The leaders of MC Battle Culture SMACK/ URL release the final battle from their recent NOME 3 card. This matchup is between St Louis’s Hitman Holla and Brooklyn, New York’s Conceited. These MC’s are two of the biggest names in the culture and both of them put on a great performance. To keep up with the latest MC Battles and current events within MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel and follow us @URLTV


  • God Aweful

    This is the battle people have been crying to see and two rappers that cried about not being on Summer Madness 3…. Let’s see if this was any good.

    • God Aweful

      *rappers that people cried about not

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    I still fucks with both these dudes but Im disappointed how they performed right here. Hitman looks silly now blowing up smack on twitter about releasing this battle. Just a very supbar performance by both after the first round. Hopefully these 5 classic sm3 battles will make these NOME3 dudes come harder in the future.

  • wtf

    this got boring, FAST. i wana see a battle nt two joking around while they got booed outta the building. these cats aint hungry so fuck em

  • God Aweful

    Man this is too many struggle bars. I’m cutting this off in the 2nd. Where is the UFF when you need it?

  • sampirlo ak

    DEAaaaaaaaaaaaaM HItman Holla first Roung! Building was shaken forreal

  • God Aweful

    I’ma re-watch Serius shit instead.

    • ms marjane

      im sayin.

  • ms marjane

    these raps don’t do it. hitman first round had heat. con put me to sleeeeepz. battle rated eh++.

  • MrBoss

    Hitman 1-0 … this is what started the “bars over names” shit … smack dont wanna pay yall to get booed either

  • Spike

    I’m confused, hitman wanted this battle so badly to drop. WHY.? I was bored to death by both. I was thinking maybe he wanted someone to see his outfit. This is one battle SMACK will toss on the top shelf of least favorites. SMACK, I understand now why you and the staff will hold on to battles. Now holla u wanted this battle soo bad to drop. You should read every commit and try and get better. I did not watch any 3rd round and won’t. That whole battle was wack. SMACK, I guess they all can’t be home run hits. Sorry for the long comment. I hope this is better than what I waisted my time viewing.

    • God Aweful

      This shit should have went in the vault and another PG should have dropped instead.

    • Eric Coleman

      Hitman wanted the battle to drop because of his first round which was crazy and anybody who say it aint hatin that was the craziest round of the whole event now the third was garbadge for both but that was established a long time ago everybody already knew thaAhead of time basbasically people just wanted to see the first round so the battle served its purpose

      • God Aweful

        So you respect that? He was going crazy over 1 round in a 3 round batle? And that shit wasn’t hot. I don’t get you niggas. This nigga is the real Super Hot Fire. I like Hitman when he actually puts together bars but this “I can say any average thing and then act it out like a mime” shit has to stop… y’all need to stop gassing this non-sense. Just like niggas need to stop gassing Conceited’s basic ass bars. These niggas aren’t even trying but y’all are willing to be sheep and follow behind this dumb shit. While there are niggas out here racking their brains to come up with the craziest shit they can think of but y’all hype this shit up?

        • Eric Coleman

          First off i dont give a fuck if its hitman or fucking bill collector. If a nigga had a good round he ima say he had a good round i aint gassing or following shit i agree and like i said before people are paying to see full battles and its fucked up they aint giving the people that but the whole battle wasnt garbadge

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          u should see how niggas on hitman twitter gassin this bullshit. and the nigga aint made not one post about how he know he didn’t bring his A game and that he’ll come correct next time. he totally satisfied with this shit smh.

        • Greggylasek

          My points exactly. B magic, lux, lupe fiasco, eminem. Rack they’re brain amd obsess over perfection amd pantomiming works for hitman smh

  • Scrap Sinatra

    proving grounds?? Ctfu

  • Edwin Stagg

    i see why smack held on to this shit hit man should have been happy they wasnt trying to release this shit

  • Edwin Stagg

    6:18 smack disappointed

    • p waters

      i seen that 2 he had his head held down damn near the whole time. And metal face behind conceited didn’t make it any better. It was hard watching this battle after the 1st rd.


      • Edwin Stagg

        this should have went in the vault

  • True talk

    Got Con 2-1. But real talk the fans are destroying battle rap. Con had some nice lines 3rd round but you dickhead fans didn’t want him to get them off. The Culture is really on life support and it saddens me.

    • Marq Nash

      How can we make improve the culture?

