Smack/URL releases another competitive match up between St. Louis’s B-Magic & Harlem’s Charlie Clips. This is a fast paced high energy battle that is sure to entertain. Make sure you attend Summer Madness 3 (…)  follow us @URLTV and subscribe to our channel


  • Rysheek

    About fucking time lets go babe

  • Dj Flo

    Dope Battle!!!

  • BThorpe

    Good thing I live on the west coast cause if I was in the East I probably be sleep already Haha way to be late on the battle Smack… It’s whatever tho its free entertainment so I can’t complain too much

    • BThorpe

      Also what do people think of Daylyt and Swave at Summer Madness?

      • bigdawg

        good match up just not for sm3

  • Jay

    Thats why I don’t listen to recaps, everyone saying clips got bodied. This shit debatable 2-1 either way

    • A.j. Johnson

      no ether way fam i’m sorry…just watch it again…Magic won 2-1 & your right nobody caught a body that night

      • Guapo_ACE


    • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


      • SpiT

        don’t mind da NYC fans..they HATE to admit when one of they rappers get an ‘L’…..and when they get bodied they wont admit it…

      • SpiT

        agree..and i rarely say body bag….but charlie was dragging alot of da rounds & pausing…he took HALF of round 1 talkin about ‘Magic’ name….then the whole round was about the month of june…which tell me dat nigga sat down just looking @ a calendar trying to come up wit barz….

    • Logic

      I edged it to Magic (very slightly) the stumbled hurt Clip’s round, but it was still a good round. The thing is, I don’t like to be spoon fed punches. The hardest ones are the ones you’ve got to let sink in first (IMO). B Magic had more of those than Clips. Neither one of them really jumped out the window though for this battle. It was just decent.

      The first NOME event had better battles than the last two. Combined.

      • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


      • millz

        CLIPS 2-1

  • Var


  • God Aweful

    I got Magic winning every round. His bars were just better. Clips put up a fight though. I think the more I re-watch it, the Magic’s bars will stand out and it might look like a body.

  • Var

    clips 2-1

  • uptown reppa

    clips 3-0 clearley

  • Florida Boy

    Weak ass 3rd rounds but im a ride with Magic on this one

  • Jamal

    i aint watch the battle yet…just wanna say that Daylt is dead..his career is over..mark my words..Swave dont lose..esp against niggas like this datlye nigga

  • VisionZ

    OK battle….no replay value….. both didn’t bring there A game…. that being said debatable it can go either way…..Swave vs Daylyt SM3….. O-red better be on this card. he’s put way more work than Daylyt

  • Lee Hill

    Magic 2-1

  • flipper773

    I was rootin fo magic but Clips got that. 1st and 2nd round clearly. Magic had some shit in the first though. The 3rd coulda been Charlie too but the nigga kept slippin still edged him with em so clips 3-0

    • Fameock

      What battle u watch or are you clips cousin?

      • flipper773

        What they had another battle or sumthing? If they do ask ur wanna B Magic boifriend to send it to mae

  • Doc

    Round 1 was very debatable. I gave 2 and 3 to B Magic.

    • myian barnes

      exactly how I saw it

  • Fameock

    Round 1 debatable round two magic… Three magic

  • Subpar

    Smack looking like Negroham Lincoln out this bish, But 2-1 B-Magic crowd reaction made the first seem debatable, but they hopped on Clips cock after subpar bars. It wasn’t really close, but it wasn’t body bag either. A couple bars here or there in each round could push it either way. Crowd didn’t want to see Clips lose though lmao!!

  • Trazsongs

    Com on ppl magic got this 1 clips 2 rd was lite ass hell n the 3 he fuck up n tried 2 freestyle n fuck that up 2 .all u dick riders need 2 stop how r these dudes going 2 get better if the ppl don’t tell them they loss n battles it about bars n magic had bars so I give the battle 2 b magic 2-1

  • Trey Longz

    Mannnn smack will drop a battle at 11:59 pm just so he can say he put it out on the date he said he would.. But this Daylyt vs Swave batlle is NOT the business smack! you coulda gave us Daylyt vs Surf or even Daylyt vs Verb or somethin

    • url judge

      Or he could have left daylyt’s ass at home and gave us a battle we actually want to see

    • FAMP

      I have had enough of Day.. I’d rather see Swave vs Young ill.. what you think??

