Smack/URL drops another competitive match up from their recent NOME 3 event. This battle is between Chicago’s Big T & Harlem New York’s K-Shine. To keep up with the latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to and log on to . Follow us @URLTV


  • Andu

    If this was a one rounder then this would’ve been a classic. T got it though 3-0. It wasn’t either of their bests though.

    • pimpin slimm

      k-shine brought his old bars to a new battle Big T got dat

      • Andu

        I didnt say T didnt have it lol

  • M-Town TN

    K-Shine usually goes nuts but this just wasn’t his night. Big-T took this one.

  • Winmath7

    shout out to both Big T and Kshine, this coulda been a main event on a chicago card but on NOME3. it was a sub par battle at best. shoulda been released 1st to get it out the way. I dont get why ppl say Big T is one of the best from the mid west.. his lines never moved me. dont get me wrong he got barrs. they just never moved me. Am I the only one who realized that T rapped longer then Shine in every round. Big T got this deff, its jus that he wasntn noting special that night, Shine jus wasnt on his shit. Big T 2.1 – .9 Kshine. I wont respect Big T till he battle more than once a year.

  • jayyyy

    shine took the second no debating the first is debatable though …and the last round they both did weak.. id give it to shine..

  • STR8-UP

    Big T won seem;s to me they not hungry like they use to be.. i guess niggas gotta go broke to get back hungry

  • detmosthated

    big t 3-0 kshine didnt prepare he spit so much recycled shit

  • monche

    Big T 2-1

  • Steeve Tuvo

    big T 2-1 but even the second round was nice at the end

  • Robert DeMond Shipp

    The crowd is full of shit mmy niggas shine is a beast..fuck that crowd

  • Montana

    the first round was debatable but that 2nd round was all k shine and that ast round wasnt good at all…. K shine was suppose to kill this man

  • Swelly Swell

    Round 1 wasnt debatable… T got that… so many DeMarco’s lol… and round 2 & 3 were a given to T. Im disappointed that Shine didnt get to come off like how he was supposed to. 3-0 BIG T

  • Naylz

    Truly a wack battle.

  • __Trilluminvti

    Shine NOOOOOOOO!!! It’s cool though. You can’t win ’em all. Still one of the best

  • Flowz Shider

    Lmao Shine nice but he choked too much …and Big T clearly won the first Round no debating if a nigga said otherwise you kno he hating…Big T rd1 Shine Rd 2 Big T rd 3 (2-1) Big T. ….K Shine didn’t think big t would throw haymakers

  • __Trilluminvti

    When that Hitman & Con battle droppin Smack?

    • DRE

      or the rex vs diz lol

      • __Trilluminvti

        That too, we want battles!

  • myian barnes

    This one started out dope but they both lost a little steam….

    Rd1 Shine was aight, but I’ve seen him much better. He didn’t come as hard as I’ve seen him in most of his battles. On the other hand, that was the BEST rd I ever heard from T. He lost his mind out there. RD 1 Big T

    Rd2 Shine started out straight but again, he just seemed like he really didn’t care this battle. I didn’t like how he took Suge’s swag and spit his “classic lines.” Too many cats do that now. Big T’s second he started off kinda weak, too long to the punches, but he started to bring back that first rd energy mid verse. I swear he might be the most witty cat in battle rap. Rd2 BigT

    Rd3 Horrible rd. Worst part about Shine’s rd? The fact Rex warned him to slow down his flow, he didn’t listen, and 10 seconds later, stumbled.(he didn’t choke he knew his shit but he was rushing his delivery).Big T didn’t have alot of dope shit this rd either. Out of the two, he had the better material though. Rd3 BigT

    3-0 Big T. First time I ever saw Shine in a battle he didn’t win that wasn’t debatable. Shine and Rex are two of the hardest working cats in the game right now though, and I think he just needs some time off to put some material together. Big T showed poise and wit like a muthaphucka, he may need a Summer Madness spot. i hope that rumor about him and O Red is true. Props to Smack, Beasley, and Norbes, for getting these battles out in a more timely fashion and props to Big T and K Shine. #Salute

    • Raymond

      I can’t disagree. But I want to see Hitman.

      • myian barnes

        Hitman is built for the crowds, as long as he brings three rds. He will be on that card, they have to have someone from St. Louis and I don’t think Verb will make it this time.