      • scrooge

        bring in the reeds automatic rays maybe sno couple fresh faces like a charron also couture vs jaz or ms fit would be ok these other cats T dubb O would give fans math ups they have not seen just like they found ill will there is more out here in the other leagues as fans we should scout these leagues to speed up the process share info on who is hot and who’s not….men

    • barondebxl

      URLis on life support. KOTD is doing his thing. Fact.

      • Logic

        As you watch a URL battle on URLTV…right. KOTD is doing their thing, but if you’ve ever attended a URL AND a KOTD event (I have), you’d know you’re on drugs to make the assessment that URL is on life support. A crowd on 300-600 pales in comparison to 2,000+. URL IS the standard. Other leagues are improving, but they’re improving BECAUSE OF the standard. Never forget that king. I implore you to attend both events. You’ll understand what I mean.

        • barondebxl

          Tell me how do you know I never attended a URL event?

      • BUCKSHIT

        a fact is that KOTD is fortunate they can make battles with corny ass battle rappers. and idk why all these KOTD fans are on URL dicks. always mentioning the URL.

    • scrooge

      hitman 2-1 my top 10 mook hitman holla dizaster swave lux yung ill aye verb JC hollow ill will the rest of these cats can lose at any given time just my opinion this battle lost alot of steam after the first rd but hitman 1st rd was the best i ever heard only his arsonal 1st rd was even

      • ShawnFoxx5

        that deff wasnt in order rite?

        • scrooge

          why cuz lux is not #1

      • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

        u think YUNG-ILL can beat AYEVERB LOL FAIL!!!

        • scrooge

          bar for bar not total package

    • Logic

      1-1. Both of their 3rd rounds were wack as fu*k. Contrary to popular opinion, I gave Hitman the 2nd. I gave the first to Con. Con’s first was longer and he landed way more punches. The remix (from Hitman) was cold, I’m just not sure it was enough on camera. It was RETARDED live though. Just didn’t translate that great on camera.

  • VisionZ

    this was one of the worst battles I’ve seen by 2 of the most consistent… ppl understand why smack made the theme bars over names

  • God Aweful

    In other news, Rosenberg Raww and Jimz has a new battle that is better. Yes… that Raww. The one that is ass, has dropped a better battle than these two top tier niggas. Who the fuck is Jimz? I don’t know but he has better bars than this bull shit.

    • TipOfTheIceberg


    • p waters



    1st rounds were hard. Thought this was gonna be punchlines vs performance. Hitman definitely took this one and showed that he has bars. Hitman woke the crowd up because they were dead in all the other battles. 1st round remix had everyone going mad the loudest iv’e heard the crowd on all the battles, that’s why hitmans one of my favourites. Everyone on stage wanted to see that remix there aint many battle rappers who has that stage presents with bars too

    • sjones23

      U trippin con won 2-1 the only thing hitman had was that remix shit lol

  • locks

    smack really need to do something about the crowd anyone that boos should get kicked out

  • wow!

    not a good battle at all. Con boring. Hitmans 1st round was dope tho and he got the second. 2-0 Hitman. They both need to come with some fire there next battle tho. still fucks wiv dese two tho.

  • Ballgame!!

    Shit battle but Hitman woke up a shit crowd. Smack needs to do a blog addressing the people that boo and fuck up the battles cause they ain’t helping. Crowd participation is important especially on the big events. DO A BLOG SMAAAACCCKKK!

  • Now I See It

    Crowd was wack, but I understand what Smack and the team are saying about the Top Tier guys not bringing the hunger. Smack, might want to consider shortening rounds to 2 minutes or something.

  • K9 aka 40BoY


  • K9 aka 40BoY


  • God Aweful

    Don’t blame the crowd. They took it easy on these niggas. These battlers were ass. The bars were ass. Conceited was basic. Hitman was special ed. These niggas shouldn’t get on any URL cards any time soon. Let Conceited go back to the Grindtime. Let Hitman go to Street Status. They need to work themselves back up to being hungry and some what professional again.

  • NasEminemPunBiggie

    Both my absolute FAVORITE battle rappers disappointed me to levels unimaginable….S M F H. I’m with the other guy, ima just watch Serius Bars again instead.

  • gpass6

    this shit trash.

  • gpass6

    like like like like how many times con gonna say like this battle was a waste of time.

  • Ummmm

    Garbage. The whole battle. Smack gotta stop paying these dudes.

