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  • God Aweful

    Daylyt got his crazy ass banned for being on white nigga time….lol

  • gwvaio

    SMACK spit that real shit. I love it!

    • Jamarcus Presley

      lol right….im up here at my screen talkin bout some “talk to that nigga” lmao smack in in these niggas azz lol cant beat the nigga who created it I guess

      • InTheClouds856

        Lmaoooo I said the same thing “talk to that nigga Smack” lol

  • Razor

    Smack just 3-0’ed Daylyt…

    • K-Shine’s Pink Goose


      *Goodz voice*

    • barondebxl

      Smack 3-0ed all the niggaz he talked about in the video.

    • Macmar415

      why hitman didn’t get banned tho? But Daylyt and Math did? I understand math being banned but not hitman for threats? If a threat is a threat daylyt along with hitman should’ve both been banned! Hitman not only threaten Smack, but Norbes also but you can work it out with him smack, but can’t work it out with others? Hitman makes over a million youtube views per battle so smack likes that check i guess. Long as you can threaten and pay smack at the same time I guess you’re good in the url.

      • ScottyPimpen33

        Math and daylyt took “PHYSICAL” action against the culture… Hitman just tweeted and didn’t do ANYTHING.

        • Macmar415

          Last time I checked, Daylyt didn’t take a Physical action against anyone! It was just a bunch of camera troll talk. Only difference between Daylyt and Hitman was Daylyt said it in person where as Hitman tweeted it. Now Math, yes, he should be gone. Even on the iphone messages you see Daylyt was just doing shit for views and trolling. So again, why can he work shit out with Hitman but not Daylyt? Cause Hitman pays him thru youtube views! That’s the only thing I can see.

        • ScottyPimpen33

          Daylyt ran up on smack with a bunch of his “crips” from cali cursing in his face and making threats.. Did you not see the video? He jumped in his face cursing and yelling.. Thats physical! There bodies were touching..

        • Macmar415

          That was verbal bro. Physical means to actually touch someone. Verbal is words only! I.E. Text, email, speaking, tweets, messages, letters you get the point. Physical is pushing, touching, punching, shoving, and type of bodily contact. Now we can’t say if smack got scared with Daylyt in his face or not only smack knows that answer but it definitely wasn’t a physical confrontation!

        • Jamale J Jones

          Marc was marked out by Daylyt and loved it so damn much he is now Daylyts official troll. Nigga is on a mission. hahaha gtfoh.

        • barondebxl

          Pause. Daylyt wasnt gonna do shit anyway. He gotta be crazy to come on this side doing something stupid and not expect any kind of retaliation. It’s all for show.

        • EZ steppin

          Who would you give another chance to? A dude you only ment once or a nigga you been doing business with? Common sence people

        • Macmar415

          Common sense would tell ignorant people like yourself that’s not how one should run a business! Now if it we’re something outside of business I would agree.

        • Dark knight

          But the difference is Daylyte brought his trolling to the point where he said shoot shit up in front of sponsors and important people….saying that is pretty extreme when its said after a hit and run by math

        • Macmar415

          Point made! I totally agree with you on that. All I look for is people with some sense and not dick riders to explain their side and actually make a valid point and you just did!

        • LoverBoy WonDer

          that was very well put

        • Johnny SmokeGood

          Daylyt said that he gonna shoot up the spot…thats fully a no go…that makes sponsors and spot owners say fuck nah..hitman jus got at smack

    • Caught Choosen

      “No I don’t know what he sayin'”
      Day – already said he ain’t fuckin wit URL so no need for the fake ass ban.
      If you scared then say you scared.
      Smack is not the culture he’s just a business product of hip hop.
      Math will be back on Smack in a year watch.
      Hit-Man’s shit is whatever stop cryin’

    • Macmar415

      U retards make the culture look bad!. I’ll leave this generation up to you young pups, because all I hear and see is a bunch of whining and complaining every time I go to . Black people can’t have anything because we always mess it up. Smack I feel you but damn my dude, take a English class if you’re conducting business, “You know what I’m saying”?. Now I see why beasley is the brains behind the scene. This URL “movement” ain’t going nowhere outside of NY because the URL brand is so scared of making major moves to push it forward not to mention even a hood nigga has to become, (if not play, the part of) an educated person from time to time. Look at Jay-Z. Notice how he came from the streets, but now he’s professional? The money didn’t change him, he changed to get that money!


      Beasley was the one on Battle Rap Area talking about how he is only booking black mc’s because no one else wants to see anything different. BULLSHIT! If that were the case we wouldn’t have all these other leagues doing so well and a hell of a lot more professional than the URL in terms of battle brochures, merchandise to help bring in revenue, PPV events and so forth. On that note, I don’t want to hear about what Beasley said about the PPV side of things. There are SMALLER leagues that do it and I know the URL have a bigger budget than those leagues!


      Battle rappers should either start your own shit or go your own way. This has truly become WAY TO POLITICAL and less fun and enjoyment. I can’t sit around listening to a bunch of drama every time I go to this webpage. If the URL is the leading brand for Battle Rap, why is it they’re the most sloppiest, unorganized, most drama having battle rap league out? I’m so burnt out on bad battles, messed up events, and cry baby battle mc’s who get paid and DON’T even write rounds now.

      Words to live by


      For the URL


      Take some college business courses so you as a company can expand & become more professional. We’re tired of paying for ghetto rigged shit from both the URL and Battle MC’s!

