SMACK/ URL The leaders of MC Battle culture drop the first of many exciting match ups from their recent Summer Madness 3 MC Battle event. This particular war of words is between Newark New Jersey’s Arsonal and Harlem New York’s K-Shine. To keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel and follow us @URLTV


  • Marq Nash

    Thank you SMACK!…1st

  • Carl Connecticut Pierre-Louis


  • Montana

    These dude’s not bringing the house down like they use to. I mean this suppose to be they way of getting money but they performance be half ass an a waste of time RIP to battle rap i remember when battle rap use to get me hyped now i cant watch the whole battle..

  • Sem.Initial

    Straight up and down fuck the Smack/URL crowd booing and disrespecting the art of battle rap…It’s getting out of hand. But all in all good battle. But Smack, family I come to honor the art for what it is and that’s it family. Good work.

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*


  • SMH

    Arsonal swear he tough lmao..But how he screaming grape street crib, but always got a blood for protection. Then let K-Shine punk his ass and he like 5’3. But as far as the battle it was str8, they need some shorter time limits. I hear the same bar over and over it seem like for 20 minutes a per person.

    • SMH



    K shine is a sensitive bitch

  • bars

    thanks smack

  • StroBourn12

    Ars 2-1

  • x

    Ars 2-1 first and second bt its dabateable

  • brandonbowie77

    good lookn smack

  • Confused

    Honest question: If all these dudes killing, selling coke, and issuing fades in the hood, where do the find the time to prepare battle raps? Listening to these dudes rap I swear they the toughest dudes in America, but I recall to many punk sessions on Arsonal behalf.

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    Boring Ass Battle… Drop That Ill Will Vs Tay Rock Next…

  • Wack

    SM3 0-3

  • Dmoney

    They both fake, they both lost

  • Subpar

    1 rd–> debatable, 2 rd–> Arsonal, 3 rd–> K-Shine

    • Macmar415

      Ars clearly got the first! 2-1 ars.

      • Subpar

        I meant to say rd 2 was debatable wherever he pulled out the midget. It’s actually a pretty debatable battle in terms of what they brought, it wasn’t a great battle IMO either way. But of them so/so

  • I run NY 2

    Kinda weak tho, niggas need to fall bak off that gang shit a lil bit. The rest of us is laughin at yall. once u over 20 it jus sound funny. Playground gangs tho? U holdin down the playground g? Sjerz cmd philly nigga niggas die around here off 1 color nigga, green nigga, money nigga. We all kno yall colors so stick to the script niggas and thats bars

    • DollarBills

      I run NY 2… I been trying to tell niggas on here that constantly. Tired of hearing these weak azz city such as Newark, Long Branch and Vineland!! R u serious?? It took a Detroit nigga (Calicoe) to say CMD to those North nj dudes. CMD hands down need to come thru this URL and let niggas know what’s really street. Oh yea I fuks wit Philly cuz it’s the closest to CMD. I hope Reed come out swinging.

      • Eskino

        You’ll get killed the first night in Newark talking that crazy shit lmao

  • Dmoney

    Ars a crip Rollin wit bloods, and shine roll with niggas that get knocked out and pistol whipped they both lost they both fake. No credibility

  • Florida Boy

    Ars got the W his 1st round was cold, but Ray Swag calm the fuck down with that hype man shit u be taking away from yo man performance

  • 5 deuce hoover (201)JERZ

    I’m from jerz but in not bout to sit and lie. This battle was ass. Real talk. A bad matchup period. Faulty and leave could’ve performed

  • LosDaTuneAddict

    Well, at least we had FULL 3 rounds from both contenders this time.

    I’d have to edge it to Ars 2-1. But they certainly made that 1st Round a tough one to judge.

    Now, when the F*%K are we gonna be blessed with Ill Will vs Tay Rock & Big-T vs O-Red.

  • whatup

    The midget slapped kshine hard on the

    • Kronyx

      nikka this what u noticed most in the battle.

      • whatup

        Actually yes. The battle was just ok. It ain’t touching tone Montana vs lotta zay battle.

