SMACK/ URL & SNKRBST link up for a hybrid Battle event taking place on October 26th at the Brooklyn Hanger. This event will feature over 100 sneaker vendors and retailers, Graffiti exhibition, Red Bull skate ramp, 7 major food trucks & booths, raffles, giveaways and much more. As the day progresses a sneaker battle will take place which will be hosted by celebrity judges to see who will crowned with the title of The Soul Survivor. The highlight of the evening will be (4) classic URL MC Battles which will feature DNA vs B-Magic, John John Da Don vs JC, Big Kannon vs Syah Boy and Charlie Clps vs Yung Ill .Tickets are only $30 and are available now [email protected]



  • WTF?

    DNA and john john are expendable and predictable as fuck… stop putting these niggas on every card…

  • jay

    kinda gettin tired of battle rap.. used to love the shit, now everything soundin like the radio.. predictable, mad at these rappers talkin shit about smack, if it wasnt for him yall wouldnt have a platform, if it wasnt for yall.. well shit.. theres always another yall.. shit soundin repetative, loved url cuz of aggression and battlin, now shit friendly and dudes dont take it serious, cut it out wit ya fictional tales about digital scales.. serious jones voice.. its really wut it is, gravitated towards kotd now cuz its more personal, different angles directions wuteva.. dudes tryin harder and more hungry or more clever.. temperature was on 90 so i shot dude cuz he was sweatin me.. barzzzz homie kevin hart voice

    • Macmar415

      I feel ya Jay! URL use to go hard in the paint when these mc’s were hungry to make a name and some money for themselves. Now we get the same mc’s who made a name for themselves showing up not even writing rounds and getting real lazy with stuff. TBH, I barely watch battles anymore but I do listen to battle rap arena when I’m cleaning my house so I have something to listen to other than half ass battles!
      I can’t blame theURL, but I do blame these lazy ass mc’s who want to be called professionals in this so called sport. Stop saying top tier, stop calling this a sport, and stop calling yourselves professionals in this culture because showing up with half your rounds NOT WRITTEN OR MEMORIZED & with lazy ass performances you’re making this culture of battle rap look like shit and turning people away from it!

    • SLAME_O

      KOTD is how url used to be before they started running out of people to battle. thats why these fake ass matches keep popping up. i.e Hitman vs verb.

  • Mental_Liberator

    nice card. some solid match-ups. don’t need BIG names with LITTLE performance. this card aight, good look Smack

  • Joey Flvcko

    I say fuck smack nigga fuck blacks kkk still here kotd put your money were your mouth is we taking over hahaha

  • Steven No Worries Smith

    This is a good card. This gonna be good for Smack and battle rap

  • pubs

    All this shit is fake for y’all who don’t know. Its all an act just like wrestling. All these niggas are sellouts. Smack is the biggest sellout. Its all supply and demand schemes to get money. Watch my comment gets erased.

  • pubs

    That’s crazy


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