      For the Battle Rappers


      Stop complaining so much. If you want to be taken serious it’s too easy to set standards for yourself and not fall short on them by accepting anything tossed at you because “He’s my boy”, or the infamous “I known him since Smack was doing DvD’s”. Who cares? Read the damn contract, if you like it sign it. If not, don’t. Negotiate for what you want and compromise to meet halfway at least. No need for blogs, screenshots, paypal reocrds WE DON’T CARE.


      For you “So Called Fans”


      STOP DICK RIDING and be your own person! I hear some of the most uneducated, just ignorant comments I’ve ever read in my life on these threads. Battle rap arena has a few that call in also! Shit isn’t that hard for smart people. We don’t need fucking bar for bar breakdowns for one. For 2, people that watch battles on YouTube will give more of an honest opinion vs. the crowd at the live event. reason being is when you’re at home or wherever, you’re watching it for yourself without crowd persuasion. A lot of times the crowd just follows suit and over reacts to simple bars then Don Demarco joins in and now everybody thinks it was a hot line. Can’t fool me with that shit and THAT’S WHY DON DEMARCO needs to GTFOH!

      • Santana

        your going in you fucking faggit

        • Macmar415

          And those are the comments I’m referring to right there. Clearly shows your age and education level. These my friends aren’t the type of “fans” I want associated with the URL. Go join math Hoffa and the rest of the angry people for no reason .

      • Troololol*

        *Claps Hands* Bravo my nigga well said

        • Macmar415

          I mean these niggas aren’t as professional as many might think. As much money as the URL makes you’d think their website wouldn’t be down every other week! Like they can’t even keep their website running without issues. They need to get professional if they want to be taken professionally!

  • Matt L Parks

    He went in on Daylyt, wow. First thought, was to try and defend Day, but damn. There’s nothing I can say about that. Daylyt with that WNT nonsense. KOTD is not the platform for Daylyt. He burned the wrong bridge.

  • BitchAssNess

    Was Smack about cry?

    • ClownEnder134

      yeah, he put in years of work for people to disrespect him after all the recognition and money he gave them… bird ass nigga.

    • barondebxl

      He probably was upset and was trying his best not to go off on cam.

  • Debo Marks

    Instead of throwing Math, Hitman and Daylyt under the bus for 15 minutes and rightfully so, try explaining to the fans who why the fuck the first battle did not start until 7:30?

    • canin

      Beasley already explain that on BRA

  • EZ steppin

    Exposé these niggas smack fuck that!! Niggas coming with bullshit raps and dumb ass blogs fucking up events expecting to get paid and acknowledgment. It’s business there are hundreds even thousand of rappers out here if niggas can’t get they shit together fuck them!!

  • BitchAssNess

    @debomarks:disqus Beasley explained it on URL Rap Arena why it started so late.

  • AlgebraKiller

    A lot of respect for Smack for making a video and being real. Sucks to work so hard to put all of this together and then have your talent start acting like clowns and fucking the whole shit up. I stay fucking with URL. Like smack said, let’s cut through the bullshit, start acting like grown men, and move the fuck on.

  • cmd☆sjerz

    Daylyt is a bitch ass homo battle rap stripper, I guess thats how the busters do on the west, game was a stripper too, the footage of the math jones fight is on wolrdstar, thats what the url get for holdin on to footage for years before droppin shit, math fucked jones up too, lol, he beat that ass, it really wasn’t a sneak neither, and math walked away after beating jones ass. Jones was asking for that shit, and I dont even like math, he never beat anyone in my opinion. Dose destroyed him

    • Florida Boy

      That wasnt a sneak? So Jones should have expected to get hit in mid battle?

    • EZ steppin

      URL does hold on to shit for too long!! It’s url battle “RAP” my dude not UFC math did sneak jones!!

  • Smg

    This is why I fuck with smack real nigga explaining shits to the people no sugar coating shit..nigga daylite played him self and hitman was to amp because he wanted the attention the battle was’s hard to let math go because he was a big figure to battle rap but its just business

  • Dash

    Smack just told Daylyt sublimenally “Grown man bars is something you gotta deal with. No matter all that collaborated, fabricated, it aint gonna equal up to this real shit.”

    • Jamarcus Presley

      talk to dat nigga

      • Dash


  • sd

    THANKS SMACK…we wanted to hear shit straight from you and you kept it 100..much respect from the bay area!!!!

  • hoovaboy

    I still dont get why niggaz still sayin that nigga math ain’t sneak that dude! Any real nigga know better. How aint it a sneak and these niggaz battling? That nigga ain’t expecting a nigga gonna get off em. That shit was lame AF

    • skizz23


    • myian barnes

      You can clearly see it on tat WSHH vid.

  • Gene

    Good job Smack! Now get rid of Norbes and URL can move forward for 2014.

  • yards

    Daylyt you just got Marked out East Coast style. And don’t you ever ever ever come over here no more lol..

  • North

    Smack can’t speak properly to save his life.

    • JAWZ

      Smack is a street nigga, not a nerd bird ass dude.

      • Jlove

        So a person that speaks properly is a “Bird ass dude” hu :/

        • skizz23


        • JAWZ

          reverend jesse jackson/ magic johnson/ charles barkley/ shaquille o’neal, all business men, don’t speak properly” Who cares.

        • JAWZ

          No” a person who cares is a nerd bird ass dude. My point is, do you understand him, So who give’s a fuck how he speaks. nerd bird ass niggaz.