      • SpiT

        Boo-Ya….Swave is a TOP TIER PERIOD.!!! don know why smack always have him battle crackheads or niggas in thongs…..i mean he gon battle that batman wearing thong, Daylyt..??? R U serious nigga.???

        • FAMP

          No shit.. I know Swave is top tier.. Young Ill looks like he’s back on his shit. I wanna see the same shit u do “ass”.. Swave with someone top tier.. Fuck it get that nigga MOOK.. shit. fyi.. These nigga claim to be battle rappers & don’t battle.. im always serious nigga!!

  • Yung Ghost

    B-Magic won this. Both they 1st rd was FIRE. 2nd round I edge Magic. Clips stumbled on his words n let people in the crowd get to him so he lost that. He was lookin like ENess for a minute. B-Magic 2-1.

  • Tae L❤ve

    Clips 2-1 clips round 1 and 2 B magic got punches but its boring just like conceited gets at times

  • Flowz Shider

    Clips 2-1 first round clips clearly 2nd round was very debatable …but I gave it to Clips mite have to watch it again 3rd clips fukkd up too much …so B magic got third but he didn’t take it …it was a gimme …….
    To beat some1 like Clips u must come harder…and don’t get me wrong B magic brought it but forgot something…
    Clips 2-1

    • Trazsong

      Man clips 2 rd was lite ass hell my dude n he fuck up the 3 magic 2rd was better then clips n his 3 was better b cuz clips fuck up n tried 2 freestyle so how u got clips 2 -1 n what battle was u watching .

  • Yung Ghost

    Oh and Swave gonna cook Daylyt

  • They Love Silk

    Clips always tries to throw someone off when he feels like he lost or fucked up in a round shit neva fails b magic 3-0

  • imdareasonwhy718

    2-1 Clips. …… Charlie 1st round was better than all 3 rounds…. round 2 bmagic edged….. Clips 2-1

    • Zedric Young

      my nigga again charlie choked his whole thrid round are you sayn he won that? dont worry ill wait…… cuz you said charile gt the first ok bmagic gt the second ok….but the third slap your self bmagic 2-1

  • Mike TheFranchise YoungHomie

    Charlie my nigga but that was lame how he was yapping while b magic spittin..bruh you dope but critique a nigga bars when the footage drop..good battle..b mothafuken magic..2-1..clipz first round was his best

  • Mone

    Clipse 2-1. Only reason he lost the third is cause he kept fukin up. Magic style better when he name flipping, at least then it looks like he tailored his rds to his opponent. All that punchline shit is just a bunch of random bars. It’s starting to get old.

  • Dat Nicca

    Round 1 – Clips
    Round 2 – Clips
    Round 3 – Magic

    If Charlie didn’t have so many slip ups, I woulda gave him Round 3 as well. B-Magic really needs to work on better structure and sequencing of his punchlines. Like Charlie actually spoke on in the 3rd, right now it looks like Magic is just throwing a bunch of wild punches but only so many of them land, which prevents him from really capturing the crowd. He’s simply gonna have a tough time beating any rappers who are better at structuring their rounds in a way that keeps the crowd interested pretty much the whole time. Decent but not good or great battle. I think the recaps of this battle were off-base.

    • millz

      THought the same

    • Black

      That how I scored it, but there’s a lot of haters in the crowed and I think that threw Clips off in the 3rd round.

  • Yung Ghost

    Can we get Surf vs Hitman for SM3??? #Jersey

  • Subpar

    Man Clips is avg as hell, his schemes simple as hell, his bars overhyped and he hasn’t a great performance in the last 3 battles. Giving this battle to Clips is just the popular thing to do. Take this battle, and put it in another city I bet you that it appears a lot different. Clips even know he lost that’s why he talking during B-Magic rounds and getting made at Don Demarco. I can’t even remember one good verse from Clips and I just finished watching the shit. I don’t even like B-Magic he boring as hell, but he won this battle 2-1 if not 3-0, folks slept on some of his bars. It was a close battle, but it ain’t that debatable.