  • South East D.C

    Arsonal won to me but Shyne did ok..I say Arsonal 2-1..I think Shine was doing the most because he was at home. He don’t never be doing that much faking. I think that was a clown move with all that ”don’t touch my hat” shit!!! Niggaz be doing the most when they have home field advantage..Arsonal has a point with referencing being better than those so called legends. Who traveled outside the country more than him? Nobody clearly beat him! I aint saying that he aint have no L’s!!I think people hate the fact that he is very aggressive and very disrespectful, so they don’t want to give him his props, but he truly is the Number 1 legend of this generation if you mentioning consistency, work ethics, and great material..Thoughts???

    • bus driver crip #5

      Now go watch the battle stan and watch ya boy get booed off some weak ass bars, stop leavin comments b4 u watch the video, ars trash now

      • kev

        but he beat shine first two round convincingly

      • jay

        What u talking about.. I watched the whole thing.. I aint no stan..I don’t give a fuck about none of them niggaz forreal..Im a fan of the sport u DUMB ASS NIGGA!!!

    • Major

      First, I give that battle to Ars. Ars has a strong arguement for legend status. Ars doesnt have any stand out change the game battles. He is missing something. Does he give u that Ill Will feel? Has he spit a bar that had u on that extra crazy face?

      • Kronyx

        Nah Arse not a legend yet but he’s on his way, he definately is cementing his way as a great performer. I expect bars when i hear him and i’m never disappointed but being active for few years don’t make u a legend. He is the most active over such a short time spand but he needs more years under his belt the youngest legend today is probably Mook and some might make a case for Trex which i don’t Arse is without a doubt next legend status. He lost this battle though 2-1

    • DRE

      Agreed…but you from DC so I expect that lol!! Ars ate that niggas food.

    • Dennis Stith

      that wasnt neither of there best but i gave it to shine 2-1 and arsonal is overrated better on beat then battlerap he beat aye verb and conceited but he lost to math he lost to rex lost to shine if he ever battled mook he’d lose and that lil callout to lux he did during this battle he dont want that problem he not even the best outta him suge surf and red


    Shit was trash

  • God Aweful

    When is the next PG battle dropping? They actually be spitting.

  • myian barnes

    Ars won the first two easy, but Smack bodied him in the 3rd when he lied about the money he got paid….

  • #Midwest transformation

    Ars 2-1…1st round very debatable, 2nd round Ars hands down, and 3 round debatable but i gave Shine that one.

  • Absentminded

    You guys kill me… 3 complete rounds, the battle is released in a timely manner (some what) and the production is well done… but you guys are complaining about whose fake and whose real?? LOL If you have a problem with the lyrics and those who are delivering the lyrics I think QP said it best, BITCH STOP WATCHIN SMACK!!! 2-1 Arsonal tho

  • Some Madness

    I don’t like how Ars and his camp treated that midget b.


    I wanna see mook vs lux… or even mook vs da don

  • mookie

    rep harlem but gotta give it to ARS 2-1 whats good with that Jaz Hustle Battle tho smack?

  • protege

    i agree wit mookie smack hustle and Jaz next please?

  • tempedt

    Kshine was off tonight Ars took the dubb but yes hustle and Jaz is highly anticipated

  • Thy

    This is something Math Hoffa could never do. Big crowds terrify him.. K shine 2- 1 and Ars get some of those grape street crips you talk about to be on stage with you next URL battle cause you be looking like fraud.

  • darius brooks

    kshine 2 to 1

  • Lavonte Alcybreed Jackson

    Arsonal 2-1

  • toast

    K shine facts…..

  • Joseph Money

    match up made no sense who is picking the battles?

  • struckdemdimes

    losing its spark….

  • j money

    i hope that mook and surf battle happen in the october event

  • Hubert DeRavin

    There it go again SMACK you need to control the artist. If K Shine had went off you woulda said he was wrong. But you standing right there and ain’t doing shit

    • DRE

      Does k shine look like a threat to you?? Besides, niggas know how ars get down by now lol.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Arsonal rhyme all over the place sometimes his schemes be on point but then he losing me. His 2nd round started off good with the old school vs new school but then he fucked up and didn’t close it out well. Then in the 3rd he stole that shit from Conceited vs Surf. 2-1 K Shine Arsonal needs tailor his rhymes and stay on point

  • gwvaio

    Damn Ars gave it to him. No sqidward’s clarinet. Dumbass crowd hating in the 3rd.