      • North

        I’m from the street as well yet I can present myself properly when need be. It looks bad for a business, fool.

        • JAWZ

          reverend jesse jackson/ magic johnson/ charles barkley/ shaquille o’neal, all business men, don’t speak properly” Who cares. Bird ass nigga

      • Caught Choosen

        Nothing street about that nigga /
        If he was street there wouldn’t be all these bitch ass blogs about positive street niggas like Lux when he can’t even put a show on on time-

  • Florida Boy

    I counted like 10 “Naw Im Sayin’s” within the 1st minute….im a need u to cut that # in half on the next blog Smack LOL, but props for addressing this shit tho

  • Joey Flvcko

    I fuck witch u smack realist nigga out but you gotta put lux back in my nigga pls man

  • Agreed

    First time i’ve ever seen Smack expose a dude on cam. Smack 38 hot about this shit too, he so mad is stuttering even more than normal. End of the day when you deal with niggas shit happens

  • Joshua Jones

    lol all yall niggas got something to say about daylyt now… YALL STILL MARK’D OUT!!!

  • ohgod

    FUCK U gaylyt. Respect to SMACK for this blog. Keep doing what u doing, brother.

  • Ness Rosenbrad

    Niggas is ungrateful that’s all.

    • barondebxl

      Best comment here.

  • Dat Nicca

    First point — So Hitman issuing threats and crying and what not, but you ultimately release his battle, but Cortez keeps it professional and doesn’t get out of pocket with you, but you won’t release him beating Yung Ill and Tech9?

    Second point — Smack you can’t keep saying that you’re motivated to do stuff for the “culture”, but then have one of your business partners (annoying ass Norbes) going around saying that battles in other leagues don’t count. I’m sure you agree that the culture is bigger than URL, so please start acknowledging some of the good work other leagues are out here doing and tell Norbes to STFU. Keeping it humble and learning what you can from other leagues will only help URL.

    Third point — Daylyt already said he was done with URL so I don’t know that it made a whole lot of sense to say he’s banned unless ya’ll just thought it was a good PR move, which I think is a debatable point. Daylyt can’t be believed in terms of every word he says, but when you combine his words with Cortez’s words, with Serius Jones’ words and Charlie Clips’ words, it definitely paints the picture that URL has fell short of standard business practices. Rather than completely deny that mistakes have happened, I would have rather seen an acknowledgement that URL had a couple of past slip ups but will be rectifying those issues immediately.

    Last point — It sounds like Smack just wants to completely clean the URL scene up and get rid of all the hood/street mentality that exists, but the problem is that hood/mentality is what separates the URL artists from every other league. You can ban Math and Daylyt and think your problem is solved, but you still plan to book Hitman right? and Hitman knocked out a security guard at the Math battle in St. Louis (oh, not a URL battle so I guess it doesn’t count). You still plan to book Rex right? and Rex and Head Ice were squabbling outside at a URL event. You still plan to book Calico right? and Calico and Brooklyn Hanz started tussling in the middle of a URL event. The bottom line, I don’t know what will become of the URL scene if you completely get rid of the streets/hood. In fact, I don’t think you can completely get rid of it. The URL will not survive if it’s only comprised of non-street cats like Conceited, JC, DNA, and MCiddy. You also have to have hood/don’t give a fuck niccas like SCO, Rosenberg Raww, BiggK, and K-Shine. Sometimes, the clash is what makes the battles special.

    • mitchbuchanan

      if the cortez battles comes out and theres a messed up round you will be like ‘Damn this should have stayed in the vault’

      • Dat Nicca

        I bought the reasoning for keeping the battles in the vault since they were saying that they are bad battles that didn’t turn out well on camera, but that reasoning went out the fukcing window when URL released the Hitman vs Con battle, which is easily the worst battle ever released on URL. That shyt is worse than SCO vs Lotta Zay which is tough to do since everybody in the room of the SCO vs Lotta Zay battle was asleep during the battle.

        The bottom line, dropping the Hitman vs Con battle completely fukcs over Cortez and makes it clear that niccas get no rewards for keeping it professional and going about shyt the right way. Apparently, Smack only moves when you get rah-rah with him and make threats and shyt.

        • God’s-Demon

          grown men dont need to be rewarded for acting grown

        • canin

          cortez is Good, but the CON vs Hitman Battle was nice,
          you sound like a Cortez dick rider

        • Dat Nicca

          OK, whatever you say tough guy. Cortez immediately came to my mind because that nicca has 2 battles in the vault for reasons that have nothing to do with him (i.e. Yung Ill flaking out and Tech9 sucking). He isn’t going around crying about it and as far as I can tell has kept it real professional with Smack. Then I watch this Hitman vs. Con battle, which is the worst battle to drop in prolly the past 2 years and I’m like huh? How the fukc does this fukcboy battle drop but Smack won’t release the battle of Yung Ill and Tech9 catching bad losses. Just seems to me that the backroom politicking going on at URL may be contributing to their issues. Smack can’t be playing favorites with the artists. You do that and you’re gonna have more situations like other artists thinking they are entitled to have their battle drop before other artists battles. None of that shyt is a good look.

          Smack needs to borrow from KOTD and have a simple release schedule published in advance and announce in advance when certain battles won’t drop because of poor quality or whatever the reason. Keep all the shyt on the up and up with the fans and the artists. The culture will benefit from it.

        • Manuel

          Darn straight my nigga. There some nice battle out there still pending..Con vs Yung ill comes to mind.




