The leader of MC Battle Culture links up with the leader of the sneaker trading culture to put on a grand slam battle event. SMACK/ URL & SNKRBST come together in a collaborative effort for the “Sole Survivor” event taking place in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday October 26th. The event will feature a sneaker battle between contestants/ sneaker collectors from around the country and (4) four URL battles featuring some of the Battle culture’s biggest names. The venue will be loaded with 7 food trucks and various tents serving food throughout the day and of course you’ll be able to purchase exclusive or rare sneakers from just about every brand in existence. Tickets for this flagship event are only $30 if you purchase your tickets now at or Stay tuned for more details. Subscribe to our channel and Follow us @URLTV



  • Lejos De Ficticia

    B Magic 2-1 Over Dna
    JC 3-0 Over JJ
    Big Kannon 2-1 Over Syah
    Yung Ill 2-1 Over Clips…

    • Aubrey OVO

      nigga do you even watch battle rap? young ill hasn’t been nice since he battled rex.

  • KOTD Take Ova

    fuck dat wheres the rest of the sm3 battles, url ass now

    • Aubrey OVO

      kotd is poppin now. no hating ass crowds, no Don Demarcos, no forced ass punchlines about guns.

  • Rexchap

    Shit sounds so juvenile….sneaker heads….Grow up already!!! get some hard soled shoes and get a fuckin JOB


    Yea the URL is getting worse having to wait so long to watch a damn battle from months to watch a battle no one even cares anymore about the battles from sm3 and ur already about to have another event.. Smack should release every battle from an event before starting another… Shits wack af get ur shit together.. Kotd releases battles quick.. And still the battles get high views.

  • Henry Xcels

    I just clicked on this to hear that beat, I swear that ish go hard and I only hear on it on URL commericials

  • Rodney Mann II

    Why they keep giving Big Kannon these undercard, unknown ass battles like he not top tier? Hes above most of the people getting all this url praise but every time i see him he got some random ass person. He should ONLY battle vets. Hes had no flop battles to date smdh but the rest of them look hard. Ima need Ill to actually write for this one though. please and thank you.


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  • John John Da Don
    That trailer was a Rum Nitty documentary featuring JJDD 😂 I understand the move tho, all good
  • John John Da Don
    “K” thx... I see what you did there
  • John John Da Don
  • Voice of battle rap
    Where u been
  • John John Da Don
    I can’t get no money no snitches, even if it is LEGAL I’m sorry 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • ShoeBoxMoney
    DAWG WTF🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • John John Da Don
    RT @TheGoonBoss540: People forget @JohnJohnDaDon SITS PEOPLE TF DOWN. I’m shocked y’all saying he’s gonna die 😂
  • John John Da Don