  • Razor

    Ars 2-1 with the third being debatable… K-Shine can’t fuck with Ars bottom line…

  • Kingjaffe01

    I am not an Arsonal fan and despise him sometimes when he raps but he was actually good in every round. I just knew Kshine was going to kill him but Arsonal was well prepared for this one. I can’t believe I am typing this but 3-0 Arsonal. K-shine what the hell are you doing!

    • Kronyx

      u meant to post this one on the diz vs arse battle u aint see this one yet

  • DRE

    I got Ars 2-1 easy, but that 3rd was debatable!! Shine ain’t really got bars he come wit too many personals and I hate props so….Bad match up smack, shine should not battling top tier niggas he more on the mid level. He lucked u wit that scheme/prop against DNA in the 3rd and now everybody on his dick?? FOH

  • niyon

    EVERYONE SAY ARS WON IS A DAMN FOOL!!!!! Stop hating on shine you dont like dot mob kool but at least judge a battle honestly these dudes dont pay yall bills stop hating some of yall are probably the same ones who said DNA beat shine too and felt dumb as hell when even DNA made fun of him losing hahaha Shine 3-0 EASILY

  • Macmar415

    Good battle. Glad to see Ars and URL were able to patch things up. 2-1 Ars. 1 & 2 round Ars 3rd shine.

  • Jei Sweet

    How can we have these 2 go at it hard during the 3 rounds, touching & tapping each other (pause), getting in each others faces, talking, booing and all that shit, and at the end of the battle, they shake hands and hug, but then go from that… to fucking Math snuffing Serious for making a fucking sound? niggas…

  • Queen of the Bling

    K-shine 2-1!!!!!

  • Blackhead1Tone

    Bad match up to me. Smack shoulda held these niggas battle like that hitman vs conceited shit. I don’t see niggas coming with it how they should, and exposure is tarnishing credibility if niggas ain’t workin

  • Incredible916

    I still think URL Should release the MATH Vs Serious Battle regardless of the punch they released the Math Dose BAttle so to try and say we don’t condone it the original dose punch is what made millions of niggas go damn you never know what is going to happen this is suspenseful to not release the footage is dumb business wise shocking footage is what gets views regardless if you agree with Maths punch or not.

  • Incredible916

    K-Shine was acting like a little hoe

  • Incredible916

    Hella mic issues during K-Shines verse. Smack yaw should get Them Lav Mics

  • Cozzo36

    Smack had best card girls that night ever!!!

  • Dennis Stith

    k-shine beat ars 2-1

  • Marq Nash

    damn this was a good one… i thought KShine was gonna catch a body but I ended up giving this one to Ars…just b/c his mic was clear all three rounds, and performance… BUt I don’t like how he kept getting physical with K-Shine…things like that lead to what happened later on with Serius and Math

  • Art

    I’m a big k-shine fan, but ars 2-1 ars. And k-shine won that round by default. That’s 2 battles straight k-shine was not at the top of his game. I feel like k-shine vs sno would be a good battle. No top 10 battles would take a battler that lost 2 battles straight.

  • ADC

    Arsonal got his own flow but he steals to many lines and flips them just for filler. He had bars though. I got k shine 2-1 his bars were hitting and less filler.

  • trutru

    Thanks SMAAAAACK. Does HOFFA knows what happened to the real HOFFA…..

  • Kenji

    k shine was wack as hell ..
    and vicci or whatever dressed like a fruitcake

    Arsonal was nice though 3-0

  • Mental_Liberator

    Rd 1, Draw – both had hard 1st round, Ars came off, but K Shine held his own too. first time calling a round a Draw, but first time for efverything

    Rd 2, Ars – Ars’s voice cadence just gets tiresome, sounds like he just reading his rhymes or something smh. he got bars, just need better delivery or something, but K-Shine’s 2nd round was light after that midget prop

    Rd 3 K-Shine, gotta say K edged that one, love the Ars-fraud gang bars

    1-1-1, a DRAW

    i see why some saying Ars won, other half K


  • charles grey

    Great battle. Niggaz went the fuck in. Shout out to ars and shine. Dis was a classic battle. Kshine 2 nd and 3 rd was crazy. Ars said some shit.proving he a legend. Ars never let u dwn. Nigga always on his a game.