  • myian barnes

    500 prolly paid a few bills for dude but yeah he went about it in a reckless way. I hope URL fixes all the bugs and gets rid of the real nigga time mantra when it comes to its business….the fans are the ones who lost out, Smack and URL got there bread, the performers got theirs, but the fans didn’t get what they paid for, and that’s what has me shaky on their events. It’s a great product, I’d pay to see these cats perform, but if the events are so unorganized they are delayed 6 hours….no guarantee on a return for your investment. Math and Daylyte did not have shit to do with that. Again, big ups to Smack for taking the time out to address the public directly….that shows alot of class.


    Can’t front, I was actually hyped to see Smack come out of his cool zone to speak on some grown man b.i. No other line of work can you come to work, get paid half up front, do a half ass job at doing your job, be disrespectful to the boss and his team, get paid your remaining money, and try to fuck up your employers future business oppurtunities, and get away with it. Through it all, Smack has been professional, but sometimes you got to stop being your employees negro and give them the nigga they been asking for.



  • TheYungHogg

    That nigga smack is the hood version of Roger Goodell lol …. Battle Rappers yall better stop trying to be divas and hood stars because at the end of the day the URL made yall asses lol

  • ✈MikeSwazyy


  • water

    Real shit, respect!

  • Electrikfunk

    Damn my dude daylyt got his 500 but spent alot more in those few moments he was actin tough puttin on a show for us on out streets…people jus lookin at him laughin

  • flipper773

    Thats what Im talking about. Dont let these niggas get the best of you.

  • Jlove

    Nigga Smack doin his thing “You now what I’m Sayin” lol

  • Tank

    Almost cried talking about Hitman! Real shit Smack.

  • whatwhaa

    Yo BIG fucn shutout 2 Smack 4 dis blog!!! I can defently dig errything he said!!! n thanks 4 putn dat nigga Daylyt on blast cause outta all da clips I’ve seen he waz da only nigga all XTRA ampdup like shitz jus went down wit him SMH!!! da only thing dat id would like 2 c is Swave on da URL stage against a top name n not no fucn Daylyt!!! I still fuc wit Smack n im glad he finely said something bout all dis shit n kept it a 1000%!!!!

  • James Jean Baptiste

    much respect to the whole URL movement, the fans are with y’all stuff that went off aren’t because of y’all. i love battle rap but a lot of those rapper are high school drop outs never been to college and definitely raise themselves. that is one thing that is wrong with the culture it’s the level of a lot of them education and being african american also ain’t easy so there is a lot to it. remember at the end of the day NIGGAS dont know how to act point blank period.

  • exposed

    500???This nigga Daylyt got exposed!God damn exposed!Niggas is battlin for 3k,6k,10k,12k and this nigga got the nerve to threaten to clap the place up for 500 when he didn’t even battle a nigga after he already got half upfront? Lying bout the hotel…GTFO URL my nigga, never wanted u in the first place! Just glad the truth finally comes out. Smack/URL doin they best they human too you know lol. Niggas need to chill thinking they money machines over there or somethin.

    • Caught Choosen

      Wait for Days response before you jump to conclusions “Know what I’m sayin’?”

      • exposed

        Daylyt admitted to the 500 being how much he was asking for in his “response” sayin in some slick way dat its about principals and bein a street nigga…Funny cos he said b4 that the money he was threathenin to clap smack over was 7k…Then he marked himself out further by saying that he was planning on giving out $4m to the SM3 crowd lmao! This nigga been a clown my nigga. Can’t believe a single word that come out dudes mouth atleast Smack had evidence to expose dudes fakeness if u wanna still be a dumb nigga and follow the quill then go on ahead and be on quill nigga time…

  • YupYup

    “You did that for $500 dollars” LMAO! Daylyt be lying his ass off, on Twitter saying he got his $7,000! Dude got no where near that, but I hope they got him a flight back home.

  • ms marjane

    crazy respect to smack for speaking on this like a man.. a lesser owner, business person – or any one of these clown ass rappers and billboard personas – woulda got on some serious nigga-shit and created a lot of dramas around the whole thing. It always seemed like URL should and would blow up with the right business moves, but it’s also clear they need to work at their own pace.. considering how ridiculous some of these niggas act. Had this been any handfull of other niggas in the game, a few of these cats woulda got blasted on – imagine if this was kay slay? funk flex? i can’t even name how many cats in hip-hop, in his position, woulda flipped. most other battle league owners wouldn’t have been able to handle this with any class.

  • theOpposite

    Daylyt got marked out

  • killajing

    haha daylite is a fuckin clown for that yo i was swearing he was snapping for at least 3gs he a clown for pulling that dum ass publicity stunt and im a fan of his retarded ass he still got bars tho lol

  • whatup

    It is ashame that you would hurt someone’s can tell smack is passionate with what he is doing and about.


    politics at its finest..and everyone is feeding on to it..