  • Darnell Godengineering Gary


  • Darnell Godengineering Gary

    This is culture is going to be only on the west coast if Url dont get all these niggas bringing the streets to the ring fuck who tougher WHO GOT BARS Math should be blackballed from the start cause as I watched he planned to do that to serious jones that bullshit apology he made (oh I blacked out next thing I knew he was on the floor Math said) Math is a emotional nigga who dont belong in battle rap cause I have niggas who rap and nice but they cant take it when niggas talk about kids moms etc so they dont battle rap Math shouldnt battle rap cause he has no heart

  • p waters

    29:16 look at jack thriller face when conceited spit that wack ass punchline.LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid Dynomite

    I cant fuck wit this both of deez niggas have weaknesses and the got put on blast this was a horrible match up I see why con been duckin magic with these childish ass punches an hitman showed that performance can only get u so far u gotta have decent lines to perform…..neither one of the niggas lost the fans and the culture took this L

  • KingBKings

    Started hot then niggas started joking too much towards the end of the battle.
    2-1 Holla. .B©

  • p waters

    33:13 smack looking at hitman like who is this nigga? lol

  • Kid Dynomite

    Jc yk surf ored verb arsonal the old yung ill big t mickey factz calicoe k shine trex tay roc hollow jjdd xfactor lotta zay tone montana danja real deal loaded lux deez ill will deez niggas is building the brand they take this shit serious

  • N4RED260

    shit was corny yo these niggaz are up there trippin. They both decided they wouldnt have a round prepared a piece. The dumbest shit in the world, they have ppl coming a long way from home for some half ass preformance my niggaz get it the fuck together already. Stop that Charlie Clips shit and murder a nigga Real Fatcs

  • iMSoCALi

    It dont even be the rappers doing to much it be they ppls

  • Dje

    Damn, first off I apologize to SMACK for asking for this battle. WTF was i thinking this shit was whack and just down right terrible. No I didnt waste my time watching the rest because they already wasted enough of my time. Second just a peice of advice from a fans point of view based on url staff blogs and battle blogs. 1. Fix the events, ( Security, time between battles n start of battles, food/drinks, and money, lines to get in) 2. Fuck the Cliq shit and go kill shit if u want paid. 3. Payments- battles should be split in 2 payments, Half up front rest payed based on a rating the fans give the battle. 3-4 u get ur full payment, 5 star u get a bonus. Below 3 u just get that one half and go get ur shit together. So 100k or 1 mili view people dont waste their time thinking its a great battle when its whack, we will know based off ratings that shits fire or shit. 4Th. Releasing battles take a note from competition (KOTD) they put dates of release of each battle n dont wait till 11:59pm to drop it on that date. 5th and final is the crowed I know u cant control that shit but if their well fed and shit moves accordingly n timely matter the issue should be lot less…. dont believe me look at KOTD and smaller venue leagues/battles the concentrate more on delivering the performances in timely manner while their. How many boos or u hear the crowed talking over performers? Im just saying

    • killajing

      u got a point but kotd will never have that vibe that url has i do agree url needs to shape up in areas but the core fans will always be here no matter what i just hate to see this setback after so much work was put in to get it on this level.again you do have a point

  • VoiceOfThePeople

    YeaH Shit getting wack… Three 3min. Rounds maybe 4min. depending on the battle and how prepared for it the battlers would be. Smack and them should start screenin niggas before the battle to make sure they comin right and they shits complete. Slightly smaller crowd or more closed in setting might be a better idea too… I understand u want big venues and crowds for the money, but its more then one way to skin a cat. I’d rather pay a couple dollars for Big-T vs Surf, or K-Shine vs Tay Roc type battles then get this bullshit for free. We need quality and Smack at its best is by far thee best. I aint sayin charge all crazy, but just put together a couple quality battles with good audio and charge like a dollar or two a battle fuck it. whatever the case lets get it right SMACK something gotta give.

  • Jay

    I know SMACK mad as hell. And these niggas wonder why he buggin. This some bullshit

  • killajing

    this was a big let down to me i give it to con 3-0 and any fool wit eyes can tell that the only reason he got all off track in the third is bc he didnt want holla to look crazy he could of just spit straight through and bodied him bc of that ridiculous shit he did in his 3rd url gotta do something big to come back from all this bullshit and i agree do something bout silly ass booing fans all day they fuck up the battle for people at home

  • Jay

    Muhfuckas paid $100 a wop, for u niggas to be on stage playin tag u it wit each other. SMH

  • detmosthated

    holla had tha best 1st rd of nome 3 yall trippin holla 2-0 3 rd trash

    • Tank

      Surf 1st rd was better!! Wtf

  • Jay


  • hit

    dis shit…holla went ham but got soft later in da rounds…..conceited had alot of average punchlines and was ridin ay verbs angle’s & even using his barz….all shit..

