• BiggDu AbTrue

    this is wack,. dwn south rap smh, Jerz! wea u @!??

    • Big Thorough

      stfu wit yo hating ass, yo you even look like a hater… you got that hater snitch face.

      • BiggDu AbTrue

        lmaoo,. youz a Clown,. y u talkin to me?, thats GAY! sht wack? sht wack. point blank period.

    • star

      sorry u are haten

  • DY

    Shit was nice, 2nd verse they did there thing, Lux wordplay be crazy!

  • KHKJ

    shit whats dope!

  • ferb420


  • guest1

    checked plates on truck RENTAL!!

  • WTF!

    Surge you fucked up the moment you got on cam with out a braw on. You REEEEAAAALLLLY fuck up when a nigga touched your Moobs in a battle! PUASE VOMIT* >_< PAUSE!!

  • star

    nah this track was hot


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