    listen folks..REAL NIKKA SHIT..this is really WWE now..for one reason and one reason only..u think for a second..just for one second..that URL is going to BANNED a person of the caliber of MATH and how much work hes put in the URL..regardless if he punched dose and serious jones..if they didnt want that “type” of scenario happening in the URL..then y first off..BROADCAST the first fight (and it was broadcast on “ON DEMAND” television on bright house tv (thats the cable station here where im at) in the south) and then y give math another battle after DOSE..or did yall forget that yall cant bullshit a bullshitter for one reason and for one reason only..cause im in the entertainment/club business as well..if u dont want that type of scenario from ur company then yall should of banned MATH then..not now after yall build so much with HIM and HITMAN and every battle rapper in the URL blood sweat and tears..thats called being still respect URL for one reason..cause yes..yall are at the forefront of this culture and yes cause of the politics and moves yall made behind the scenes is wat got u there but dont forget URL..the fans..the rappers themselves is the real reason ur the number one brand in the do us REAL FANS and REAL PEOPLE a favor..stop bullshitting saying yall banned math and yall this with hitman and all this other extra bullshit that yall spitting cause every day..this is turning more and more like WWE..and if yall dont want to loose the reality of the streets in ur product then stop sugar coating the real shit..math did wat any human being in the world would do if u felt disrespected..which wat u actually said in this blog when HITMAN was saying the shit he the end of the day URL..battle rappers are humans..and they are liable to make mistakes..u aint god to hold down judgement on a persons carrier..especially after they HELP U..become MR do us REAL HARDCORE FANS A FAVOR..KEEP PROGRESSING BUT DONT BULLSHIT US REAL PEOPLE..let math do wat he does..get him on that ring..and give the people whos been with u since day one a chance to redeem himself and the culture..cause weather yall see it or not..yes ur helping the brand grow but ur also killing the brand as well..get out ur hollyhood ways and get back to the shit ur know for..and thats being this aint no diss to the URL..i fucks with yall a big follower and i will always be..but i can spot a bullshitter from a mile away..and i just had to call that bluff..just saying

    URL..u cant copy respect when respect aint given..remember that part..REAL RICAN SHIT




        first not my name again..second..the politics that has come up on the battle scenes reminds me of the shit i see all the time when im in the club and a artist or a promoter comes in there and start talking that politics that i so really despise..math did a mistake like any other normal human being but for everyone to jump on math like hes the numero uno bad guy is just plain ridiculous in every sense of the way..i seen the video..he didnt sucker punch him..jones was being real disrespectful to math during his thats something that the battle rappers should all take notice that u dont disrespect another performer while they are performing..thats kinda of like someone disrespecting ur way of life..u know its wrong..and in the URL it has been proven that smack lets everyone who battles be disrespectful to there opponents while they are performing..(in my swave sevah voice)..THATS SOME SUCKA just saying wat im seeing and how right now this blog that smack put out is completely disrespect to smack and the URL..i just see it from a different aspect of business and not personal like how this blog is

    • RedEye

      He’s Gone, Nigga f$%king up smack money, that s*&t wasnt g what he did, he lost his cool and sucka punched another mc, Smack can get sued for that s*&t , no more url ,

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      Whats up Math….I know this is you, homie. look dawg, you banned. and u don’t put any money in the URL, dawg, lines not goin around the block to see you. You have 7 million 400k views. K shine has 8 million 200k. A nigga named lil sexxy has over 9 million. a nigga named dumbfounded has 7 million 500k. a nigga named Miles Low has 8 million 100k. Im not even gon talk about niggas like surf, hollow, calicoe, rex, arsenal, etc. You aint generated no money or views my nigga. Its no loss for smack to ban you.

  • Mikeskills

    Im a fan of Daylyt & Math but I gotta respect Smack for keepin it all the way 100 #RNT

  • Shy

    Smack proud of you my nigga!! I start watching this shit off Hollow the Don and he made me interested in looking at URL culture as whole. (pause). Smack is right about everything I fucks with Hitman holla but he gotta grow up and so does everyone else. Hitman vs Conceited round 3 sucked and that’s exactly what smack be talking about, bars over names. This video is real as shit like k-shine say no debating.

  • Joseph Money

    Smack hindsight is 20/20 when you pay the big names (Math is not a big name for battle rap) you pay for professionalism. If that card had better match-ups it would have never happened

  • Mike TheFranchise YoungHomie

    Smack!!! God bless you we can all see how one punch messed up a lot of potential bread..keep doing ya thang..n keep moving forward..and you right..a lot of these dudes a young abd dumb..most of them spending they bread on clothes and hoes..and they don’t appreciate how easy they got it..planning and setting venue after venue ain’t easy..real don’t deserve nothing until you learn something

  • Jay


  • JAWZ

    Grown man bars is something you gotta deal with. No matter all that collaborated, fabricated, it aint gonna equal up to this real shit.”

  • cozzo36

    Respect to smack for that REALs real!!! Smrrrrrrrrrrrrrack!!!! While one daylyt disapears 100 shall appear!! These tenapenny niggas think they special!!!

  • Mr Goodnight

    Much respect! I was shocked. Who knew…

  • Spike

    The vibe leading up to SM3 was bad. These young dudes set the bad tone from the start. How do you bite the hand who feed u. If u are getting a million +views u shouldn’t be relying heavy on Smack to toss u on stage. He showed u how to ride the bike, now start pedaling. Hitman, Math, Charlie, and whoever else upset w/URL owe them an apology. Y’all are messing w/money that is on the table. In 5 years hopefully you’ll see the Large picture lux was referring to. Smack stick to ur word and just cut ur losses before u take a bigger loss.

  • clown

    hahahaha all that for $500. Marked out.

  • Antony Hall

    Yo on da real you know what happen right? its the simple fact that you cant bring none of these Ignorant ass niggaz nowhere yo SMACK gonna stop calling and you gonna slowly stop hearing bout alot of these lil niggaz running around talking shit SMH stay up SMACK i FUX with you homie let these niggaz know that your the one paying em not the other way around they need you more than they think.