        • Raymond

          Apparently Hitman and URL are beefing, though. So, I don’t know.

        • myian barnes

          Beasley is a business man. They will squash that before showtime. It ain’t like he is truly worried about getting knocked out anyway, lol

  • True Goose

    big t 3-0 kshine my guy….just wasnt his best battle

  • Raymond

    I agree with most of the comments. 3-0 Big T won, but it wasn’t a body. Both had good first rounds, but both weren’t at their best. They both rushed their flows because the crowd was impatient. I’m not sure how to combat that. I know for a fact that Big T usually paces himself better because his set ups are unorthodox. K-Shine likes to take longer pauses in between punches because his setups, aggression, and energy build from the beginning. He needs to reboot. But when he’s piling set up on top of set up, it doesn’t hit the right way. You can tell Shine was rushing through his rounds once he could tell what the crowd was going to be like.

    The bigger issue is: These big URL crowds need to calm down and listen more. Big T and K-Shine both had some real good content that wasn’t even extra complex, and it still went over a lot of people’s heads because they weren’t listening. It’s not like they were out there being Magic and Chilla. You would think that both of them have put in enough work for the culture and the fans, to have the crowd let them do their thing. True, they both could have been better, but this could have been a good battle if the crowd would let them go. Smh.

    • Raythekid85

      the best damn comment on here

  • imdareasonwhy718

    Ya niggaz should b ashame!! Both performance was dumb wack… K-shine disappointed me the most… Either thou Big T got booed numerous times, fucked up too he won…. 1-0… why 1-0 because the other 2 rds was so trash nobody won those…. Performance wise how can you judge them…

    • David King

      was you tryin to rhyme ?? IF SO THAT WAS DOPE

      • myian barnes

        I see it, lol

    • Killa949

      Ur comment is the realist don’t know wat they were watching either but I feel the same way u feel imdareasonwhy

    • TorontoKush

      Thank you!! they dickriding the shit outta big t cuz…

      1. shine from ny n ny battlers r most hated cuz they hav this image of being the OVERdog (opposite of the underdog) in this culture. so people r always gunning for em anyway they can (like talking shit in comments to downplay em)
      2. Midwest fans AAALLLWAYS dickride their own people n dey flood the comment section overhyping their battlers average ass gun bars. Like how theyre calling this a body. no. big t vs hollow was a BODY. this wasn’t even a basic battle.
      3. shine is dot mob.

  • Confident apparel

    Big T 3 zip en up

  • Idontknow

    Im worried. NOME battles looking shaky so far. VERB vs ARS is killing this card. No Summer Madness trailers or updates and being pushed back to September doesn’t look good either. Smack please make something happen for Summer Madness.

    • DRE

      I agree, I think smack visions battle rap on pay-per-view cable one day lol. That idea would be wrong on so many levels. He has poor business sense, because his product is not that different from other leagues and that because he lacks insight. ALL he is concerned with is spoon feeding us average unreleased battles that he is setting up!

  • rabXO

    Big T zip 3…K wasn’t on his shit at all. And that first T round was NUTS. Nigga said i keep every around that wood (would) fire like boy scouts….and that head shot have his brains looking like chex mix was crazy.

  • Dotvizions

    Chiraq all day and Shine know that! And tell Rex he got to write for Shine in a different style, a different type of word play, and delivery, cus writing in his own style, is putting 2 and 2 together, everybody know that! Big ups to Big T 3-0!

    • Acp80

      U right about that T. rex my as wellspit

  • TRiP 6

    That fat bitch/headshot punchline has been used soooo many fuckin times



    • Peter Johnson

      Detroit n Chicago r the worst. by far. no debating.

  • Edwin Stagg

    k- shine shout out to that 2 minute round they clearly edited your choke out bro

  • Pulaski Jigga

    These NY niggas in da crowd some major haters let da nigga work

  • Edwin Stagg

    stupid ass new york but yall dont boo these mediocre ass new york niggas

  • vail

    man when will niggas realize that if a nigga just dont react to a niggas bars it gets under they skin more than if you boo them. example shotgun suge vs bill collector the crowd was quiet during bills entire 2nd round and you can tell he was gettin pissed

  • Pa 717/484

    Not As Bad As They was Makin It Sound, But T Merked eem. Idk 3-0 maybe 2-1… Big T better in one offs He can prolly beat anybody in one of them. Shine came though just a little off his game.

