• Yupp

    Damn…..this is terrible. Flow is weaaaak
    voice sound like the cookie monster

  • FAMP

    Dis nigga different.. Cause he sound like a South nigga but got them EAST COAST Barz.. Great combination.. Some people can’t understand that.. Keep pushn Suge.

  • clash

    Somebody tell this dumb fat nigga that south bullshit played out. You from jersey nigga spit on some hard boom bap you fat clown

  • FAMP

    Hating ass niggas.. He can sound anyway he fuckn wants to.. Nigga kill me want every rapper from New York to sound like they in a cypher.. “sucka niggas”

  • Florida Boy

    didnt like the chorus but he jammed that verse tho

  • Caught Choosen

    Where’s the rest of the verses Suge?
    Waka, Suge done left the second verse empty for you, gone ahead and sign this nigga y’all would have the street club bangers on lock !

  • LukaBrazzi

    is that joe budden’s crib? lol

  • Cant stop laughing

    is this Rick Ross, Rih Rih, and Nikki before the money??? Got damn lmao Suge had them shorts on it a previous battle lol …what? u didnt think we would notice lmao

    • FAMP


  • Swagg

    Came for the ass

  • Timothy Bias

    His fat nasty but does not get girls.

  • Eric

    I fuc wit suge heavy but I dig him more on that hard shit, atleast get a feature on this…

  • Marcus Jordan

    I really don’t like this nigga battalion rapping, rapping, period. I think he ass

  • CeeZy_BangA215

    dirty ass jersey niggas blood dis funky ass nigga had dem same shorts on VS da nigga Bigg K… He prolli aint even wash dem joinz wit his fat dirty ass… I hate dirty niggas battlein and still aint gittin checks yet nigga for real tho????


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