SM4 / DNA vs Tay Roc : DNA Recaps Their Battle

SM4 / DNA vs Tay Roc : DNA Recaps Their Battle

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  • Rexchap

    Sensa is just a UK Okwerdz…………..CORNY!!!!!

    James Brown sang it best …..”TALKIN LOUD and SAYIN NOTHIN”!!!!

    DNA 3-0

  • Ludacrisone4life

    The difference between UK and US bars are ridiculous… im from London… listening to this Sensa im embarrassed.. DNA bars were over everyone’s head in the crowd

    DNA killed dis Nigga

  • Fafodadon

    DNA Body Bag

  • Key Loads

    This was a pretty good battle. Sensa did his thing and to be honest Sensa didn’t have a lot of punchline but he had a lot of GROWN MAN BARS and he has nice presence and delivery! I give it to DNA though he didn’t Bodybag him 2-1

  • Gkgjgjhg

     Its funny how they will promote a dont flop battle, but wont put up a battle america or uw battle

    • Logic

      Shady business practices. Both UW and Battle America have decided to handle URL affairs with little to no business etiquette.

    • TheeGatorFL

       Because Dont Flop Has a Different fan base and outlet that doesn’t affect profit..UW & BA on the other hands fucks up the movement, cause they constantly using smack’s resources…

  • jallow

    sensa give it up forever that was garbage

  • Freeze

    LOL Smack is really tryin Ars. That’s two DontFlop battles that got promo on this site and Ars at those events. There was also ALL of KOTD Vendetta that got uploaded except for Ars battle and NOTHING from UW ever makes it to the page! Even the O-Red v. X-Factor lmfaoooooo. Anyone can tell me what happened between Smack & Ars that started all of this? It’s obvious that there’s beef, but for what?

  • england

    DNA got this. Good battle though. 

  • Zakee

    dna bodybag. da battle wit michael blackson was better. good shit dna

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    This battle was better than the jjdd vs k-shine battle. cuz there wasnt any dickriding.

  • A D

    sensea won the first… dna won the third…..whoever won the second won the battle….. peace

  • Seal Shinette

    sensa 1st round was a classic

    • Rexchap

       STOP IT!!!!   LOL

      • Donald T McNeil

        Lmao word that niggas 1st round was trash nigga said classic!!! Im weak!!!

  • TopThinker


  • brandon davis

    Dna lost.

  • coney island finest

    if i understood what sensa said i would of said this was a good battle!

    • Pastorcomics


  • Razor

    LOL you niggaz is so goddamn biased towards URL rappers it’s fucking ridiculous…. Sensa clearly got the second by default because DNA didn’t even rap that long and the 1st was only debatable because of that incredible flip by DNA… Shut the fuck up with this bodybag 3-0 shit you niggaz is beyond delusional… The nigga threw up after his first round and you dickriders are saying this is a bodybag hahaha FUCK OUTTA HERE… DNA killed the 3rd though… but his first 2 were not that great be real

    • Rexchap

       YAWN… aint got shit to do with being biased!!!!   LENGTH dont mean shit when THE LITTLE  you spit is better than that long winded shit!

      • Razor

        Oh hear comes faggot Rex trying to do his usual downplaying of anybody who has a different opinion than him… Rex you’re like a high maintenance bitch who pouts and throws tantrums anytime she doesn’t get her way then plays the victim afterwards…. Then NEED to respond to me is just too great for you isn’t it little fuckboy hahaha this is just entertaining…. You’re just desperate for male attention aren’t you little bitch???? Join the big brother program faggot…

        • Rexchap

           Dont even TRY to steal my line about NEEDING to respond!!!!!!

          YOU’RE the one who got in a tizzy for the ones who thought DNA bodied this chump!!!


          Don’t EVEN try it!!!!!


        • Rexchap

           UNBELEVABLE!!   Youngsters do the EXACT SAME thing i do , but i’m the hater…..TFOH!!!!

          You can come on and call people DELUSIONAL, but it’s ME who does the bitching??

          Last time i checked, it’s the same fuckin thing!!!

          This love affair with ME and what i say  is unreal!!!!


        • Razor

          HAHAHA Look at him playing the victim now… Dumb faggot is too stupid to realize I’m making fun of him haha…
          So no nothing I do is on the level of what you do because I say my statement and move the fuck on… You say multiple bitchlike statements that nobody responds to nor gives a fuck about so you go around talking shit to EVERYBODY who has a different opinion… Not the same

          You’re dumb enough to say I feel the need to respond to you all the time and have some “love affair with you”(PAUSE)
          when you ALWAYS talk to me first hahaha… Do you realize how DUMB that
          is??? If you always respond to me FIRST then really who has the love affair you dumb faggot… LOL like I go out of my way to begin an interaction with Rex COCKLOVING Chap hahaha mutha fucka I’M RESPONDING TO YOU!!! Of course you don’t realize the point I’m making… Because you think like a BITCH… Stop hanging around females and get some male friends…

        • Rexchap

           “You say multiple bitchlike statements that nobody responds to nor gives a fuck about”

          But these SAME statements gets a DIATRIBE from you every fuckin time!!!


