• God Aweful

    ?????? I had B Magic 3-0 but what is this dude talking about? He talks about Clip’s flow not being the same from the Verb battle and then talks about walking across the stage? Huh? Is this about rapping or walking? Clips wasn’t even that nice against Verb. It was just that Verb was terrible. In this battle Clips recycled other people’s angles against Magic and the only original angle that was nice… was really more of a shot at JJDD than B Magic. Even with that, I like Charlie’s raps better in this battle than the Verb battle. The actual difference in the outcome is really because of the different skill level brought by the different opponents. If people are saying having bars is one dimensional and a problem then they need to stop watching battles. As far as the Magic’s flow being the same, isn’t this true about everyone? Anyways, Clips would have lost to Magic regardless of how he prepped because Magics 1st two rounds were fire and if he goes to Canada without a complete 3rd round or stumbling through it… he might lose out there too.

    • ms marjane

      “don’t get mad, that’s possible.”

      • God Aweful

        My comment wasn’t really about who won but everything that dude was talking about. With that said, if you think Clips won then you can not critize another rapper for using angles that have been done before or flipping other people’s bars because that is what Clips did in the first two rounds.

        • ms marjane

          I agree, but it’s the epitome of a debatable battle – it all amounts to preference. I prefer clips’s style, because b-magic’s bars actually sound generic to me. Part of that has to do with the ‘one-dimensional’ criticism – cadence, delivery, minimal set-ups, mechanical punches. At least out here, esp bein raised in LA, his style sounds similar to what cats spit out here in the dub – especially what locs spit out here. it’s that crip format. he’s definitely on point, but I hope to see him mix that shit up more. I’m just not into his bars like that.. and his bars was off chain, as far as that goes. obv jay feels different.

          we make too much of mcs winning and losing – neither of these niggas is wack. you can see an mc gettin’ ate up bar-for-bar, round-for-round in many battles. Verb got ate up – he wasn’t *just* terrible. He was wack, and clips had crazy designs. When clips is on his a-game, he’s lethal.. he murked x-factor, he was ill against ars recently. My first reaction w/ b-magic vs clips is that clips took it. A few watches later, and I still think clips ironed him out – except when the nigga didn’t have his act together. whether he’s animated or not has nothing do with it for me.. but jay has a point, as far as energy goes. with clips, he really set his bar pretty high from jump – as far as appearing on URL, anyway. frankly, looking at the latest set of “mid-tier” and “top-tier” battles, I think clips would get murderd by new niggas.. i just don’t think b really made it happen on clips own territory, lyrically speaking. b-magic is using punches from ages ago.. shit so old, cats *forgot*.. i feel like i stepped in a time machine when i watch him rap. im just sayin..

        • God Aweful

          Generic is something anyone could do and no one puts it all together like B Magic. His flow and bars are two different things. There is no way to call his bars generic period but then to say off they were chain later is just confusing. As far as making too much of winning and losing… its a battle. That’s kind of the point. With Clips vs Factor, Clips rapped almost twice as long and it was still debatable. Clips vs Ars was boring on both ends but Clips was better. Clips is way overrated.

          There is no way you hear niggas wording bars together like Magic back in any day. I really don’t understand what you are talking about because I felt the opposite. I think Magic completely out classed Clips lyrically and I felt like 90% of what Clips was saying I’ve already heard before in other battles. Recent B magic battles at that. Its like Charlie stole people’s bars and just remixed the punch. You might be focused on how they say their bars but I care about what they are saying inside of their bars.

        • ms marjane

          No. Generic is something that’s done so frequently, it’s no longer unique. It would take another skilled mc to spit like b-magic, not just ‘anyone’. I’ve been sitting in on battles for the last two decades. Untelevised, short-notice, street level, staged and unstaged, crowds, no crowds, for cash, no cash, mutliple regions, with beats, no beats, various styles, various eras of hip-hop. I was sitting in on battles in LA before I could get a drivers permit. I’m 35. Way before URL, way before the latest batch of MCs, etc. etc.. and I’m not a fucking groupie. I’m down with hip-hop, not just a fan or whatever.. so. yeah.

          My point:

          Debatable battles are my favorite, because you don’t have a weak, unprepared, unpolished, or wack mc that’s basically going to be sacrificed for crowd-control and stack of $$ – you often have something like an equal match, but no two dope MCs are created equally. That’s the winning/losing part. Styles will clash, skills will clash, along w/ performance value, general aesthetics, and so on. The point of battling is NOT just winning, the point of hip-hop battles has *always* been to sharpen swords and to elevate styles to the point where an MC aims at being untouchable in their own lane. It’s about progression.

          B-magic is good at what he does in his own lane. He’s not wack, his bars are hot. But vs Clips, he lost points with me for filler, and in the debatable rounds, clips edged him as the stronger MC. Clips is a heavy hitter, he gets to the point. I’m less impressed with the subjects of his schemes lately, but regardless he puts the work in when he’s got an objective. He’ll bust free’s out of nowhere, *and* often those will hit hard too – again, not *just* filler. Clips has not even been in my top-five of all-time or recent battlers in at least a year – you might want to believe he’s overrated, but he’s respected in his circles and I wouldn’t take that from him whatsoever.

          In a recent interview, b-magic *said* he wrote his bars for this battle in a matter of a few hours. IT SHOWS! His punches are kiddy bars, shit you write off the top when you’re just in the flow. He uses a lot of hidden similes (where you can basically insert the word “like”), and his metaphors can be weak. His openers were *not* unique. He’s got room to grow. He’ll grow as an MC when he experiments with mixing up the word play, the punches, and the delivery. Spitting filler is the worst sin any MC can commit in front of a crowd.

          ‘There is no way you hear niggas wording bars together like Magic back in any day.’

          I don’t even know how to respond to this. You obviously mean within URL or current leagues. I don’t know, but I don’t claim niggas are innovating if they’ve got a borrowed style or spit like others that come before them. I wouldn’t bother making it up either. B’s got skills and bars, yes. But to make that statement, you might just have basic tastes or just not know any better.

          I think he’s got more in him – he’s not at the top of his game yet.. unless he IS.. which means that his stock will drop after a few more battles, and y’all get bored of hearing the same old shit from him.

          ‘You might be focused on how they say their bars but I care about what they are saying inside of their bars.’

          You *might* just be watching videos on the internet bruh. My point has nothing to do with flow vs bars, I think anyone who really follows battles knows those two things are joined at the hip, fused, inseparable. I won’t even get into the real facts, or break down homies bars because you should be able to hear it for yourself. But honestly, the crowd and don demarco were geekin’ off of punches based on death row and BVD. I’ve heard too many niggas spit like this. He had his moments. If he had a stronger second round, we might not even be having this conversation.

    • God Aweful

      Clips Won This 2-1, B Magic did his thing but not enough.

  • millz

    clips 2-1

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    All wrong evrything he said was right.

  • ThaWatcher

    Clips got heat…but B muthafuckin Magic won.

  • alamo

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  • grafikhanden

    Niggaz talking about Clips recycling. Magic recycled niggaz bars in that battle to. His opening bar was, recycled. He also reused a clip bar, an got caught up.


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