SMACK/ URL The leaders of MC Battle Culture drop the trailer for their first battle from their recent Summer Madness 3 event. The first match up released is between Newark New Jersey’s Arsonal and Harlem New York’s K-Shine. Look for this high paced entertaining battle on URLTV.TV this Monday September the 23rd. To keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel


  • nxaxmxe


  • Somethin’ Lite

    Production lookin’ good!

  • Dennis Stith

    dot mob all day thats an L arsonal!

    • ScottyPimpen33

      This the same nigga that grabbed shines ass in the verb battle.

      • url judge


      • Dennis Stith

        says the nigga with the name scotty pimpen you rhyming or playing ball or pimpen pippen your boy ars lost prop or not foh!

        • NY

          Im still waiting for a explanation on that ass grab like when was that ever really cool, I dont even smack my 5 yr old son on the ass, I jus tellm go job son, oh yea, im glad we don’t gotta see that hoe ass lightskinnd nigga wit the braids in the battles, he was a bitch ass cheerleader sno gotti snot mob 4real son

        • Dennis Stith

          i feel u bruh it aint cool but im talking bout the music not who patting asses im a battlerap fan and a dot mob fan thats all son

  • nine5for

    why ars pushed lil man away like that tho

  • DBlock

    As much as I hate props…this was pretty funny, and clever cause Ars really says he hates midgets every battle and judging from the way he knudged him away I think he was really scared lol

  • Geoffrey B

    U know how smack be. 9/23/13 means Thursday:30 pm

  • Jamale J Jones

    For some reason, even with the damn midget, all I can think about is FUCK… ANOTHER DAMN MARTIN, GINA, TOMMY SCHEME???? Shine could have taken this in so many different directions!

  • niyon

    After taking Big T so light and getting 3-0’d for that stupidity Shine better BODY Ars Garbage ass

  • Jarell Melendez

    This battle look week most trailers have people best lines in it if thats the best then ion kno lol

  • mike

    Bars over names???? I didn’t hear anything that was nice..martin gina tommy wow..bring back the names at least they bring you to the battle and make it look interesting (even tho its not

  • Tired of the bullshit

    I would take Arsonal more serious if he just became a blood gang member. I just never seen a crip that only hang with bloods smh. Only in New Jersey smh..

    • ozzy

      dont disrespect my city like..

      • Black_Man!

        Stop the tomfoolery. You aren’t going to do anything but make another post.

        • Poppa

          Ozzy ?? from Newark this poppa if its the ozzy I kno but crip hang bloods in my city tho

        • Black_Man!

          Right…who cares. Get a life!


      purple is this bitch favorite color…

  • myian barnes

    Shine is using too many gimmicks nowadays, but at least against DNA, the bars were cold….that was “LITE”

  • Macmar415

    People think Daylyt be buggin’ out when all we see are props and antics now? It’s not battle rap anymore it’s WWE! Niggas bringin’ midgets out tied to ropes, but get mad at Daylyt for his stunts? GTFOH.

    I support the URL but at the same time everyone is always focused on everyone else’s issues but you NEVER hear the URL take responsibility for their own fuck ups! Let’s hear about Math Daylyt Hitman Clips and everybody else but I want to hear about how the URL saying yes we fucked up on deals with Clips, yes we fucked up on Serious Jones’ monitor intro, yes we fucked up by not tying up loose ends at the venues. Beasley & Smack both make blogs addressing and/or exposing others but never take the time to address their mistakes.

    Jones said it happened to him last SM2 and he thinks URL is unprofessional, clips said the same thing about his deal with b magic, daylyt has issues, hitman had issues, hell even mook was on SM vs Iron solomon going in on smack about how he never got shit. So many of these artist have valid issues with the URL that we would never know about unless someone brought it to light.
    All I know is I still support and follow the URL but I’m getting tired of the blame game and it’s usually the battle mc’s or the fans that get the end of the stick and never the “Brand”. Part of being a man is admitting your own mistakes in like and the URL needs to take the page out the book and follow it!


    • Cmon Man

      Another damn Daylyte apologist. The crazy man does dumb antics and disrespectful things in the ring. #1 he held a umbrella in someones face while they was trying to spit #2 he wore a full batman suit, thats just corny #3 he wore a KKK suit, just a flat out stupid thing to do #3 he laid down and pretended to sleep on stage while Math was rapping #4 he wiped ball sweat on another grown man. Please dont try and compare the URL props thats been done to the dumb shit this clown has done. however i do agree with u on the URL needing to be more professional

      • Macmar415

        There has to be limits set to props, not gonna lie but his on stage shit isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem! So what he slept on math, so what he wore a batman fit on stage, oh no let’s not go nuts here….-_-the KKK shit and getting naked he can miss me with that shit.
        I mean people who get all in you face and spit is just as disrespectful isn’t it? Suge tapping bills pockets is just as disrespectful isn’t it? We can put a NAKED picture of calicoe on SM2 screen but can’t ACT like we’re sleep on stage? That’s makes no sense. Clips can talk all through B Magics rounds, but that’s not disrespectful? Why now do we all focus in on Daylyts’ antics but give passes to other mc’s and the disrespectful shit they do?
        I don’t agree with how Daylyt handled himself after SM3, but his props / antics aren’t as bad as many other battle mc’s if we’re keeping it a buck! I just think people like some more than others and THAT’S the reason their tolerance level for certain mc’s is higher, which allows for more understanding of the disrespectful shit they do!

