Smack & Jack Thriller on Smack’s Bars and Their Upcoming Battle – Rookies vs. Vets opponents Smack White and Jack Thriller came through to build with battle rap correspondent Mike Florence where they discussed their predictions for their upcoming battle, Smack sitting on years’ worth of bars and Jack possibly battling Hitman Holla.

The clip starts out with the two being asked how their battle came about. Mr. Classic was first to respond by saying that the idea of the matchup began with Jack taking numerous shots at the URL front man through Instagram. Smack stated that after the challenges from the Georgia comedian continued, he felt obligated to respond.

Fans and battlers alike in the battle rap community are pondering if this recently announced bout between these two competitors is to be taken seriously due to the fact that they are not battlers by profession. When asked about this, both Smack and Jack made it clear that this battle should not be considered a joke and they are stepping in the ring with the intent of bringing the culture to another level.

They were then asked about their predictions for their URL debut and they both claimed they would be victorious. Smack stated that his confidence in winning the battle was due to his experience in the game and the bars he’s been sitting on. While Jack spoke a little about his experience, his opponent gave him respect for being able to hold his own with numerous emcees taking shots at him in the new Instagram trend raging right now, in which battlers take shots at others in short clips.

After talking about the stipulations of the matchup for a brief moment, Smack was then asked again about the bars he was sitting on. The battle rap mogul stated that he developed his arsenal from years of watching legends in the ring craft their material and his love for the art form as a whole. He also stated that it is necessary for him to now display the bars that have been on reserve in order to expand the culture.

The Queens native was then asked if he would battle again if he was successful against the king of pop comedy. His response was even though he is going to enjoy the experience and put on for the culture, he does not plan on battling again. Thriller made it clear that this would not be his last battle by stating that he wants his next opponent to be St. Louis’ own Hitman Holla as well as his brother Show Out. He then went on to say that after trading bars with some of the greats such as Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, Charlie Clips, Calico and Daylyt, he should have the luxury of choosing who he steps in the ring with next. He also said that he was victorious against Hitman in a wild style battle on Nick Cannon’s MTV2 comedy show, but wants to battle the St. Louis emcee in a no holds barred setting.

The clip closes out with Jack stating that in order to be considered an authentic battle rapper, you must compete on the URL stage.
Watch the full clip above.




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