  • Dat Nicca

    So ya’ll gonna make me be the first one to speak on how Big-T was moving a little funny this battle? I know he a big nicca, but i’ma need him to figure out something better to do with his hands/arms. That hands on the waist shyt simply don’t work for the nicca.

    Other than that, this was a suck ass battle. Big-T won all three rounds, but really Big-T’s first round was the only quality shyt out of this battle. The crowd definitely gassed his bars a bit, but he was spitting some nice shyt.

  • Chosen15

    This battle wasn’t wack on
    K-shine part of it. His performances wasn’t up to par but big-t was punchin so was k-shine but he was off everybody wanna comment on the shit smack is the shit like stop fuckin being ungrateful build up hip hop don’t tear it down good battle but big-t 3-0 but I still fuck wit k-shine he nice but even Kobe have off games.

    • DRE

      Did you see k shine choke???

      • Chosen15

        Yeah I was surprised as hell he never chokes my opinion k-shine should have murderedbig-T but big -t came strap wit some hot shit k-shine juss had a Lil ass Duce Duce if u get wat I mean

        • UjustS

          He choked against John John too

        • DRE

          I gotchu, I wasn’t sure what you meant at 1st

  • KING


  • Zedric Young

    aye verb need to take lessons on how to handle boos in new york from

    Big T. big t won whatever you want to call 2-1 3-0……….. who yall gt big t vs rex I gt BIG T edging 2-1

    • GunShineState

      exactly. I was at sm2 and there was one time verb stopped in the middle of his verse just to have a whole convo w smack to complain cuz one drunk guy in the crowd said something. da fuk??
      but yea big t 2-1. was a ok battle.
      And I agree w ur big t/rex prediction. big t would edge 2-1

  • jbm

    Big T 3-0…NO DEBATING

  • justmeopinion11111

    They said some good stuff…. I feel like if you can’t spit better than don’t boo. they did this for money and to Entertain. I think Big T won. But I like the line K shine said about jokes over bars being a cheat code

  • Florida Boy

    Shine had a off night and T took advantage and fucked him up all 3 rounds….T was on fire out the gate

    • A.j. Johnson

      Tee took advantage of the KID

    • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


      • Hippy Beamen

        Tru shit…big T was prepared for this shit lol k shine thought he was goin breeze thru this shit lol not today

    • Logic

      I gave it to T 2-1. I think Shine edged the second. T heated up toward the end of his 2nd round.

      SN: T has to work on his breath control. Some of his bars would’ve been better if he didn’t lose his wind mid sentence.

      • Florida Boy

        Yea T do need to work on that. I didnt like Shine game plan of him reusing all his hot lines thinking it was gone work in front of that crowd

        • buckshit

          dude that wasnt his gameplan obviously, he fucked up thats why he did that. shine lost ALL 3. even the second, he choked how you bout to say he won a round that he choked in

        • Florida Boy

          look at my original comment i said T fucked him up all 3 rounds and Shine finished all 3 of his rounds rehashing his popular old lines so the crowd could rap along with him

      • KingReese

        What second round were you watching?

      • KingReese

        The end of T second round was lethal enough to win that round.

    • KSHINE

      Big T was FUNKY that night and I forgot my SHIT. Look out for my next battle! #ZipEmUP

  • NewUk

    It would have been K-Shine 2-1 if he didn’t let the crowd get to him in the second. Big T kept his focus, especially during the second round (even though it was weak) and won the crowd over with some hot bars in the third and especially in the first.He was lucky though as K-Shine had a better structure to his schemes.

  • Jay_S_Mack24

    Tie… 1st rd debatable
    2nd K-Shine
    3rd Big-T Yall could call it anyway but 3-0 yall cnt be serious..1 thing bout that NY crowd is they aint bias they boo home and away dudes.

    • Florida Boy

      That 1st round was actually debatable to u?

  • JMH2235

    Big T clearly won, it’s whether he won 3-0 or 2-1

    Rd 1 Big T
    Rd 2 Is debatable cuz Shine was OK and had a short round and Big T started off terribly but finish heated up and got crazy.

    Rd 3 Big T, shine choke.