  • King eightOfive




  • Tha Real Teazy

    watch?v=cpTjYVZ1nWc paste in youtube searchbar!! Math has no barz but he can throw a sucker punch!! #Hoe Ass Nigga

  • Tha Real Teazy

    shout out to smack!! u cant controll the hoe shyt niggas do, but yu can respond and let niggas kno whats really good!!! real nigga shit these rapper lookin like brauds, what happen to the dvd days when it wasnt about the name, u knew niggas had barz!!!!

  • InTheClouds856

    If this blog was chopped up and split into 3 rounds my nigga Smack woulda set the record for Don Demarcos. Daylyt just got that work.

  • barondebxl

    Yo Smack i rock with you man. URL didn’t do to great of a job as far as organizing things for SM3 and all that but ya’ll work hard for the culture and niggaz need to respect you for that. I support you a 1000%%%

  • GTA5


  • COca nostra

    Shoutout to Smack for Saving his brand from these losers

  • zeke

    Lol, ijust think its funny people think Daylyt actually needs Smack… lol EVERYONE Knows daylight and he hasnt battled on URL ONCE.. lol yall all on smack dick for no Reason….smdh. i salute smack for banning Hoffa Thou… ijust dont see how yall saying daylyt is marked he’s actually marked in.. pretty much cemented in.. He’ll eat off of “Dont flop, Uw, and Kotd, Leagues..and others as well..Moral of story. DAYLYT DOSENT NEED SMACK TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Hes ALREADY THERE.And been TOP TIER.

  • DD

    Smack – this is the problem with ignorant rappers who have never done the work – they want instant gratification – thanks for all the hard work, you are getting emotional which is good, it means you care. Keep your head up, keep pushing, and the real fans will support you. Punk move by Hoffa.

  • ferb420

    Smack and them do a lot for these niggas for them to be acting like divas


    Dam smack you kept it REAL!!! andvlike that you spoke up because you need to put niggas on blast!!’ You putting bread in niggas pocket and they wana threatin you that’s what u call bitch ass niggas!! Dam I always thought HITMAN HOLLA was official but that shit he did is corny and only fake niggas act like that girls talk men pop!! Ayo HITMAN u owe smack an apology “RNS” I’m from Brooklyn my name is TITO BLOOMBERG and I’m well respected this fake niggas need to B checkt!!!! Daylyt you a fucking punk take that shit back to LA you don’t get props for shit like that. If I was there you would of got checkt off jump and I don’t even know smack!! It’s just REAL NIGGA TIME!! If ya don’t think I’m right then ya fake 2……

    • Edwin Stagg

      maximum batmobiles

  • Mr.Rude

    500 dollars..Loool.. That aint even Rent… Daylyte and the rest of u niggas is lookin bad out chea.

  • NorbesNeckFat

    No smack I don’t know what you sayin! Naw I’m sayin haha

  • Somethin’ Lite

    I think Daylyt thought he was Pac for a minute.

  • nxaxmxe

    smack didnt say much….he steal does business badd having 13 hour events thats why he should hire PROFESSIONAL event planner and have everything organized properly! he’s still a street dude TRYING to be a business man sigh… and daylyt is his own brand so he doesnt need URL at all actually LMAO

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Y’all need stop tripping (SMACK)men are gonna fight it happens in every sport. It’s wrong to black ball him. URL is a gladiator arena. People are gonna act out. You put the venue together its your job to protect the artist from each other, the crowd, what ever. Either way it’s Murphy’s law. What can go wrong will go wrong. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Either way math did what he did. got it. punish him within your circle. but for y’all to drop him publicly just for throwing punch is crazy. All I’m saying is math Hoffa is math Hoffa. He done shit like this before y’all should be mad at yourselves for not being prepared. Don’t get mad at a tiger acting like a tiger. You can’t bring a beast on stage and get mad when it lashes out. Bitch move or not on Math part that stage is your responsibility SMACK….

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    SMACK A REAL NIGGA >>>> Follow me on instagram @picsforyobitch

  • RespectDaCulture


  • F1rstCoast

    Preciate u SMACK, you have taken the culture a long way and in several directions. Anyone who is passionate about something such as art can relate to that. Many blessings to come…

  • Dr. Drain

    Daylyt U MARK’D OUT!!!


    Grown man shit

  • Ray B

    Exactly these niggas lookin like COONS fuckin up the culture. These battle rap niggas let their lyrics paint a fraudulent image of themselves as some type of real “THUG” and turn on their WEBCAM on their computer when they come from work and turn into Niño Brown

  • InTheClouds856

    “Im not gonna participate in a circus cause im not a clown. Im a grown fuckin man with principles and morals” LOL DONDEMARCO!!!!!!!!!! DONDONDONDONDEMARCO!!!!!!!

  • Macmar415

    All I know is you just banned daylyt & math but not hitman? I guess million view battles goes along way now a days. That’s bullshit! Goodbye URL

  • ozzy

    never bite the hand that feed you..Respect to my negga SMACK these neggaz are some disloyal ass neggaz

    • Edwin Stagg

      if thats the case then smack aint loyal to lux yall niggas forget this url shit started off niggas rapping for free

  • texas

    Man can you get better talking on camera? Know what I’m say’n, know what I’m say’n know what I mean, you know and over and over.