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    if u look at hitman twitter his fans GASSSSSSSIN this shit tellin him that he got off. lol. Dude was already beggin for this shit to drop, now his fans tellin him he was great. what the hell gon make him do better next time?

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Yooo how did hitman lil small ass brother fuck bill collector up that bad?

  • Thee

    These niggas may as well fuck on stage, friend ass niggas, that’s why I love Kendrick Lamar

  • Thee

    These niggas friends now and playing fans out of money, fuck them they want real money and ain’t performing, suck each others dicks punks, like yall wasting people money. Maybe Mr. Cee will come see yall punks touch each others chest and laugh, don’t bring that bullshit to Detroit

  • SinCityMadman

    The first 2rds were good, crowd was wack all 3 rds. Hitman deserved to get booed for admitting to not even writing a 3rd, and just recycling old stuff. Con let the crowd get to and had a bad 3rd as well, but at least he had a 3rd. Smack need to take a lesson from Dana Whitnand give out “fight of the night bonuses.” Letthe fans vote at the exit for “battle of the night”. And the winner gets a few stacks for a bonus, maybe like 2-5k. Guranteed the battlers would step their game up, and also doc pay when you pay for 3rds, and they don’t deliver.

  • SinCityMadman

    Both these 2 are outta my top 5 based on recent performances. When you go with consistency …the following are MOS DEF falling off and CANNOT be in the CURRENT top tier- Conceited, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Yung Ill, and Diazaster whether its lack of motivation or just falling off, they all use to be in my top tier but have all given bad performance in their last couple battles, you can’t stay top tier forever based on the past! My current top 5 ppl killin it are- JC, B-Magic, Hollow Da Don, Big T, Loaded Lux (even though he choked, it was clear for the last 2rds the dude is still on top)

  • SinCityMadman

    …and people wonder why smack ain’t wanna fork out 40K…LMAO…Loaded Lux was no better than Hitman here…one CRAZY dope rd, one ok round, and one completely trash round

  • Troll_E_G

    This is y Smack should of payed Lux ….no battle has been better than that….yea a few bars here n there but it just can’t compare to that performance …..go replay Lux 3rd against con third n see the picture


    The problem is SMACK has no control over the crowd people are booing and yelling “TIME” in the middle of a niggas bars it’s mad disrespect. It’s just a bad look for the community as a whole and ruins the performance the rappers are trying to give at these events. I say fuck the crowd SMACK could make more money streaming this events live cause most URL supporters dont go to events.

  • OJ

    Smack has the right to be pissed! These battle rappers now letting the fame get to their heads like it can’t be taken away! Guys coming into battles without even making a 3rd round! People pay to support your movement…so you can eat. If guys are goin to carry this shit on then the fans will just sit at home and watch the battles on YouTube. Y’all don’t realise that the less people that turn up on site, the less your money becomes?? I’m talking hitman, Charlie, math hoffa…etc guys that think its okay not to make a third round! It’s just plain disappointing! You battle rappers are becoming like the mainstream artist…wana get paid to do fuck all/make garbage raps! Smack…what you gona do? I could see how pissed you was… :@

  • sjones23

    Con 2-1 the crowd was trippin cons 3 was good but its smack fault he should had set the event up better then he did u can’t have the crowd on their feet for a long time no seats not food or drinks I mean what yall think the crowd was going to act

  • Queen of the ring

    Both 3rd rounds was fuckin whack! Damn that was awkward to watch

  • William Onehundred

    con got a bit light on those bars,and his voice wasn’t hard enough for holla,sound like an elf,lol

  • Macmar415

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Rosenberg Raw Bagged this cat from NY named Jimz. Norbes if you lookin’ this is the Raw we need on URL again!