  • tycarterbk

    whose the whack nigga behind shind with the florida sweater and shorts on lol

  • tycarterbk

    cot damn ars 3-0

  • Timothy Bias

    I give this battle to Ars 2-1 only because I could not hear all of K-Shine’s first round due to the mic being messed up. But I will try my best to keep listen to K-Shine’s first round which could change me vote on this battle. They should have stop K-Shine and fixed his mic.

  • KingReese

    Arsonal Da Rebel 2-1. I hoped K Shine came harder after that destruction he took at NOME. Ars was just better. It’s a shame how ass’d out NY crowds are. I watch every league and outside of excessive “Don Damarco” chants the crowd is awful. They try to give a home field advantage that doesn’t help one bit, it iust makes a whole city look classless. Just ask fagboy Dre.

  • Wisdom777

    Smack PLEASE control the crowd. They makin the culture look bad. Niggaz care about booing more than they care about the bars now….NOISE/CROWD cancelling Mics

  • Wisdom777

    This is why shows have studio audiences. Cuz niggaz don’t know how to act….

  • It was aight

    Expected more, but it was a decent battle. Smack need to go back to the smaller venues with a couple battle rappers and fans to get some authenticity back. It’s hard to tell who won a battle over the boos, props, and whole entourage acting like coons on stage. The production and quality was on point. As far as the battle goes, Arsonal seemed to have hit a plateau, all his battles beginning to sound the exact same, you can tell he in it for the money. He never was that good IMO anyway, he more of a shock/disrespectful rapper. But he has gotten less believable which impacts the effect his bars have. You can’t play hard and run behind your crew and bodyguards. K-Shine has some bars that were hard, but he fizzled out a few times which impacted the punch of the bars. He too much aggression which overshadowed his bars. Overall debatable battle 2-1 either way or a draw. Hopefully the rest of the SM3 battles are better.


    Arsonal Never Wins The Battle To Me, He Has a Solid Performance Every Battle But Never Wins, K 2-1 Zip Heeeem Upppp


    Lol And I Already Told My Men On The Last Battle Wit K That He Look Like Chalmers Lls.. DC All DAYY Uptowwwnnnnn

  • Var

    2-1 k -shine. Ars is corny

  • manor

    Had some good moments…..I just hate the new your crowd they fuck the battles up

  • King

    Lux will BODY Arsonal!!!! Oh yea, K shine 2-1

  • whereisthebars

    stop putting this nigga arsonal on url hes terrible with his cock sucking mans

  • LoverBoy WonDer

    ars got booed because of the blood gang shit, not becuz of his bars. Kshine had some hot shit, but i give this to ars. He actually was saying some shit this time. I didnt like how he was all in k shine face though, thats how fights break out. K shine acts unruly too when he is on the side lines and dot mob is battling. you can see it when aye verb battled t rex, k shine is yelling and acting like an ass. There needs to be some kind of barrier between the mc’s. Sadly niggas will be niggas.

  • Electrikfunk

    Once again the damn crowd fukn up a battle

  • HomeLess_ Bob

    3-0 Ars

  • Ty Jones

    Top tear dudes don’t want it no more , nothin wrong with trying to further your career with other music ventures , but the least you can do when the time comes to preform on the big stage is to bring 3 rounds of your best material . Shine 2-1

  • Greggylasek

    kills me that my black brothers always talk about blood this and crip the man got us all twisted were out here killing each other and talking down on each other because of a color t-shirt we wear…what other race suffers from nonsense like that?

  • thrillzdadon1111

    smh arsonal annihilated em nd punked em…

  • nigga2-00

    this battle was great, very professional and entertaining!

  • Mone

    2-1 either way. The first could go either way… Arse the 2nd, K-Shine the 3rd.