  • los

    k-shine I fucks with him on this battle shit but b-t 3-0 Midwest doing it he bodied K good shit T

  • Yongworld

    Big T killed K-Shine and imma New York nigga

    • BumByChoice

      K-shine lost badly and I’m a homeless nigga

      • A.j. Johnson

        lmao u silly nigga

    • CPG718

      I gonna say whatever it takes to be on NY niggas level and Imma a Midwest nigga!

  • Man_of_Steel

    Big T Hands down.


    It was 1-0 big t… The 1st was crazy 4 big t but the rest of the rounds 4 both of them was horrible

  • darius

    kshine did not get 3-0ed he clearly won the second round even tho it was light big t second round was trash

  • Vick Simone

    Big T that was a very dark performance bro. It really reflected Chicago living. It was a performance All Capone would have been proud of. Some people will not appreciate what you did but I felt it. That was for all the dead spirits floating around the city from Robert Taylor to Caprini Green. Like I said All Capone would have been proud of you…

  • Var

    2 -1 shine weak battle

  • Greggylasek

    people have their rights to boo, they paid for the tickets and all, but shut the fuck up booing when the shits not wack. We don’t come to this site to listen to you we come for the battlers. It seems it would throw the battlers off more if you just didn’t react. That being said, big t 3-0


    3-0 big t chi town stand up

  • rexchap

    Ok, all i heard is that Big T’s rd 1 was thru the roof. NO THE FUCK IT WASN’T! it was better than Shine’s, but nowhere near OMG shit! I’m tired of these simple ass recaps from simple niggas!!! NIggas dont know much, so they don’t ask for much! Big T sold it cuz he was more animated and with that animation comes heavy ass breathing, cuz the nigga too fat! Made it look like he was going OFF when the nigga REALLY needed a break! FOH!!!!!!! Battle wasn’t that hot!

    • rexchap

      Shine got rd2…T was str8 WACK!!!

      • rexchap

        T won rd 3 cuz Shine choked and was all over the place! Battle was str8 garbage!

    • Zedric Young

      you mustve just gt that dot mob t-shirt in you ordered return to sender…cuz T won very convincingly

      • Rexchap

        I don’t ride dot mob, and the niggas who know , KNOW THIS!!! T didnt have anywhere NEAR an OMG rd 1! It was just ok! ALL these niggas do on recaps is say this dude killed this dude and so forth, and then when you watch the shit, it’s a HUGE letdown! He was better than Shine in rd 1 and 3, his rd 2 was str8 ASS. the last 45 secs worth of spittin was NOT enough to win rd2! TFOH!!!

  • sampirlo

    After watching only the first round one word to describe BIg-T ( MONster )

  • DRE

    It seem like Shine was experimenting with a new type of flow. I think this is more than a off night, between the body language and the choke….k shine was lookin crazy tryin relay those rhymes that REX wrote for him LMAO!!

    Dot mob just got exposed….that’s rex kept tellin him to slow down lol.

  • Chicagoan

    Terrible battle!! Just feel like both was way off!! But there has to be a decision so big t 2-1 round 1 fa sho rd2 terrrrible rd 3 cleaned it up ill give it to you.. But no bodies was found just a win for the big nigga

  • ms marjane

    this is prolly the best i’ve seen big-t, i wasn’t expecting shine to fall off like that tho

  • CoolWhipWinston

    This battle was weak besides Big T first. Don’t think I’m revisiting this battle again.

  • Acp80

    The crowd was fucking up battle wit the bullshit booing

  • Acp80

    The sandy hook shit is something I would expect from some mad ass white battle rapper

  • Jenkins Nyahn

    Battle was whack as fuck after Big T ‘s 1st rd. now a lotta y’all new viewers gonna think this was dope, but I’ve seen T way better n so have I seen Shine. If both of em woulda battled a monster, it would b over n down tiers. Big-t won 3-0 clearly but lost a few position on my top 10 list with this b.s. rd. 2&3 were unbearable to watch

  • kent malai

    Both this niggers had guwd first round but T edged it, round 2 k shine coz big t had Long round, and it didn’t hit as much.round 3 I give it to T coz k shine chocked.Big t 2-1

    • myian barnes

      fuck is wrong with your diction?