  • Magicred21

    Wtf was that the 3rd round made me forget all about the hitman killa first round….I can’t believe we got this type of performance from hitman….shotgun suge xfactor hitman conceited tech 9 Cortez yung ill math Hoffa k-shine calicoe possibly will never battle again. t-Rex hollow da don tsu surf big t last of a dying breed opening Doors for tayroc ill will b-magic

  • Matt L Parks

    They fucked up a classic battle. It’s sad. Smack and Beasly are trying to run a business and the battlers aren’t being professional. How you going to go on tour if you can’t perform on stage every 2-months without it being some bullshit?

  • sampirlo

    Yall Niggas achting like they´re both first rounds was not hot yall Fan´s should be
    appreciated Bitch Ass Nigga´s

  • Ty Jones

    Smack there’s ways these events can be fixed , get @ me [email protected]

  • A.j. Johnson

    MAN THAT 1ST ROUND WAS ONE OF THE BEST 1ST I DONE EVER SEEN HITMAN PUT TOGETHER, i had to watch that round like 8x that shit was crazy i aint gonna fake it,HITMAN round 1 & then it was 2nd ROUND tie & the 3rd was a BIG WTF?

  • yo don

    I thought Smack was gonna choke himself he looked bored…

  • ohgod

    SMACK Looked BORED and UNINTERESTED right from the start. LMFAO

  • yo don

    first round was average, compared to the rest of the battle it looks great.

  • 2Gees

    I know the 3rd round is where the big controversy is supposed to be. Aside from him telling people that he didn’t write a third. I think he let his foot off the gas pedal. Honestly, Con is overrated and all his punches are generic. Conceited is like Cassidy good for punch lines but not much substance. He stole lines from Verb and JJDD. Neither one of these guys are the most lyrical to me, but Holla does have an occasional punch line, some stories, and performance to play up to. Con’s verse’s are all the same. Punchline…pause for reaction….punchline…pause for reaction…punchline…mean face….pause for reaction.
    I got Hitman 2-0-1. The moment you start reacting to the crowd and worrying about them in the verse you can’t win. Hitman and conceited both did it the third round.

  • ferb420

    The fuck is wrong with these niggas in the 3rd round? Straight robbed Smack and the fans out of that one.

  • prodigy41

    Come on smack , this battle was wack yo! Im mad I came from queens bridge for this bullshit…….. both brothers came wack! No winner in my eyes

    • Edwin Stagg


  • Math Hoffa

    one example of BARS over names

  • sjones23

    Con 2-1

  • Rexchap

    UM….where was this unbelievable 1st rd from HOLLA again? I’m tired of niggas gassin bullshit! Yall don’t ask for much! This same nigga who just got finished talkin bout Con and the guns, and how unbelievable it is, is talkin the same shit! This nigga ALWAYS talkin bout pointing, so his goons do the work….LOL Holla , you as fake as a 3 dollar bill! Lyrical …THIS NIGGA AIN’T! It’s the same o’l tired remix…..the shit only worked ONCE!!!! Been corny ever since! Go sit in the corner somewhere!

  • Eric Coleman

    For the record i think smack bars over names blog was aimed towards these two smack face the whole third round was priceless! He was pissed and for good reason people spent good money and yall two up there playing and joking now again i say hitman first was crazy but people dont wanna pay for partial battles

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Hitmans 1st rd was on point

  • Dat Nicca

    This battle is damaging to both Hitman and Con’s careers, but the thing I am tripping on is why can Smack drop this whack ass battle but he won’t drop Cortez killing Yung Ill or Cortez killing Tech9? I see Smack is playing favorites, which really sucks for Cortez.

  • Gdep

    Smack wasnt gonna release this till hitman started crying! He should of released their first rounds and told the fans they didnt get the 2nd and 3rd due to technical difficulties!

  • TFOH

    3-0 Con BAR for BAR, it wasn’t even CLOSE!!!!!

    • TFOH

      even with the short rd 3, Con beat him!

  • Marq Nash

    Thank You Beasley!

  • Marq Nash

    reading the comments, and wow i can’t believe it! Gotta watch this one now!

  • Jay

    Foreal smack! You should of kept this locked away,and just released hit mans first round.

    • mygoodness

      Idiot. In his bedroom upstairs writing that.

  • barondebxl

    Yo SCCCHHHHMMMMMAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!” Put the hungry and consistent niggaz only on cards from now on. Here’s an example:

    B Magic vs DNA
    Hollow Da Don vs Lux
    Surf vs Reed Dollaz
    Swave Sevah vs Pat Stay
    Lotta Zay vs TRex
    JJDD vs M Ciddy
    JC vs Real Deal
    I’ll Will vs Aye Verb
    Yung Ill vd Cortez (pt 2, Yung I’ll deserves a return to prove himself)

    You know stuff like that. For the rest of them niggaz not performing tell them to go apply at Walmart or something.