  • texas

    Smack keep the movement going though. You have to find a way to transform so the light stays shinning and doesn’t die out. Battle rap is in the scope right now. It won’t be long before the sun moves past. Make it happen.

  • Rexchap

    See, if you woulda left the 2 worst niggas on that card OFF, ya wouldn’t be in this siuation! BUT NOPE…you booked sorry ass MATH against sorry ass JONES…and this is what you were left with!

    • sofunny

      Funny cos thats kinda true and Daylyt shoulda never came to URL

  • Willz

    To hear such discomfort in smack’s voice because of the way these dudes been acting is fucking painful man. I grew up watching Smack dvds, and for his business to expand the way it has is amazing. The Math situation should’ve never happened, i agree, so Math being banned from the URL platform is completely understandable. I’m sure it’s not forever, but letting go for NOW, was definitely the right thing to do. I know its too much to handle, but if Smack had Math under one of those contracts where he can be sued/fined for physically assaulting someone on stage would’ve been perfect. It penalizes the artist for wrongdoing, and makes he/she think future wise not to do that shyt again. I also read a comment saying smack doesn’t speak properly for shyt, cool, but listen to what he’s saying (or trying to say for those that don’t understand.) He’s saying he not with all that non-sense, because he’s been doing what he does for so long makes a professional. By him coming on and making this blog about recent issues shows how much he’s grown throughout the years. When someone is being this REAL, it doesn’t push away business it brings it. It shows he has a clear head, and no tolerance for violence. Keep doing your thing Smack. Brooklyn!

    • AwhatzUp


  • clash

    Don Demarco!!

  • Money

    “advertise change but they don’t really care//
    that eye on that pyramid never shed a tear”

    want more bars like this google Money – King Micah 87….thank me later!

  • Mone

    Smack in his feelings. lol! But he saying the shit that needs to be said. Kudos nigga! It’s your league running it how u want. Mofo’s don’t like it let em go to KOTD or start they own shit, period.

  • barondebxl

    Daylyt ” On God in heaven these niggaz gotta pay me….im going in niggaz pockets…imma clap this shit up…” Fuck outta here Daylyt, grand theft auto ass nigga.

  • nigga2000

    lmfaoo daylyt i would’ve held u down with 500 myself if it was that serious lmaooooooo

    • YupYup



    Damnn Daylyt Got Marked Out


    Great video!!! Real talk

  • Shawn Deestro Hughes

    hitman the only nigga up ther wit lux wen it comes to views

  • WTF?

    much respect to this dude! Smack thanks for keeping the cultural alive and pushing the bullshit to the side. The fans see and respect what you’re doing. I also think its time you bring some new cats into the url and clean house of all these corny ass so called top tier niggas with bitch like ways…

  • Killa Mike

    What’s crazy is that i feel smack took it light. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. The difference btwn Smack and the battlers is that Smack doesn’t speak their personal business to the mainstream. When these battlers get into their feelings and get emotional they start to lash out in public for everyone to hear. What does that solve. I’m sure there’s a lot of dirt that Smack doesn’t let the fans no in reference to what battlers get paid, who they’re ducking, and so on and so forth. Keep it business and keep it professional. Some of these battlers need to seriously grow up.

  • chillz

    smack you a bitch for this one man what the fuck give dudes a warning or something it’s the first time this is happening on url fuck is u mad about i overstand it’s a business but bloodz thicker than water these are your brothers fuck the money you can ban them for a year or so not fucking life bro thats fucked up if that’s how you do then fuck you and url man!!!!!! chillz from u.k out

    • YupYup

      Chillz, not calling you dumb but what you just said was dumb. URL is a business, battle rappers know that this is a business… you got sponsors and club managers watching these dudes at stupid, then you wont have any where to host battles. Blood is thicker than water, that is true but if my brother and I get into a venture together and he start messing up my money and business plans, I’m doing everything in my power to kick him out. He can still be my brother but I don’t have to work with him. Smack doing the same thing, he has love for Math, but Math is a liability.

      • chillz

        not calling you dumb is always a nice fucking way of starting a conversion!!!! all i’m saying is he can put him out for a year not for life that’s a bit harsh don’t you think??


    these niggas are getting good bread to rap. The fact that they wanna be all up in the bosses pockets proves them to be disloyal. Fact remains that smack has opened up a lot of opportunities for these cats. I really don’t see any reason for all the emotional shit these gangstas is doing. Charlie clips had one good battle And been on a decline since and been getting payed gwop for it. Math Hoffa punched a nigga who he speaks on as someone who he believes in not about that life. Though anyone about that life he seems to have away maintain a stable mind. Math was mad cause serious was styling on him. Hitman should of threaten smack to not put that battle out it would of made more sense. That schit was WACK after the first round.

    People are acting like they deserve what they are not even working hard for. They not even taken the culture serious but yet the expect some type of respect. Last time i checked people got raises for going above and beyond and get fired for putting time and effort. I think most of the haten on smack is because people are lazy. Smack brought them to certain point and they expect him to keep holding their hands. Now they are turning on him. Who would they be without SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA

  • NY fitted

    @ 13:08 Smack damn near crying. That’s what happen when you do shady dealing and disrespect the artists. Smack needs to step up his vocab.

    • Troll_E_G

      Y does he need to step up his vocab

      • NY fitted

        Are you not hearing him speak? What adult speaks like this? I’m from the hood too. He needs to let Beasley do all the talking.

  • ItsChitohoe

    You know what I mean
    You know what I’m sayin’ haha
    Get em smarrrrrraasaccckkkkkk na’ mean

  • Gusto Choker

    Smack Your the CEO…so do CEO things brother!

