SMACK/ URL recently held one of their Proving Ground events at the world famous MC Battle landmark Black Star Video in NYC. The card was stacked with tons of talent and one of the completive matches of the card was between DMV’s Ty Law and Michigan’s SNO. Come out to PROVING GOUNDS ON SEPT 7TH AT 109 W 27TH Street 12PM & Summer Madness 3 at Stage 48 605 W 48TH Street in NYC on SEPT 8TH. Follow Us @URLTV


  • God Aweful

    Ty Law got it 2-1… but if Sno would have went off like his 2nd in all three rounds, he might have caught a body. A lot of bars got slept on though.

  • ScottyPimpen33

    Why would they disable the comments on the youtube video? People want to read that shit.

    • God Aweful

      Cause niggas want to cry all over the place about SM3 like some sensitive bitches.

  • knix3000

    Best proving grounds battle I’ve seen in a minute

    • Vance Souf

      Since JC vs Chilla

      • FragrantBodyOilz

        Now that was the best battle Ive seen I think period. Mean

        • url judge

          You haven’t watched alot of battles then…

        • FragrantBodyOilz

          Im talking JC vs Chilla. Seen enough of them to know that was one of the best battles.

        • url judge

          I can see if you said jc vs chilla is one of the best battles of that year. I will agree on that, but period? It isnt even top 5 all time

        • myian barnes

          I got JC vs Chilla in my top 5 all time though, can’t front.

        • FragrantBodyOilz

          Please list your top 5 so I can go check them out. Cause of JC Vs Chilla not in their I def missed out on lot of battles. Why there was dope cause they both had mean rounds. EVERY Round. Not talking lopsided 3-0. If someone said Chilla won Im like word I can see that. If someone says JC won Im like word I can see that…. And real dope rounds not this corn ball ish Ive noticed cats be biggin up…

      • Greggylasek

        * since bmagic vs qp. This is in the category with jc and chilla too. Man they both came with it. In all three of those battle including this one, they came with it.

      • myian barnes

        that wasn’t PG

  • lilmami

    sno got this hands down. only shit ty law got is white boy jokes ..fuk outta here lol

    • God Aweful

      You must missed a lot of bars to only hear the white boy jokes. He was spitting flames that whole time.

      This nigga is so fucking frail he ain’t trust the scales heard he had to battle me/
      You still (steal) a bitch in they eyes like Chris when he mad at Ri(hanna)/
      Ya na(hanna) talking about clapping me/
      AR (AB) go off for 40 minutes, we ain’t blogging about Cassidy(
      We creeping Sno if he act wild/
      Or its Dreadheads banging Macks (Maxine) like Overton man Kyle (Living Single scheme)/
      I was hot when Mook and Cass was spitting before they had majors/
      Reed (Dollars) and em (Reading them) lines was hard like Fantasia/
      Man facing Sno wack/
      He under pressure like a stool under Precious so don’t crack/……..

  • Q

    Both these dudes deserve to be on Summer Madness 3 before Daylyt. Smack get you’re shit together!!!

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    sno 3-0 but no body bag… fuck y’all talking about?!

  • Canin

    Ty bodied sno, wack ass bars, get ’em the fuck outta here.
    Ty 3-0, clearly no debating.

  • OBEE






    • myian barnes

      he choked though

  • Kross

    Dope fuckin battle. I got it Ty 2-1 Niggas sittin up here like Sno aint choke.

    • God Aweful

      I knew I wasn’t the only one paying attention.

    • Gods-Demon

      yall niggas b killn me wit this choke shit first of he fuckd up but thats not a choke more of a hiccup yall cant disregard all that hot shit he said because of 3 seconds plus he brought the crowd right back in the same round so just cause EVERYONE else say u choke u automatically lost that round dont make sense if one nigga say some crazy shit and fuck up but the other nigga spit for 10 mins str8 wack and boring he automatically wins sounds retarded to me just sayn

      • Gods-Demon

        oh yeah debatable

        • tony

          ty had a nice rebuttal

      • Gods-Demon


  • nine5for

    sno be talking that grown man bars shit and real rap i like how he started his 3rd rd about his mama that shit was cold i gave it to sno because i just like the things he was talking bout str8 up

  • Swagg

    It’s crazy to say, but this is the first REAL battle smack put out in a while. And now you can’t blame smack for niggas that are so called vets not stepping up. I would pay to see some shit like this at a main event without the big names.