    • Edwin Stagg


      • barondebxl

        LMAO I understand some of you fans are really dick suckers. You mad cause I ain’t mentioned Daylyt? Better check your sexual preference.

  • sjones23

    Con 2-1

  • johnmack

    This battle still a classic hit man won by edge

  • F.33shot Glock

    Hitman buzz crazy 2-1 Hitman

  • gwvaio

    I like Con and Holla but this is exactly what SMACK was talking about. This battle is only good for one round. Then in the 3rd where them niggas is just joking back and forth in your face and you thinking about how much money you spent. I can see SMACK feeling some type of way.

  • supra freak

    these clowns was begging for this battle to drop when drop now they saying the battle is trash smh

  • KingBKings

    Cons whole second was a pause, saying that gay shit.

  • Marq Nash

    ohh i see…what you all are saying now…. Con’s second was stupid weak…Hitman choked in the third round. and it was over and hard to watch the 3rd.

  • #ballgame

    Holla first round was crazy!!! that shit go KABOOM!!!!


      Is that it took? with a weak remix on top of that? That shit was SERIOUSLY OVERRATED!

  • Manuel

    LOL..This shit was just awful. But you gotta give like 90% of the blame to the crowd. How the fuck you gonna rap when the crowd is constantly booing. No amount of punchlines could calm that stupid crowd down!

  • Manuel

    This was probably worse than X-Factor vs Clipse or Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge. Shit is getting worse with every battle released. Where the fuck are some classics like Yung Ill vs Conceited instead of this bullshit.

  • Chris Scott

    Hitman killed con most of con barz was reused or corny if you say con won you delusional

    • Manuel

      You live on Hitman dick. Get your own crib.

  • Manuel

    Hearing with no visual at da gym 2-1 Con, put the battle in a cypher on da block 2-1 Con, on stage 2-1 Holla. Overall 2-1 Con!
    You gotta give 90% of the blame on the crowd. No amount of bars could shut that crowd up.

  • Antonio Jawja Dickens

    read da comments first n thought damn another disappoinment. man dis was a good battle fuc da third 2-0 hitman. yall takin dis bars over names shit a lil too far, checc. itz a rarity to get an incredible 3 rounds from both parties in any battle SERIOUSLY rookie to vet. da goal for every rapper is to NOT GET BODIED. im ready ta c da preparation of da battlers after sm3 battles drops. dis was just a slump dat all companies n n workers(battlers) MUST go thru. so to leave dis comment on da positive side. we all as fans have complained about sutn. but itz da first time we all went at smacc and da battlers dat we didnt like what we got. some im lookin forward to see what dey bring to da table. side note when dey shit do drop n n we get bacc to bacc events heat when dey ask for our support n any way we need ta have dey baccs real shit.

  • Lou Riv

    hitmans 1st round was crazy

  • ShawnFoxx5

    They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORRIBLE….. SLOW IT DOWN I JUST DISSED YOU!!! I said, “They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORROR BOOOO!!! #BarzOverEverything – Instagram: ShawnFoxx5 lol


    this battle was fucking garbage … anyway.. can see serius jones vs hollow da don..lux vs reed dollars..mook vs tsu surf…young ill vs charlie clips..b magic vs X-factor..O RED vs k shine set it up…I dont blame for bars over names but hopefully the names will get together so we can have a classic event ,PEACE.(i want the people to tell me what they think of those match ups)

  • fucknigga

    half of all battle rounds now a day to keep progressing should be niggas talking shit strait up with no rhyming or rapping involved. thatd make it way more exciting.

  • fucknigga

    might as well start having conversations about real shit in their opponents life. yall niggas obsessed with whats real. well what could be realer than that.