        • Cmon Man

          im not condoning all that talking through ppl rounds shit but the Lux Summer Jam pic of Cal lit up the building u cant deny that, K Shine science props on DNA was epic, Hollow throwing cash vs Surf was cool. all of those are legitimate props not corny like the batman suit and sleeping on stage

        • Macmar415

          You sound like a control freak. Just because you don’t like someone’s angles doesn’t mean it’s not cool to do. We suppose to be grown ass men as trying to make it rain on another grown ass man is gay, lol. Ya’ll was weak facts behind your statements that make no fucking sense.

        • Cmon Man

          ok u just enjoy the batman suit and im a enjoy the summer jam screen shit. To each its own

  • Florida Boy

    Definitely not one of the better trailers…….hope the battle come out good tho

  • Mikeskills

    that trailer beat sound like sum Dipset shyt i can hear Juelz, Cam’ron & JR Writer

    killin dat


    Soul Khan needs to start battling again both these niggas spit the same old shit every damn battle it’s getting old

    • uMad

      khan vs con.. set it upp!!!

  • Jaye Aura

    Damn yal can type yal asses off. I bet none of yal can get atleast one ooo or aaahh on the stage. Just being creative enough deserves props, mother fuckas talk soo much shit but haven’t even attend a battle in person once to show real support. But you can come online n talk so much bullshit bout production n all this. SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Canin

    Can we at least watch the battle in its entirety, before the bullshit comes, damn. 3-0 ARS

  • Vic Damone Jr.

    Why he pull the nigga out on a rope tho? Straight treated this nigga like a beagle. Drug the nigga out wit a Spideyweb full front chest piece and and matchin leash. I hope K-Shine aint pay his lil half ass full price for doin that jigaboo shit. I wonder who helped him get on stage cause them steps look too high. Im mad at my nose for breathin the air that kept me alive long enough to see this shit go down. He gone pull a nigga out on a chain like Django……. Pure coonery.

  • josh

    Everyone puts K Shine on a level that he is not after the DNA battle, after seeing his performance and bars in that battle we all expect it every time but it has not been even close

  • Hubert DeRavin

    C’mon man y’all ruined the surprise

  • Ace Boon Coon

    niggas is runnin out of ideas 4 real. midgets on stage? first of all using a prop show that you cant use your words to express what your trying to say. THAT SHITS WACK. This shit is wwe

  • Electrikfunk

    URL has tried to push this name “bars over names” sooo fucking hard to try and prove a point…and what is the 1st battle they drop from sm3? fucking Arsonal vs K-Shine… 2 of the bigger names out right now. Arsonal is a top view getter and K-Shine blew up after his DNA battle…smh I smell fuckery & bullshit

  • Tank

    Ctfu. Ars pushed the midget!

  • InTheClouds856

    Ok just start releasing battles. Don’t drop no trailers and hype these battles up. We’re not beat any more.

  • Lavonte Alcybreed Jackson

    K shine is wack…..same shyt different day

  • AwhatzUp

    lmaooo…that was funny as hell,,,can’t wait to see this battle..

  • Z 315

    Wow man do I even wanna watch this battle??? Shine is one of my favorites but as of lately I think this dude is just on drugs. His DNA performance was great, Big T battle was terrible, and now he’s bringing a midget on stage??? I could see if the whole setup was fire but it was TRASH!!! Martin this, Gina that, Shananae this….shit was trash and here comes the midget to pull out the Tommy…wow Shine you really had to do that??? This is why people are complaining about battle rap lately cause of stupid shit like that. It’s not about lyricism anymore it’s about who can bring out the best prop??? that pisses me off and I hope these battlers aren’t gonna continue with this shit…Daylyt does dumb antics sometimes but i’d take that over using these corny ass props any day.

  • JoeDeez

    Seem to be a good battle..However K-Shine that shit was funny and gay all at the same damn time….this fool had a midget on a rope CTFU

  • darius brooks

    wheres the battle smack its september 23rd and no battle has been posted kotd post there battles at midnight urltv is slacking

    • nine5for

      kotd is not on real nigga time sir u’ll have to wait

      • darius brooks

        lol yea like clips said its time to get on white people time

  • rockingwithsmackbe4yaseensmack

    were the fuck is the battle. im tired of checking every minute that past. smack show love nigga

  • struckdemdimes

    smack holding on to footage like he scared to release it…All this waiting , and i heard sm3 was the worst….

  • Marq Nash

    when is the vid dropping??? i thought it said 9/23 it’s 8pm the day is almost over

  • Lavonte Alcybreed Jackson

    Wt time its dropping

  • cozzo36

    Wheres the battle then? Your late even by british time yo wat the frrrrruck smrrrrrrrack

  • Major

    Ok Smack, its 9pm and still no battle. Is this what you mean by “real nigga time”? If so you can keep that and just do what you say in a timely fashion. Hows that for a new slogan?

  • Paul Dronette

    Who is the dude clapping his hands in the middle of the stage??

  • Paul Dronette

    And can we end the props please!! Thanx.

  • sheed

    K shine win dat


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