Pat Stay Defeats Dizaster In KOTD Title Match SHOULD DIZASTER QUIT BATTLE RAP???



Organik calls Pay Stay Vs. Dizaster “the best title match in King of the Dot’s history.”

Pat Stay and Dizaster faced off in a match-up at King of the Dot’s “Blackout 4” event where Pat Stay held on to his title as the company’s Battle Rap champion.

Organik, the company’s owner and co-founder spoke about the battle saying that it was “the best title match in King of the Dot’s history.”

Dizaster acknowledged that Pay Stay “deserved” to win the match-up.

“He deserved2win cuz he was cleaner more polished & had it down.i guess that will always be my downfall , my material was crazier but oh well,” Dizaster said in a Twitter update.

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  • rexchap

    PLEASE LEAVE already and take your stans with you……..SMH……..most overrated in the history of battling

    • florida boy

      man i aint never agreed with u as much as i do right now. god damn he so overrated its ridiculous

  • url stan

    dizaster been done since dna exposed him i dont kno how he still around he embarrassed himself vs Arcane hes a gimmick/racist/shock value rapper

    • OHGOD

      Diz is a defo racist rapper. hope he fucks off. he lost to dna and got bodied by cortez.

    • florida boy

      dna definitely exposed him and verbs 3rd round tells u exactly who he is

  • Justdrewzin

    DIZ if you quit ills stop watching battles forever. Truth

  • Itsmeyoubitch

    Diz hasnt been good lately

  • Reef

    Anyone that thinks diz is wak google dizaster vs swave sevah the best battle I’ve ever watched in history of battle rap

  • what!

    You guys serious?
    Whether you like dizaster or not, he is a good battle rapper so stop speakin on his name like some hoes!

  • TheSwissMexican

    how the fuck he gonna retire when he in the slaughterhouse tournament? lol


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