          Got your ass on a string, playin the FUCK outta ya!!

          Got your dumbass heated enough to reply when you said…”nobody responds to nor gives a fuck about”

          Now who is the dumb one???

          OK, let’s read ANOTHER long winded, grammatically incorrect, reply!!!!


        • Razor

          HAHAHA you know faggot Rex is outta shit to say when he starts critiquing grammar hahaha… Nope I’m done you’re bitchlike behavior speaks for itself… Not heated at all but it’s fun to diss you because you never have a response to any of it but more bitchlike sassy remarks that have nothing to do with anything like “Got your ass on a string” riiiiiight… That’s what you’re doing hahaha nice try we definitely see who the dumb one is… Now find a male role model little faggot… GO!!!

        • Rexchap

          Ok…the male role model line didn’t work the first 8 times but why waste a clever line, right?

          Drive the bitch!!


        • Razor

           Nope it’s not a line…. It’s real talk… This faggot Rex is TOO much of a BITCH to have EVER had a positive male role model in his life EVER!!! It’s just NOT possible hahaha seriously get one faggot!!!

        • Rexchap

           9 times….GO!!!

      • Rexchap is a FAG

        The screen name says it all

        • Rexchap

           OK….it’s YOU again… juvenile!!!!!!!!

          I love when you mysteriously pop in and out when shit gets thick!!!

          OK….I’ll be the fag , RAZOR!!!

  • El_Casper

    DNA Most Underrated 

  • Belizeplaya101

    is anyone going to mention DNA throwing up?? wtf is wrong with that dude? he spit up and just walked like nothing happened lol dirty ass nigga 

    • JuSaying

      He was still a little sick from his flight and they might be used to out of town folks throwing up before or after a battle.  It sucks that it happened in the middle of everything and didn’t get edited out (not sure why) but nobody was shocked and they both rapped about it and kept it moving.  I’m sure DNA was embarrassed but the show must go on.

      • Belizeplaya101

        i  understand where your coming from, but damn son. What was DNA’s excuse for throwing up again Tsu Surf? LML 

  • Trey Longz

    Yea, DNA you lost my nigga 


    dna bodieeeddddddddddd dattttt boiiiiiiiii !!!!!! SMRRRRRRRRRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Southern Bred

    I like that DNA knows how to go from league to league and switch his style up a little to cater to different crowds, but still doing his thing.  Most URL rappers can’t or don’t do that or at least not very well.

  • JalehouShank

    DNA had quality.  His similar DNA rhyme patterns as usual (I think I’m starting to not like predictable flows, geez) but good bars and he always looks confident and determined.

    SENSA had quantity.  Good bars as well, but so many words he was just getting them all out too fast which caused him to slip a few times.  Seemed like he was reciting what he wrote without taking the time to mix his personality it.  I’ll forget verses if they’re longwinded.

    GOOD JOB, THEY BOTH SHOWED UP BUT…  Not the best match up, styles too different. 


    DNA 2-1
    RD 2 DNA
    RD 3 DNA


  • showtime

    lmao this nigga just threw up and act like nothing happen this nigga dna is the dirtest nigga ever on smack get this nigga out of here

  • drop a battle

    why this nigga D keep throwing up he making Queenz like bad 

  • Nine4blocc

    @ RAZOR! STFU PUSSY!! sensa chocked in all rounds! DNA flipped sensas weak ass punch lines and had better punch lines, sensa was just talking to much shit that did not mean shit!! DNA 3-0

    • Rexchap

       Don’t say nothing to this little bitchass!   He can say what he wants and when you have a different opinion, he goes in!  

      Toss in a long ass diatribe, with a little Mookie is a bitch, and there you have RAZOR!!!

      FUCK HIM!!

      • Razor

        HAHAHA Look at these two faggots gossiping about me like some little BITCHES!!! Nope you’re entitled to you’re opinion no matter how DUMB… So carry on FUCKBOYS!!!

        • Rexchap

           OK SALTINE!!!!!

  • RandolphQ

    get these crackers the fuck outta here why are they battle rappin damn they cant stay out our shit 

  • JackDesil

    sensa got like a def poet kinda battle, awhole lotta words, dna got bars bars bars for days, get em the fucck outta here.    JDMMe.fuccemall…

  • lamar

    dna was weak till the 3 rd 1st rd debatable 2nd goes to sensa and 3rd dna. it can go either way. im from the east coast unbias NJ stand up 

  • A.j. Johnson





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