Shotgun Suge: “T-Rex Is Scared to Battle Me”

Newark, NJ spitter Shotgun Suge sat down with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to discuss various topics related to his battle career as well as his musical projects.

He addressed his previous lack of passion for battling when he faced off against Bigg K on our VladTV Killaz battle event and how he eventually came back with a newfound sense of focus and a will to perform at his best within the sport.

Suge then addressed battlers ducking him despite talking a big game about being able to beat him, and specifically pinpointed T-Rex as one who has been ducking him for a while.

Aside from participating in lyrical competitions, Suge spoke on his musical projects such as his mixtape, The Growth, and its success thus far. Also be sure to check out his cameo appearance in Meek Mill’s “Heaven or Hell” video if you haven’t seen it already.



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