  • Gusto Choker

    Smack its always a nigga around ready to “SALE YOUR ASS INTO SLAVERY”! Keep it moving Brother!

  • Say what?!…what

    we need a @bigcheesemix on this asap

  • War Renn

    Smack needs to go shill with Bill Collector– the only rapper to make him smile on stage.

  • War Renn

    Organick probably planned all this.

  • A.j. Johnson

    500$ damn that’s it I whipped my ass with 500$ last night that ain’t shit, damn Smack u pimped the $hit out of these niggaz….they can’t say shit about nothing

  • peverted_felon

    smack basically telling day “u aint no gangsta, u just anotha lost nigga”

  • brennan

    im cool with the math bann, im jut salty daylty got bann. i wanted to say on the url more then any were else. math he made his mark in battle rap, his legacy will be know for stealin niggas in the battle. not great battles or bars, slightly above average bull bars. he want be missed at least not by on the other hand i wish smack would re consider. if its proving not to take day serious then why take him so serious ? well it’s a shame i want get to see day on the url. id like to petition for day if possible. me the people = we the people !!

  • Waka

    Ballgame! To the smack mobile.

  • Robert Thomas

    Shoutouts to Smack for getting Daylyte’s whack ass the fuck outtahere. He’s a disgrace to the culture, and a pretender all of that fake poppin off he did for the vlad camera was shameful. The culture is better without him, and Math at this point.

    • Macmar415

      I don’t always agree with Daylyt but truth of the matter is he’s what battle rap needs! He’s puts on a show regardless of how u feel about it. The rest just rap gun bars. I don’t know about you all but I prefer something new every time I watch a battle oppose to the same ole gun bars.Someone needs to spice things up and Daylyt was that dude to do it!

      • Jimmy Dawson

        Theres spicing up things and theres fucking up bread/culture. Day does more of the fucking up. Battle rap itself is already a controversial brand. Daylyt getting naked and all his antics doesn’t help the culture one bit my nigga, it destroys it unless ur some homo who likes seeing men naked on stage. SMH still don’t think he’s gotten enough backlash from that.

  • FAMP

    I agree, don’t let the foolishness ruin the culture.. There’s a lot of up and coming talent that I am more than ready to hear!!!

  • TribeGFM

    thanx for clearing the air smack.

  • burberry

    i feel u smack!!! keep dat negative shit the fuck outta here

  • WORD

    PAY MY NIGGA SWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • niyon

    As far as Math goes smack is absolutely correct this is the second time he has swung on another battle rapper the first was dose for his brim accidentally touching his nose grant it when Math said “get out my face son” Dose acted tough but what was his reaction supposed to be???? Then Math explains the incident with a lie….Now with serious he says jones disrespected him repeatedly? Isnt that the point of battle rap from the footage we all seen Math screamed in his face Jones reacted sarcastically like he was supposed to be scared and Math did some BUllshit and swung on him which cant happen when as smack stated to much is at stake at this point its not the same as when he swung at far as Holla Smack is correct their too..In anything you do there as role players then star players, the star players get away with alot more than the role players do which is why Math was band and Holla was not..Holla tweeted all that nonsense which means it was more for publicity than action..what real G is going to tweet beef?????? Smack makes good money off Holla and Math is VERY replaceable.Daylyt does what he does for promotion as far as that goes he is trying to be the Mayweather of the URL in that aspect so Smack understands that Daylyt is not going to do ish.In my opinion Day should be suspended and thats that…SMACK GREAT ISH

  • Timothy Bias

    I with you SMACK these battlers are very disrespectful. What would they have been doing if you did not provide a platform for them. They would probably be working 9 to 5 or going to school or slanging and getting in trouble and now they trying to mess up the positive with the negative. I’m with you ” don’t respond to they blogs or participate in their circus because you are not a clown” SSSSMMMMAAACCCKKK!!!!!

  • Bresser

    yes smack i know what your saying….

  • Ryan Scott

    A smack you uh real nigga bro. I agree witchu niggaz gotta control they emotions period. All three of them was on some emotional tantrum type shyt. In the moment Anger is just like uh drug but men gotta control theyself or kick roxx. I honestly feel Daylyt had a right to be upset about his money and I dont think you shoulda down played five hundred just cuz it was only five hundred. However he handled his frustration the wrong way no doubt especially considering how fast he was paid after he gotta chance to talk to you. I’m uh huge fan uh URL. I watch it all day everyday and this lil bump in the road aint gon stop shit. Three monkeys don’t stop no show……But if Daylyt had uh dolla for everytime you said “YAW-I’M-SAYN”, you wouldn’t even have had to pay him at all. SSSSMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

  • sityoassdownbro


  • tdoughone

    That’s why these guys do not have jobs lol. Smack is a business man unfortunately some of these battle rappers are street retards and don’t know how to act right when the money is involved. Let them stay broke in the streets and whoever is ready to make money, put them on the stage.

    • North

      SMACK is a retard himself.

  • DonDenarko

    I know what Smack is saying.

  • Cozzo36

    Who knows the truth about daylyts tattoo??? Cant believe how long hes taken it!!!!

  • Robert Spears

    A good looking out Smack.

  • Carl Sackey

    so you address the hitman situation but you wont take no action but you take action on daylyt like its not the same thing…whiles they both said some shii so you letting one nigga off?? see what they do for views lol


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