  • Joe Pro

    Sno got him hands down

  • Electrikfunk

    I got Sno 2-1..chokes for me are automatic losses in the round only unless its a complete breakdown… Def not a bodybag this term gets thrown around wayyyyy to much. Law had some doppppeeee lines but Sno’s Hunger got it for me

  • Spike

    oMG, Marshall Law, Outlaw …. Smack u got one on ur hands. … SNO good job!!!!!

  • Greggylasek

    Sno got this one for me. Best battle since jc vs chilla for me lol. I will say sno took that clean shave line from Eminem though. Slim shady lp. Don’t you wanna grow up to be just like me.



  • Greggylasek

    I can already see some Ty law name flips out of this world lol…change your name now son lol

    • Jamale J Jones

      A creative writer should have a name easy to flip, takes more away from in depth writing if their opponent focuses solely on name flips. Plus, the name flip has to be dope enough whereas the listener feels it’s something they couldn’t come up with or haven’t thought of. Name flips can be a huge gamble. SNO did well though, not for the creativity, but the delivery and setup (the presence/entertainment associated with it helped). Still give this 2-1 to Law.

      • Greggylasek

        Its not that hard. The best name flipper is B mutha fuckin magic, and he cooked rosenburg raw, m ciddy, and qp with name flips in an entire round. It can be done. For instance If I could actually rap instead of do poetry I would say something to law like. *This nigga, Master splinter, born a rat, claim your name is ty law, but you aint gon bring the corner-back.* To easy to name flip, and that’s just my bum ass name flipping him, somebody like clips or magic would chew that nigga for that lol..Anyway, Sno is the first person Ive ever seen choke, and still came so hard he won the round. I had 2-1 or 3-0 sno

  • Jamale J Jones

    Seriously, LAW barred SNO’s life away… Dope ass battle, but Law has some creative writing setups. Either way, BOTH of these dudes are way past any of the “VETS” that’s been lingering around for too long! This battle makes that DNA call out video look very pre-schoolish. hahahaha.

    • Jamale J Jones

      This is the type of shit I am hoping to see at SM3… Replay value on this is crazy, big-ups to both. I am about to watch again… a few times. Then watch Diz vs T-Rex just so I can laugh hysterically at what are supposed to be VETS. FOH.

  • FAMP

    TY is the new Bill Collector..LOL

  • Hella

    Rd1 snow

  • FAMP

    I don’t think this is a matter of who won, but who you would rather see again.. “SNOW” !! Aight battle tho..

  • Aleale

    Ty Law reminds me of Bill Collector, if BC was nice. Just needs tha burna, needs the burna.

  • Troll_E_G

    Battle has replay value…..Sno was entertaining, Law had bars…..can’t really call it, they both winners either way…..n need to b booked for more battles.. Sno vs Big k ……Ty Law vs Ill Will

    • Geoffrey B

      They both need more way more battles before they see ill will or big k

  • Antonio Jawja Dickens

    pk look im watchin dis battle RIGHT now, if ABYBODY ty law 3 Od sno STOP IT. b magic is da name flip king no debatin. but sno amped da crowd out of nowhere BACC TO BACC in da first round. real talk i havent went bacc on a verse in a looong time. thank pgs for being hungry. ty law got bars so far BUT he does remind me of bc n dat is NOT a good thing

    • God Aweful

      Bill Collector used to get away with not having a bunch of bars with awkward swag and dancing. The second he got knocked out people came to their senses and started listening to what he was saying. Ty Law got an awkward style but the bars are there.

  • FragrantBodyOilz

    Ty 3-0 or maybe 2-1…… If you got snow already know you are melanin deficient. The corn ball rap just doesnt do it for me

  • Shells

    Even with the stumble, that first round by Sno was bananas. I couldn’t even remember a word that Ty Law had said, and I know he said some shit too!

  • Ju

    Sno won don’t be biased ya

  • queen of the bling

    Ty got that 2-1

  • Dnoize

    yall tripping sno was more leathal ty was hitting hard tho but it really goes to who u like better cz both had great lines aggressiveness mixed with punches word play and BARS very good pg battle

  • Da’Juan G

    If SNO spits like that all the time… Between him, JC and Ill Will, Yak Town is a fucking PROBLEM!

  • VinEdelNegro

    Shit this better than half the shit that dropped from nome 3

  • Flokk

    Lol sno first round was wild

  • Thautz

    Now this joint is pretty dope


    hard as fuck

  • Gods-Demon

    we different you ain’t got no heart me i ain’t got no heart great battle ty law need to deliver his punches better both had bars and originality

  • ReeseG21519

    ty won lyrically but sno won cuz of his performance and how he presented everything


    they both dope…but y sno rap like jc,,he has some of his body gestures 2..stilll tight though,,,,ps “the body”(jesse) ran for governor not mayor


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