  • ShawnFoxx5

    They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORRIBLE….. SLOW IT DOWN I JUST DISSED YOU!!! I said, “They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORROR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! #BarzOverEverything – Instagram: ShawnFoxx5

    • Edwin Stagg

      con is marked out hitman is marked out the top tier niggas is marked out

  • ShawnFoxx5

    They dropped this battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was Horrible, Slow It Down I Just DISSED you! i said, ” They dropped the battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORROR BOOOO!! #BArs lol


    I see what smack talkin about now…


    its not that bad the booing jus make yall thnk its worst than wat it is its a good batle tho …not last round

  • jmoney

    con 2-1 bar his life away game over nigga

  • jmoney

    con won real talk game over nigga

  • jmoney

    con won-game over nigga

  • Macmar415

    another “Top Tier” battle not worth a full view tbh. I stopped middle of third round. WTB Hungry mc’s!

  • DRE

    Worse battle ever. I see why smack waited so long

  • Young One

    Wasted damn near 40 minz of my life to watch these dumb ass niggaz be stupid in the last round..smh

  • barondebxl

    Aight….time to watch this bullshit.

  • SinCityMadman

    Hitman VD Daylyt in KOTD…that would be a crazy battle. And Con VS B-Magic …also in KOTD…

  • SinCityMadman

    Alright ppl…just because you have bee top tier …doesn’t mean you stay top tier after you have a couple bad performances…the “top tier” changes based on CURRENT consistency and talent…NOT past performances…that being said…cats like Charlie Clips, Yung Ill, Math Hoffa, Mook, Dizaster, Trex, etc..CANNOT be consider top tied based in their recent performances…The ppl killen it right now are JC, BMagic, Hollow, Lux, Big T, ORed, etc…they deserve CURRENT top tier status

  • Electrikfunk

    Wow the crowd fucked all this up not the battlers…I dont think Serious’s Jones Shyt would of came off as dope as if he would have said it in front of the crowd…always fucking interrupting the flow n shyt…Serious Jones wouldnt have been able to go in like he did in his vid

  • Jmarshall510

    KOTD Battles Are Getting Better Then The URL

  • Jmarshall510

    Mannnnnn I Dozed Off Who Won?

  • Wreckz

    Holla went in. Con went in 2 .

    Fans b on some bullshit yall dickriders

  • Joan

    The crwoowd is messing up battles

  • jjustice

    Hitman’s 2nd round was not bad as everyone reported. His first 2 rounds were on point. 3rd was awful. Con’s first and second were not that bad as well. These large crowds are fucking up the battles, some of these fans just boo for the hell of it and it’s getting fucking pathetic.

  • ShawnFoxx5

    They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORRIBLE….. SLOW IT DOWN I JUST DISSED YOU!!! I said, “They Released this Battle on Friday the 13th cuz it was HORROR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! #BarzOverEverything – Instagram: ShawnFoxx5

  • Beno

    Niggaz aint even respect smack enough to write all three rounds of material KOTD bout to take over if these niggaz keep fuckin up URL

  • allrespect89

    YO did anyone see the Arsenal vs Diz KOTD trailer? The trailer! That shit is fire! The trailer is better than full battles coming from URL lately, WTF?! That shit will get you hype.

  • Florida Boy

    this was some bullshit

  • Kaboom

    Is that Cortez in the far right with a purse?? 9:55

  • Hubert DeRavin

    How you come on smack and don’t have a third rd for real c’mon man I with hitman till he did that shit. Concieted was weak his delivery was off and his hype man was stupid fucking up the bars.

  • greggstreet

    And Hitman stock plumets

  • jussayin

    Anyone notice how the best lines from Hitman are imaginary shit. Lux would expose this lil boy and really destroy his career.

    • realdeal

      I don’t even think hitman would take that battle

  • bigmacwhat

    im glad smack saved this for last he should have kept it in the vault 40 minutes of my life i can’t get back smh

  • justmeopinion1111

    the fans did f it up. so what if you aint like it… i still stand by if you can’t do better then stfu…. no different from going to a football game and seeing ya team lose. or watching anything else… but when you start booing to the point they can’t finish they lines, then you messin it up even more… silence is worst anyways… battlers should start coming with reserve rhymes to diss the fans….

  • ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶

    Horrible battle… smh

  • KingReese

    Very decent battle until the 3rd round. They tried something different that fell flat.
    Holla 2-1

  • Wyndi Wyll

    I love how they so close, they didnt want to go for personals. This match should have never happened. But hey, if you wanna take Smack money cuz he too simple to bring some new people in then phukk it. The battle was just teehees for both of ’em

  • azia

    where the hell they make those tee shirts

  • Mademoiselle Rhymes

    I feel like it was a tie. As of now. Would have to rewatch it.


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