six months) and with no sponsor accounts brought in, I kept Adam on the team email list and still accepted his phone calls when he needed direction. One day Adam informed me about a battle event that he and a family member wanted to produce. Focused on bigger fish I gave Adam my support and wished him all the best. With no credentials in the battle rap world other than spending top dollar (VIP Tickets) to stand on stage next to people on different states Adam Perry then asked me what would my fee be to host his 1st battle event.

Myself, a 50-year-old successful man who lives on a 46-acre compound in Hazelton, PA with a collection of classic cars, I told Adam “just pay for my gas and a few drinks.”

The rest is just silly jibber jabber but here’s what should now be of concern (among other things) to the battle rap industry. Adam Rodney Perry is a reckless groupie with a thirst to display anything in vlogs for the sake of cheap notoriety. I personally have no problem with my electronic transmissions being shown or my boss talk behind the scenes. I’ve dealt with the Hip Hop Police back in the day and I still have the same motto – friend to none of ya!

But what does this mean for others who Adam Perry is trying to align him-self with and battle rappers who he’ll soon offer contracts to? How should they proceed with an overgrown adolescent who keeps professing to be a real Nigga?

Last month when people at URL (Ultimate Rap League) didn’t respond to Adam’s text advances fast enough Adam Perry decided to air them out on Twitter. Now he’s banging on the door of KOTD (King Of The Dot) in a vlog – stay tuned. I’m not sure where Swave Sevah and Math Hoffa stand with Adam Perry showing screen shots of emails sent to them but I can assure you that their replies have been kept and stored for future use.

Moreover, battle rap at the hands of African Americans is losing right now due to silly bickering on the block. Respectfully, Eminem has just launched his Total Slaughter Battle Rap League and Madison Avenue(advertising industry) is already on board.

Make no mistake, Eminem is a credible source for battle rap but the ratio of A, B and C level advertisers that will be available to black battle league’s will be a hard slap in the face. New York is the Mecca of corporate dollar spending but Adam’s High School behavior is not a game big agencies want to play. I’ve got enough Intel on Adam Rodney Perry to make him toxic in the business world but this isn’t personal and he poses no threat to me on any level.

Like most social media rats Adam thinks me busting my cannon at his cap gun will only help him gain traction. In actuality, he’s just shot himself in the foot (with a magnum) at the beginning of a 500-mile race.

In the past I’ve enjoyed feuds and tension in the world of media but honestly I’m creeped out by Adam Perry’s 1-hour emotionally driven vlog directed at me. The man sounds like a jilted lover with semen on his face crying in the passenger seat of my car. Ive now got more respect for females who I f*cked in the ass(with no K-Y Jelly) during lunch break and who pulled up their panties and went back to work.

Since video titles can be misleading, please watch STAR GETS EXPOSED by this messy girl and you’ll see a person who’s exposing himself as a STAN who desperately needs a hug.

Lastly, since Adam Rodney Perry is so concerned with becoming famous while claiming to be a real Nigga I suggest battle rap start getting the answers to some of these questions below:

What is Adam Perry’s definition of a real nigga, did Adam Perry go to college, did Adam grow up in the projects or on a quiet block, did Adam Rodney Perry have a curfew as child, how many fights did Adam have growing up, was Adam’s mother on crack cocaine in the 80’s, has Adam Perry ever done more than 24 hours in jail, Why does Adam Perry have a big tattoo on his back that says Adam N Eve – is he bisexual?

Which one of Adam’s family members was a Police informant at one point. Does Adam Perry have a girlfriend or is he gay, is Adam Perry gang related, was he an honor student at Port Richmond High School, who did Adam Perry snitch on in the nineties and have sent to jail, what bus does Adam Perry ride from S.I. to NYC five days a week, has Adam ever been robbed and filled out a police report? has Adam Perry ever held a gun In his hand?

** A wise man once said, “Y’all niggas deal with emotions like bitches, What’s sad is I love you ’cause you’re my brother, You traded your soul for riches. My child, I’ve watched you grow up to be famous And now I smile like a proud dad, watching his only son that made it” — you know the rest homie.

STAR aka The Hater

P.S. The hood respects the shooter, not the person who describes how and why the shooter shot people – bang, bang!


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