    • Trazsongs

      Real shit my dude

    • url judge

      You said it perfect

  • abdulrazak ali

    magic went in and did his ting,,ppl wer saying 3-0…
    i think 2-1 b magic

  • imdareasonwhy718

    Daylyt vs Daylyt is a better battle….. that one will be real debatable…..smmmmmmmaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk

  • Dat Nicca

    I think Daylyt vs Swave has the potential to be a real good battle and when I put a lot of thought into it, I have a tough time seeing how Swave can pull this out. Swave is best when he’s able to pull niccas cards like he did against YK, Big Kannon, and O-Red. I don’t think he is gonna be able to pull Daylyt’s card. Plus, Swave only gets in so many bars in a round because of his pacing. Daylyt has bars and he is able to pack in that many more bars than Swave in a round. Remember Dizaster beat Swave because he was able to just keep coming with bars. Swave says he ran over on time, but we all know they don’t be keeping time really at Summer Madness. I think that favors Daylyt. For niccas caught up in Daylyt’s antics, ya’ll really need to go watch Daylyt vs Lotta Zay, Daylyt vs Rich Dollarz, or Dayliyt vs Calicoe. That Daylyt will likely beat Swave.

  • green

    b-magic got to many punches dope battle clips jus wudnt stop talkin while he rappin he know he got cooked that first and 3rd round

  • D.Watkims

    I like B Magic but I give this one to clips he eage this one to me.

    • Zedric Young

      how you gone say somebody edge sumthn you cant even spell..bmagic 2-1

  • g boy

    magic 3-0

  • Lee

    Daylyt bout to go wayyyyyyyy over niggas heads. Smack thank u for finally puttin 2 niggas on that deserve it. Niggas been duckin Swave since his O-Red battle. Day a true nigga for takin on someone who everyone scared of.

  • Dynamite D

    B Motherfuckin Magic All Day 2-1 possibly 3-0 bc Charlie started chocking throat was cracalacin!

  • Trey Longz

    MAGIC 2-1

  • BD

    Clips got this 3 0

    • A.j. Johnson

      are u for real???

      • millz

        CLIPS WON

    • moneymakinvonn

      BUT IT WASNT 3-0

  • Abibi Fawohodie

    2-1 B magic

  • wilhen123

    If you think Clips won you must’ve slipped and bumped your mutha fuckin head!!!

  • Amafuka

    clips sipped in both round 2 and 3.. b magic 1st round put clips in box.. No Movie reel.. we seen magic take out clips.. thats the editors reel!!. B-Ma-Tha-Fukin Magic!!

  • Damn_Homie

    I guess summer madness 3 was cancel

  • this nigga smack better drop all the nome 3 battles before summer madness or allot of fans gonna be mad..yo smack drop at least 2 to 3 battles at a time feed the fansssssssssssssss.

  • Jay_S_Mack24

    Clips 2-1.

    • moneymakinvonn


  • Ral ral

    Rain 3-0 …lol

  • Daniel J. Gibson

    Clips needs to stop interrupting Magic’s rounds by talking through it. Respect the battle.

  • Siz

    B Magic 3-0..possibly 2-1 when I view for a second time.

  • Greggylasek

    3 things.1) Charlie is the truth but he needs to stfu when people are rapping. He only does that when he feels hes about to lose. i.e. the 3rd round. 2nd) B magic is one of my favorite battlers with that being said, he needs to literally keep landing bar after bar after bar with no interruption and he wasn’t getting it because of the crowd and clips running his mouth 3rd) I had to watch it a second time to really formulate an opinion but rd 1 slightly to Charlie rd 2 clearly b magic rd 3 clearly b magic + Charlie repeatedly slipped up. 2-1 magic.

  • A.j. Johnson

    man that nigga B-MAGIC got BAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS!!!! HE went the f#@% off he got my respect he made it in my top 10 Clips was all over the place & not in a good way…Clips won the 1st round & lost rounds 2 & 3 B-Magic got his strips

    • millz

      my nigga CLIPZ WON. he even spit a crazy bar about ruff riderz and jada coming onstage in the middle of his second and it was fire. B-Magic was ok at best.

