Show Off vs M Ciddy | TrapHouse NY | Last Man Standing

The co main event from our Last Man Standing event. Show Off from Brooklyn, NY vs M Ciddy from Ann Arbor, MI.





    I wanna see M. ciddy vs jc so bad….now that’s a main stage main event battle to me….or him and anubis….these michigan niggaz is cold tho real shit

  • TDawg

    Mciddy Was SIicKKK

  • Pa allday

    Im a say Show off

  • ill gotten

    show off does sound like prez word play and schemes..hes bitin hard body….lol..dont do that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Show had a lot of filler

  • Don P

    Both these niggas is ass m. Ciddy done baltted like 1000 times still he remains bottom feeding show off got a leather outfit lame as fuck I’d murder both them niggas

  • Anonymous

    man shut don p hatin fagot ass

  • jawz

    this internet shit gave all these pussy heart.

  • red rifle

    that bitch behind show off looks like fred da godson ..

  • bthorpe

    Just to let all you niggas saying show off sounds like prez mafia the battle against prez is hella old it got reposted cause prez had a PG battle show off has other battles that he sounds exactly the same before he even battled prez mafia

  • streets buchanon

    They both was dope but show does sound like prez this battle even heard his hypemen say woooooosaaaahhhhh

  • Showoff

    First off the hype man that niggas said said whoosa stupid ass that was Prez mafia that’s my brother we a part of the same squad and get off my dick I been killin shit

  • WISEGUY slap

    Naaa my nigga show off blacked y’all niggas r dickheads that nigga rounds was death foh ciddy

  • Axe-Takeovermuzik

    good battle, i gave round 1 to ciddy, round 2 to show off and rd 3 is debatable, i liked showoffs delivery and stage presence more, both were lyrical , i kinda though ciddy had to many show flips by the 3rd round but it could go either way based on that 3rd.

  • jeeusmc

    showoff does not sound like prez until after the prez battle. period. i watch these battles. it’s public opinion. deal with it.

  • Ill gotten

    ayo @show-off nigga stop bitchin homie u know u sound like that nukka prez stop tryna justify that woosaaa shit dog(qleen Paper voice)…
    is that nigga ghostwritin for you or sumffin?


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