SMACK/ URL recently held one of their Proving Ground events at the world famous MC Battle landmark Black Star Video in NYC. The card was stacked with tons of talent and one of the exciting match ups on the card was between Brooklyn New York’s Illanoiz and Detroit, Michigan’s Piranha. Follow Us @URLTV and to keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel and log on to


  • Swagg

    “Put that heat gun to your grill” is the new “leave without your hands” lmaooooo son was lost I’m dyin

    • Swagg

      And why is the other nigga doin more nose grabbin than Mook? I’m done

  • dude

    pirana touching his nose way to much.

  • John

    Dude With The Shades Took The Battle

  • DGood

    Ill 3-0. Dude from Detroit was alright. Had some nice bars just not a bunch.

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    i dont wanna see either.

  • Tha Real Teazy

    cat wit the glasses ate good, he decent, the other dude was jus a lil nervous i think, coo battle tho, at least niggas aint gettin paid 15k and 10k to give us this same type preformance! lol, so im all for the up and coming, good battle, fans stop hatin yall act like every fuckin battle gota be the best ur seen #chill #ifuxwitsmack

  • Tha Real Teazy


  • PeterWRoss

    that nigga illanoiz went kinda nuts on taht.. impressed

  • alamo

    another body bag from the pg with the fuck up bring niggas in with at least a buzz just b/c he from ot he on the pg real talk i ff homeboy after the 1st 20 bars

  • Dr. Drain

    Pirana was snortin crack. That nigga grabbed his nose like 264 times each round!

    • Rara

      He annoyed the shit out of me wit that shit smfh

      • RIFLEMAN

        that was gone be my comment….i think he nervous..u know how kniggas be grabbing they hats..after evry verse…

    • Zedric Young

      thought he had a booger he couldnt get

    • Brock

      *Just Died*

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    NORBES get PASS A proving ground! He is most def a quality battler and would body a lot of these overrated rappers! I heard KG had a pg already but if he hasn’t kg vs pass would be an instant classic.

  • K-Review!

    Have any one noticed that these PG battles are starting to become better than these show battles? This was entertaining but……….. BUT……. Ill had alot of basic predictable bars. He has the vocal to be different but Then he choked…smh. Piranha had energy but reminded me of a young hitman. Wait, that was disrespectful to hitman…… “P” sounds like a richmans Johny Alcatraz. lol. “P” is aggressive but sounds the same as alot of battle rappers thats out. Sno is the best out of this draft class.


  • Kent

    Don’t know which was worst seeing and hearing Norbes dumb ass in the beginning or this guy grabbing his fucking nose every bar smh.

  • Spike

    ILLLLi is ready Smack. Man these new cats are ready to eat at the dinner table.

  • Islam_Tesla


  • C2THEJ

    pirana had barz but all that touching his nose bs was distracting and annoying…….good battle though

  • GuestwithacapG

    Shit was aight. Illa noiz was predictable and the other nigga musta been Coles up or sumn.

  • Shells

    I have Illanoiz with the win. It’s not that Pirana doesn’t have bars or flow (cause he does): it’s just that he spit so much so quickly that it felt like his punches never really hit. It felt like a lot of filler. He never let the best bars marinate long enough, and it led to his last two rounds being WAY too short as well. It’s a shame too, cause I watched his rounds a few times and he’s got bars. But it cost him this battle.

    Illanoiz didn’t have the better bars necessarily, but the setups and schemes and his presence gave him the battle. It was kinda like Chilla but with aggression. It sounds odd just to say that, but dude delivered a few nice schemes. Even when they were predictable, the crowd got into it – that matters.

    I enjoy bars as much as anyone does, but bars without the proper delivery is like shaving with a bad razor: it won’t come out good. I have it 2 rounds to none with the 2nd round as a tie since Illanoiz stumbled (and since Pirana didn’t deliver that much material in the 2nd round either).

    Just as a comparison? JC spits a lot of bars, but his flow is impeccable. The bars and setups are clear and you can grasp the punchlines as a result. Not everyone can spit like JC, but not everyone SHOULD either, you know?

  • jamoeice

    homeboy touch his nose more than a dope fiend!!!! he not ready. thats a little kid.

  • Eric

    ILL has alot of that MATH and CORTEZ in his style. Alittle bit more experience. P need to stop grabbing his nose. He will get there if he works at it. Especially comming from the D. ILL did work. 3-0 ILL

  • Mental_Liberator

    easily the weakest PG battle i ever seen. both first rd was aight, but after that, downhill. Pirana be rushing his flow, delivers a bit like JC, but less potency and schemes in his bars. Illanoiz, a lot of recycled bars and nothing new. don’t think either ready for main stage, but thx for the battle.

  • PeterWRoss

    objectively speaking: pirana was nice.. looked nervous- body language might have gotten in the way of what he was saying… advice to pirana… just chill – you are nice… illanoiz though? had me coming for a replay.. retarded..

  • Ty Jones

    Couldn’t get through the 1st wit pirana , too much of that nose candy I guess . But even with Illanoiz stumbling in the 2nd it still wasn’t close .

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    illanoize a day. he ran thru this lil nigga

  • Acebooncoon

    They shouldn’t have put that young boi up against that man. Illanoiz is nigga that been doing this for a while who just hasn’t been on camera.

  • Explosivo

    Was gonna pass on this battle then I thought it gotta be good if dj drama flipping the coin. Found out that’s illanoise dudes nice liked all his rounds the other dude nose touching was to annoying didnt even listen to his third

  • Czzo36

    Ill 2-1 pirana

  • darius

    ill won

  • tycarterbk

    the snapple fact bar was crazy


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