      • url judge

        That shit was trash bro. Clips never fails to sound like he is spitting ABC nursery rhymes

      • A.j. Johnson

        COME on millz…be for real the kid B-MAGIC won …dont be bias i like Clips just as much as the next person…but i gotta be on some real shit & B-Magic got him 2-1 he mos def won 3rd no debating that…CLIPS won round won & the 2nd round B-MAGIC won because @ the end that round clips started to run out of gas

  • sampirlo

    Yall dont know what bout to happen to Swave Sevah OooMy Godddd seessssh

    • moneymakinvonn


  • sampirlo

    Goddy Battle wooww they went in pause me I dont care who won am enjoying the Battle thanks to both Magic & Clips

  • millz

    CLIPS first two rounds,,,,, CRAZY. That jada kiss line he spit off the top in the second round…. FUCKING Crazy.. Even his third was better than magics but he stumbled a bit so i give it to magic. CLIPS 2-1

    • Eeezy

      clips clearly said that was classic shit meaning old shit he used before. It wasnt a freestyle at all and it was hyped cuz jada was actually there when he repeated it this time

  • RealerDealer

    MAAAAN! B muthafuckin magic! 3-0! First round was cool but the nigga name aint june you ran wit some lame shit real deal did & got bodied too. This the first Clipse battle I aint like.

  • sampirlo

    Now finish watching the battle am sry we get a Winner and thats is B-Magic 3:0

  • sampirlo

    i hate how chalie clips moving aroung talking while magic rapping man :(

    • SpiT

      yeah…disrespectful ass nigga..

      • FAMP

        Exactly… Charlie was to friendly.. Nigga dis Battle Rap right..

    • CPG718

      stop crying both of you

  • keith sweeting

    clips round 1 tie 2nd roung b magic 3rd

  • JAWZ

    Y’all niggaz these days are fuck boys, if you a fan of magic or clips, don’t judge the battle. Y’all fuck boys, fucked up the game of battle rap. clips 2-1

  • Dot MOB

    Lmaoooo Charlie Clips showing love B MAGIC GTFOH lmaooo


    Charlie you are a hoe for doing all that diva ass talking nshit during Magic’s third!

  • BottomLine

    I never knew niggas ride so hard. Take B magic Nuts out ya mouth! I know all those recapers watched this and hit Clips up apologizing. Hands down clips 2-1. If u wanna hate on clips u will give it to Magic 2-1. But Magic 3-0 yo stop that ish. It’s no way possible Magic 3-0. Stop eating niggas and be real yall with all this eating niggas y’all going to kill this Culture. Rd1-Clips Rd2-Clips Rd3-Magic…

  • Eeezy

    Magic 2-1. Possibly 3-0. Only round debatable is the first.

    Clips came with a fire first round but b magic matched it. Clips lost a shitload of steam in his second round Magic stayed consistent throughout the battle. Clips third was horrible. What gun is a 80? like really? it’s ironic his name is clips but doesn’t know what a 380 is. His third was so bad he had to talk through magic’s entire verse to TRY to mess him up. Also, noticed there wasn’t a mic feedback all battle until magic’s third round. Both of them were in each others face the whole battle with no problems until magic’s third round. I dont think clips was his usual self this battle either. No spur of the moment freestyles or rebuttals. Seemed like clips was off his game this time

    First – Either
    Second – Magic no debatin
    Third – Magic no debatin

  • RespectIller

    I’m so disgusted with this Nome3. Niggas need to call Arsonal and Verb and tellem thanks for keeping the Culture on fire this summer!! Smh!! Every round they both spit fire!!

    • Lilfella BlacBoi Bryant


  • JAWZ


    • url judge

      Lol you really do like those ABC nursery rhymes huh? Lol to each his own I guess

      • JAWZ


        • url judge

          Im not a magic fan at all. Clips just needs to step his bars up.

      • JAWZ


  • mahdi777

    Rd 1 Clips, more punches

    Rd 2 B Magic, harder bars and more creativity and angles

    Rd 3 B Magic, barfest. you know a cat lost a fight when they tell you they lost it, that’s real rap. @44:22 Clips even admits he lost, smh

    B mf Magic 2-1

    p.s. Smack, stop making niggas wait for these battles though my dude, have respect for the fans that have respect for you while they still do. Get that SM3 card together #RNT

  • b-magic

    debatable…but 2-1 charlie…b-magic needs 20 bars to set up one punch..and has no performance…

  • TopFlighTeam

    U niggaz sound crazy thinkin clips won .. magic aint body him but he damn sure aint lose . That first round a toss up .. but the second and third Magic easy ..charliie choked all thru the third round. And all that “goin back to yo old bars” is sum cop out shit to me.. nigga dont try to use yo old hot shit to get the crowd goin .. clips got them abc ass schemes.. fuck outta here

  • 4Reel

    Anybody who said Clips won 3-0 is a fucking sword swallower. He was fumbling and messing up all through his 3rd.

