SMACK/ URL recently held one of their Proving Ground events at the world famous MC Battle landmark Black Star Video in NYC. The card was stacked with tons of talent and one of the exciting match ups on the card was between the West Coast’s Danny Myers and Michigan’s Jay Rell Follow Us @URLTV and to keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel and log on to


  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    Danny Myers 3-0 smack he is url worthy

    • DBlock

      Danny is that you?

    • CaliboyDC

      I remember when danny battled john john da don he was ass..thats y jjdd made it and he didn’t…just like brixx belv

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    follow me on instagram @picsforyobitch

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    But them detroit niggas always showing out in proven grounds

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    The Proving Grounds Niggas > Top Tier Niggas

    • Black London


    • Hello Fello

      Yeah,but they are still ass compared to when the top tier was coming up. Once you reach the top you stop trying.

  • God Aweful

    Hungry niggas are proving they have the real bars

  • GuestwithacapG

    That boy don’t Cali nice

  • whatup

    Danny Myers is intense…3-0 the other dude doesn’t have any energy..

  • Spike

    Danny Myers is ready for the main stage. I like the bars he spit..smack put him on now….

  • DBlock

    Jay Rell 3-0 no bodybag. Danny Myers did real good I like his energy and he probably could have beat a few guys with the bars he had in this battle but Jay Rell was just too much for him. Great battle!

  • God’s-Demon

    they both got bars the winner depends on what u like hood vs grown man both where creative and witty u can tell they have to different outlooks on life too

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    BODYBAGG Myers 3-0


    Danny 2-1

  • Bnews Theemcee

    that was a good battle

  • Somethin’ Lite

    Jay Rell did his thing but he too easy going. Danny Myers is just way more hungry and he needs a bigger battle.

    • Macmar415

      That’s because Jay Rell was “Styling” on Myers! Being laid back not overly aggressive but still dropping those bars is how you style on your opponent. This is a perfect example of that.

      • Somethin’ Lite

        I see your point but I didn’t really get that from Jay Rell. But since you’re talking about “styling”, I think QP would be a better example…just look what he just did to that Detroit nikka.

  • DG

    I ‘m a fan of the proving grounds. Like to see the up and comers. Rell 2-1 or 3-0 great battle.

  • Macmar415

    All these fans saying rell doesn’t have energy obviously don’t know what styling on your opponent means. This cat was laid back not really taking myers serious and still was dropping them bars & punches back to back on myers. Swave doesn’t get all animated either when he battles, but he clearly bags his opponents and that’s because he spits those bars same a rell. Ya’ll fans kill me Rell 3-0!

    • Macmar415

      Nice. I got 2 NY haters!! You fans make me who I am on these forums! I love it!

  • skizz23

    I’m only looking at this battle cause I’m looking at JAZ!!!!

    • Hello Fello

      Jaz average



  • Ty Jones

    PG battles r killin top tear battles .

  • PBM1986

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Last 2 proving ground drops supercede the vets….

  • Chris Scott

    Good battle

  • Keith Foster

    The fire truck is out- Classic Battle- Jay Rell got lots of combinations, drawn intelligent bars and composure, Myers is Fire, his aggression, raw visuals and deep seated realities goin keep him in battle rap for a while- YOU GOTTA STAY HUNGRY

  • Daniel

    Really good battle….I feel Jay Rell got the W……Midwest Stand up…..Detroit

  • hit

    myers went hard and jay got some barz but need to work on delivery.. the battle was aight….

  • E

    Bars!!!!! Fuck them top tier underperforming overpaid niggas! Real Rap!

  • Angelo

    Jaz is so fuckin cute!!!

    • Willy KatDaddy Nice

      u gay she is cute…cute is for lil bitches

  • struckdemdimes

    better then k and ars battle…..maybe its back to the future for those sm3 dudes…shout out to surf and rex they be on some warrior shitt!!

  • Tony Brown

    I give this one to Danny Myers, but Jay Rell did his thang. Good battle.

  • Joshua Jones


  • Joshua Jones



    new booty

  • Motee

    I’m like a bullet maker with OCD, I won’t lose a round

  • grafikhanden

    Real good battle, thank you Jay Rell and Danny Myers.

  • Mentu

    Rell got Bizzy

  • Tony

    Anyone who ruled this 3-0 in favor of anyone… wrong. Favorite PG battle.. up there with JC vs. Chilla

  • MikeJeffrey

    Jay Rell…Danny Myers is Young Kannon 2.0..some good stuff..but the boi
    Rell had everything..most memorable lines and the freestyle game is
    crazy..Danny Myers 3-0????? do yourself a favor…wherever city you’re
    from…go to the tallest building and take one small step for man…and a
    giant leap for mankind..

  • Baby Miami

    They both won Good battle!! PG classic…Danny get u amped doe lol

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    danny myers won

  • CaliboyDC

    2-1 danny myers…jay rell got the 2nd…he might’ve made the 3rd rd debatable if he didn’t stutter so much and forget his lines…he thought he was slick wit dat…

  • Willy KatDaddy Nice

    Jay Rell homie from the D was nice doe

  • Don Rob Capone

    Jay Rell got #Barz


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