  • Joey Bada$$

    I wanna see loaded lux back on everyones starting to get wack,,,,

  • Severe

    big t won but thats not sayin much it was a weak battle

  • QuezRAW

    First round debatable ! Second round K-Shine ( if you don’t think so you stupid ) third Big T but it was still a little light to me . K Shine didn’t get to say his shit really . Good battle but I think it could go 2-1 either way . Depending of who you give the first round too .

  • Ty Getnmoney

    Big T 3-0 EASY!!

  • FAMP

    Big T did his thing. K still a beast no question..

  • ski agyemang

    Thats a body bag all 3 go to Big t ….. I never herd so many don drops in one round for one person like Big ts first round

  • Var

    Debatable battle. Big t wasn’t that dope his punches wasn’t hittin. K shine 2-1 My second time watchin it. Where is the summer madness line up?

  • stones295

    what do you expect when someone who aint battle all year……of course he gonna be sittin on BARS 2-1 Big T

  • KingBKings

    I expected better from both of these niggas, but big T got this one 3-0

  • spider

    Round 1 good 2&3 awful they both was off badly

  • Keyser Sozë

    Yea k shine flopped. But big t choked and fuck so may line I lost count. He beat K bar for bar. Its like K showed up wit out the normal “zip ‘Em up ” aggression. Respect the movement ya’ll, we’ve all watched worst battles


    when can we get that yung ill vs concieted battle??? smack/beasly, whats goodie??

  • myian barnes

    I went back to watch it again since alot of y’all said T wasn’t on his shit either. I gotta say, you gotta be on some complete hate shit to not appreciate that 1st rd and the way he brought it back in second after being booed.

  • Okay Battle

    This battle was a lot closer than many people are giving it. Big T had some bars and he won 2-1, but K-Shine 2nd rd was pretty hard. Overall the battle seemed to lack any real excitement, maybe the crowd or something. NOME 3 seemed pretty lackluster thus far. I think they need to bring it back to that JC vs Chilla in a music store feel. Mad respect for URL gaining steam and pushing toward bigger things, but just like hip hop when you start going hollywood ain’t no coming back.

  • SD

    I got BIG T 2-1 ….how many bars did K-SHINE RECYCLE DAMN!!

  • vill dolo

    Big t got this but he was mediocre shine deaded his self wit dat choke and re using that big scheme Shine been in da game to long to be choking his stock definitely dropped .

  • jhood

    they both got booed..but big T edged it

  • AlleyBoi #MMG #FTOK

    BIG T 2-1

  • nuttzzilla

    Big T came hard his first round second and third was jus alright. K shine didn’t respect Big T and it looked like he gave a half ass performance can’t underestimate your opponent. Looking forward to seeing Big T battle again. Wouldn’t doubt if K shine kills his next opponent. Respect the shooter and you opponent. Ok Smack let’s get to this B magic and charlie clipps battle.

  • F…

    This was 1of the best 1st rounds in Urltv history!!!!!!

    • Rexchap

      STOP the bullshit, it wasn’t THAT good. It was just better than a garbage rd from Shine! Stop already!

      • Cmon Man

        Ok rex u must be one bitter mutha fucka or u the hardest person on earth to impress, but either way u missing out cause out of all the battles that dropped this year i guarantee u cant name 2 better first rounds than what T just gave us. overall this was a weak battle but that first round from T was one of the best this year. i know he not from NY but just give him his props son

        • Rexchap

          what difference does it make if it’s 1st 2nd or 3rd rd when it was spit? That aint no where near the best shit i’ve heard! Niggas are so quick to give out kudos…for exacty WHAT? the nigga when down hill after that! So to include it, niggas have to say, this year, or best rd i heard in 2 months…TFOH! Stop lowering the bar! The shit was OK!

        • Rexchap

          ..oops went downhill

        • Rexchap

          Niggas JUST said that same shit about DNA against Chilla! Next month, it’ll be some other shit! Just say the nigga won the rd, cuz Shine came weak, that’s all it was!

        • Rexchap

          Ill Will’s 1st a few weeks ago was better than this shit! SMH!!!!

        • Cmon Man

          u did a whole lot of typing and u still only named 1 so now it just look like u dont want to give Big T his props. its 110 comments on here and 104 of us love his first round but i guess we trippin. anyway u can keep yo tough grading scale im out

        • Rexchap

          Yo, it wasn’t that HOT…..LOLOLOL…it was simply BETTER!!!! ROFLMAO!!!! You niggas impress EASILY!