  • Ness Rosenbrad

    Great battle great energy

  • stackbe

    jerz all day on this one…3-0

  • Matt L Parks

    I had to watch it again, because I got distracted by that ring card girl. That girl was crazy.

    2-1 k-Shine

  • Cheef Keef Sweat

    damn Ars beat him!

  • Kronyx

    2-1 KShine easy first and the third and i stretched to give arse the 2nd because arse not whack, just wasn’t good enough this time. He started explaining y in his 3rd, so any1 saying arse is just hatin. Kshine won this one hands down easy. that first round was crazy with the arse and no bars. Arse aint see that coming neither did i. that 3rd round arse gave up he just spit as much as he could but wasn’t saying nothing. He deserve the boos he got. he probably gonna say the crowd got to him but they only got to him because he knows he was stretching and he went back to comedy.

  • Cheef Keef Sweat

    Arsonal won the first 2 rds

  • whatup

    Where is the Tay roc battle smack. I am a spoiled internet thug that wants everything for free and still complain when I get it. Come on smack why are you making me watch this for free. You should pay me.

  • Daniel Rivera

    K shine 3-0 arsonal fell off he lost to aye verb to… I wanna
    See hollow the don an ars go again.. Or cortez an ars

  • Greggylasek

    Ring card girls pussy is probably outta this world lol you know its fat if ypu can seeit ffrom afar lol

  • WTF?

    Ars 2-0

  • hit

    ass chips got round one…2nd debatable(maybe shine for showing that midget) and shine killed 3rd…over all ok battle but i call it draw.!!

  • hit

    ass chips got round one…2nd debatable(maybe shine for showing that midget) and shine killed 3rd…over all ok battle but i call it draw.!! maybe shine for showing that midget) and shine killed 3rd…over all ok battle but i call it draw.

  • dboy31

    Ars got this 2-1 good battle shine looked intimated

  • sloth_shit

    chinx drugz

  • sloth_shit

    lmao k shine 2-1!

  • #PaPi❄

    I’m from jersey but not bias. K-shine 2-1

  • Guess_who

    ARS 2-1

  • Zone 3

    Arsenal tool this one 2-1

  • julz2rock

    I love the hug at the end of the battle that’s real niggas shit.

  • sampirlo

    GoD DEAaaaaam ASONAL is fucking lyrical Him vs Lux or Mook had to happen!! 2:1 Ars

  • VEL

    If any nigga banging his coast or state on a comment and arguing wit a nother nigga over who side is realer… you a pussy hands down keyboard thuggin ass niggas on this shit too much yall lucky mama still payin dat cable bill. old stealin wifi in the face ass niggas smh good battle thanks smack

  • JAWZ

    ARS took this battle. [email protected] [email protected]

  • Pab

    I’m not even a arsonal fan … But he got that he made me a believer in the first round … Shine had home advantige with the crowd …


    how da fuck did k shine win?? he recycled bars,rounds was short, n he got bullied n more jokes den bars…ars 3-0

  • niyon

    Ive watcher this battle 4x hoping i would start to understand how ppl are commenting that Arsonal won???!!!?? And the conclusion is HATERS!!!
    SHINE 3-0 EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CaliboyDC

    k shine 2-1….ars has been slipping…u need the ars that faced t rex and calicoe everytime out….

  • Chris

    I need help in getting customers for a alarm system for their house holds. The prices are very low and affordable. 1 (800) 951-5190. That’s the number for America Protective home system and my rep number is L590203. I’m a Marine and I need the help to support my family and my mother that lost her job due to back surgery. Thank you and god bless you

  • cozzo36

    K shine left the dread hanging at the end, dapsed ars and his boy but ignored the other. Lol

  • jax

    Kshine 2-1 kshine gets a lot of props of u don’t say he won then u gotta give props for making it debatable

  • RalRal

    Ars washed up. Shit sound like nursery rhymes.2-1 Shine.

  • Tuff Tone

    Shine 2 – 1

  • Splitzwizard


  • texas approved triple E

    bonnie played no game death bonnie’s a murder nough said.texas approved!!!!!! she’s the right u played urself Jaz u the truth texas approved.with that said bonnie i said from day one u the princess and u step it up Queen and jaz u the truth,team FDA texas approved.


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