SMACK/ URL The leaders of MC Battle culture link up with BET’s 106 & Park to create Ultimate Freestyle Friday(UFF) The UFF is a 7 week elimination tournament between some of URL’s finest MC’s. We ask that everyone watch it when airs on Friday evenings on BET (Check your local listings) so that the ratings are strong so we can remain on air. To keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel and log on to . Follow us @URLTV


  • Dat Nicca

    Props to SCO for keeping the pen game sharp despite not getting a whole lotta battles. As for Tone Montana, your performance was a disgrace my nicca. We’ll go ahead and write it off as you just being TV camera shy. I assume those lights are brighter than anything you’ve ever felt, but you got one more battle to come with that same kind of bullshyt before we permanently label you a clown-ass-Bill-Collector type battle rapper.

  • P-Matic

    This Nigga Tone Montana is not from Milwaukee Stop sayin that shit Beloit wisconsin is not kill-waukee we two different animals Bitch niggas

  • dboy31

    I hate saying a nigga caught a body but montana u died sco good job smack make sure you tell them niggas step their game up millions of people watching rep url right sco3-0

  • larry

    Tone Montana take that shit back to where you came from. Talking about you been famous you a clown ass nigga. You sucked in all you’re main stage battles. You talking about fuck bow wow? And you can’t even perform 3 solid written rounds on bet you suck and if Smack give you another chance than he a clown ass nigga too. Norbes step you scouting game up.

  • __Trilluminvti

    So 3 niggas showed up with the same hat and a nigga still wearing those same hollister shorts since this shit started?

  • kato5209

    lmao! Smack was hilarious after dat 2nd round

  • grafikhanden

    Smack, that shit wasn’t even good!! How was any rounds classic!! NO!!! Smack lol Tone was so garbage…

  • Tony Brown

    Sco all day

  • Prince

    This nigga tone a fucking clown. My nigga, this BET notoriety is what can take your garbage ass rap career to professional venues. Keep that in niggaz face shit because somebody gonna knock ya wanna be tough ass out, I promise you. We are trying to elevate the battle culture thru showmanship and respect lil nigga. If I was the from B-More u were battling, I would have knocked ya stupid out for violating my space. At the end of the day we are all men and if I give respect and act tough, then u get what u deserve dumb dumb. Step ya fucking bar game up. This is the city that birthed this shit.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    sco is the most improved battle rapper .his battle with nuborn is underrated .

  • Fam710

    Get bones brigante in the tournament


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