  • Andre Harris

    It don’t matter who T battled that night that first round would body anybody.

    • Rexchap

      STOP……..niggas are funny!

      • Andre Harris

        That first round was banoodles.

  • Eq50mob

    3-0? How the fuck yal giving Big-T 3-0? his second round was trash the shady hook, world trade lines. and boston marathon lines was lame. And he choked and fucked it up. Just off that he lost round 2. 2-1 Big-T. this 3-0 shit is wild

    • Rexchap


  • unfckwitable

    dammmm shine smh every good nigga gotta take a lost, Big T was on one! Respect though

  • kev

    k shine my nigga had a bad night but big t trash n.e way if it was not for the 3rd k would have it but big t 2 to 1 !!!!

  • Tony Gutierrez

    big t 3-0 body bag!

  • chromedawgg

    T got this one,,hes was fucking up second round but came back

  • Magicred21

    This battle wasn’t whack it just wasn’t competitive it’s like the crimson tide verses the fighting Irish. We knew big t was gon win but not by a land slide

  • Reyi

    Big T 3-0

  • StacksofBread

    BIG T

  • thatniggasteve

    This shit has got to be a setup for Rex to come save the day cuz K Shine my nigga n that’s this was the weakest I ever seen him

  • Acp80

    Big t 2-1 idk shine either won first or second def 3!

  • __Trilluminvti

    Who on that Sum Madness 3 card?

  • D_money_da_god

    Big t won

  • JAWZ

    Not happy about this battle, the crowd fucked up the battle. big tee won.

  • A.j. Johnson

    DAMN BIG-T for real? i see this nigga got his swagger back…he won rounds 1 & 3 but i really do think but that 2nd round was a toss up…it was dead even K-Shine was spitting some shit & they wasnt DON DAMARCO’;N the kid that round was hard to just give to BIG-T to me no body-bag it was really hard to Judge but BIG-T won the battle hands down & thats all that matter

  • Man Damn

    So 30 mins of my life ruined and I can never get it back from watching this battle.

  • ladeejackson1999

    Yea Big T Bodied him…

  • IhateNY

    NO MORE BATTLES IN NY! I hate them weak ass crowds….DET STL CHI…anywhere else!!!



  • Eugene

    Big T 1st and 3rd K Shine the 2nd…. Both of em NIce

  • Think730

    T won! Maybe give Shine around, but T could have easily taken all three. @think730 on all Social Media

  • Kid_Lez

    smh these battles are below par, SMACK better up his game and call up real Gs to battles. Its either these battle rappers up their game or not battle at all

  • Kid_Lez

    Big T won 2-1

  • Nicolas Segreti

    If anyone says shine won. Stop watching this shit. Choke artist K

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Sad to say big t 3-0

  • AtlMallcopBusdriverUppercut

    The 1st could’ve went either way Shine got the second & just cause of wat happened big t got the third niggas need to listen & stop paying attention to the crowd acting like big t just bodied him 3-0

  • flipper773

    Niggas be trippin with they recaps. Definitely wasnt no body. Big T did edge every round except the first but def was no bodybag Big T 3-0 No bodybag thou n Im from da chi

  • Syystem

    if kshine aint fuck up that third round itd be 2-1 him

  • Red Flare

    I Think Dat Was The First Double Dom Demarco In T’s First Round…BATTLE OVER

  • RetardOfTheDay

    2-1 Big T.

  • UjustS

    First of all T that hands on ya hips shit….uncalled for…he still took it 3-0


    Big T first round was indeed cold as fukk and he 3-0 shine and I think shine can spit fire I don’t know what happen his battle I thought it was gone be a debatable classic but NO and Big T did not lose to clips that battle is still one of the greatest battle that happen SNO DAT

  • ran

    That 125 to 127 madison on lennox shit was trash…. Maybe cause im from harlem but it was cool idea just didnt hit.. or make sense.. No hating just didnt understand why they went crazy.. I had the same face rex made.

    • buckshit

      rex was still hypin shine up when he was reusing his old lines lol! vicci that nigga a clown

  • Cityboy Dutch

    Big T 3-0 no contest.

  • TheRealLBiz

    He got shine but I don’t really feel Big T… his setups take foreeeever… shit be boring

  • Cez

    Aye I like both them niggas but T took it to shine all 3 rounds. It didn’t help when shine slipped up either. All in all the battle was straight tho.

  • hackgost

    Biggggggg T!!!!!!!!! 3-0!!!!!!! For ya fucc boys be even swallowing shine, i’ll barely give u what rd?????????? 1????? Or 2????? HA!!!!!! Big T destroyeddddddddddddddddddddd K up. E-Z !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous Gangsta

    Big T bodied that prag shine… I can’t take them dot mob serious when they rap about gunz cause they been exposed getting bitched up many times. DNA & Clips are the best. Clips bodied Shirley Kobe

  • TRAUMA01

    big t 2-1…..kshine 3rd round was wack and i never saw him choke before

  • TRAUMA01

    im giving kshine a round just because

  • vish

    K shine got dis 2-1 I give shine rd 1,2,nd choke 3, if shine would have remember his bar I think it wood of ben 3-0 k shine big t second rd was totally trash 3 was . Won regardless because of the choke. Nd T rd 1 was dope but a lot ova hype bars shine . Rd one better shine rd 2 wayy better came out punching kill em wit dat pill scheme shit it will leave you. Shit was fire. Nd jus choke the 3rd

  • Johnny Boy


  • Cburn23

    I hate to say it… K Shine lost it 3-0. He should have listened to Mook and slowed down. T came prepared. Off night for Shine.

  • CPG718

    Midwest niggas NEVER admit a loss anyway….

  • James Hinton

    from a smart niggas pov, it was a draw. Definitely not a body by either

  • Joshua Fitthebattleof Jherico


  • KING922

    Not a Big T fan by any means, but have no problem awarding Big T a 3-0 victory. Per-battle I would have bet it all on Shine, he’s the better battler without question but clearly under estimated Big T. The battle was far from perfect! But who are any of us as fans to criticize what it takes for these dudes to prepare and perform in these bouts. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed this “perfect battle” some of you seem to be looking for, nor do I think I want to. Hip hop is raw! When these dudes “choke” or slip up in a round, please believe it isn’t due to a lack of preparation but rather an overdose of passion. The energy these battles create is nothing short of epic. I applaud all these warriors and I’m extremely grateful to have SMACK/URL administrating such a great league even despite the shortcomings. Finally, as a true New Yorker, Big T’s 1st round was legendary whether you agree or not, it had everything! Very few could rebound from something like that, cheers to K Shine for a valiant effort.

  • bkaysbanger

    big t 2 to 1 shine edged the second and gave the 3rd away but alot of shit t said was wack during the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd round.

  • ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶

    Shine had this in tha BAGGGG!!! Uggh man he messed up.. smh

  • Realtalk 101 Radio

    big man served him.. he seemed more prepped

  • billy

    Big T killed K shine,did ya haters hear the 1st round and the 3rd round

  • Hippy Beamen

    Shine definely got bodied and he fucced up…I think he was fresh off that DNA win and highly slept on big T…lets see how he do wit ars bum ass

  • Guest

    I forgot my shit beacues BiG T SMELLED like SHIT!!! #ZipEmUp


    I forgot my shit because Big T smelled like SHIT! #ZipEmUp

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro

    @ Kshine, u niccas hate to taste defeat… u try to spazz out on a nicca cuz he made u look stupid as fuck…. ur only wins was DNA ( overated) Shotgun Suge ( garbage).. u neva had a classic and why Smack and Beasley let u to Summer Madness 3, i will neva undastand….. u whack as hell to me, u not top tier. Da only reasons niccas give u dat spot, becuz ur popularity and who u fuck wit… Now Arsonal made u look garbage as hell. I hear Rex tellin u to slow it dwn, Dey need to let Chayna Ashley take ur spot

  • Aquarius

    K-Shine’s wordplay was crazy on this one. But they both shined.

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro

    @ K-shine, u said look out fo ur next battle…. Shit goofy Arsonal punk ur ass, besides Mook, da best rapper out of Dot mobb, is mChayna Ashley. lol

  • FaceDrama

    Fuck all that other bullshit ya’ll talking and listening to! Check out the illest M.C. by the name of “Boom P.” out of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn He got a joint on URL call “Goin Hammer” that is the sickest track on this web site hands down! You be the judge so check it out & holla back. M.G.B. StreetMusic….. Roll wit us or get Rolled over ya’dig.


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