  • FAMP

    Man I glad Swave got on the card. I actually like this match up.. Then we can kill the noise about Swave not being top tier.. “HE IS”

  • NuYork82

    B Magic 2-1 but close though

  • FAMP

    This Battle was too friendly.. But the bars were there..

  • FAMP

    Quit talking during the Magic’s verses Charilie.. DAMM This Battle is too friendly..

    • UjustS

      Magic talked all thru Real Deals rounds

      • FAMP

        But this is a much bigger venue and a lot bars got overlooked because of the constant “in between dialog”.. that goes for both of them..

      • SpiT

        so dat mean he lost dis one.??

  • Qierra Brown

    Clips Won 2-1

  • CoolWhipWinston

    Tie !

  • Scarface

    DNA wrote clips 3rd just listen to that shit! B-Magic 2-1 tho!

  • myian barnes

    First off, Poison Pen loves him a good punch, lol. Magic 2-0-1 Clips definitely lost the 3rd. Plus he was hating the entire battle…..lame. The 2nd was good but Magic just has so many punches. The first could go either way, I call it a tie. S/N I don’t like the matchups so far for SM3. Rex is going to BODY Clips. Clips never has a 3rd and honestly….how many times have you seen Rex lose his first rd? Clips usually rebuttals prettyt well but hasn’t recently. And who thought Day light bars and Swave I got a cold I can’t get rid of(he has bars though) was a SM matchup….or a good one period. Daylyt is going to do some outlandish stunt and troll all through the battle. He is straight corny nowadays.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    2-1 magic, clips had some tight shit but he was off a little I give the edge to Magic

  • M80

    B MUTHAFUCKIN MAGIC clipse is average at best…314 reppin bars over errthang b magic 3-0 bodybag

  • john

    Clips bars on this are horrible. Why do people even cheer that wack shit?

    • url judge

      Because they are from NY

  • Thelifergiver

    Magic 2-1 Charlie could have won, so unprofessional. Notice Magic never talked though Charlie rounds. Don’t get me wrong Charlie first round was on point. He was tripping on his 3rd round I guess magic put that voodoo on Charlie. Sloppy battle. Magic had a lot of niggas making the Jaz face.


  • DRE

    Is it me or does Smack think he invented Battle rap?

    • Edwin Stagg

      no he is the innovator without smack none these other leagues even start

      • DRE

        Yes, but they would still be niggas battling.

        • Edwin Stagg

          yeah in the dvd stores and swapmeat not at summer madness but its gone be wack this year without loaded lux hollow and kook thats a loss of potentially 4 million views

        • DRE

          Works for me, Smack need to get his shit together and humble himself. We see through the bullshit.

  • Dreday

    Smack don’t make the mistake of trying to push Daylyt on the fans. He’s too much WWF when everyone else battling like they in the UFC. Let this nigga take his L at summer madness and don’t give him no more shine. He’s a joke not a punchline but a damn joke.

    • A.j. Johnson

      i totally agree…that boy trash

      • rexchap

        no he’s not trash, he just aint sayin the simple, dumbed down shit that you understand and love so much

        • url judge

          How come people always say that same thing when someone calls a rapper that they like trash. The first thing people say is” his bars went over your head, they were too complex” GTFOF his bars aint going over nobodies head and they aren’t that complex at all. Daylyt has done nothing to deserve to be on SM3 period

        • Paul Dronette

          Unless he getting views. And that would explain everything.

        • Rexchap

          no, you want to see the SAME O NIGGAS, giving subpar performances, STEALING money…YEAH that’s it, That’s what you want to see! Swave don’t half ass it and Daylyt spits some shit…you need to LISTEN!

        • url judge

          Just because I don’t want to see daylyt doesn’t mean I want to see the same people. Swave is dope as fuck I already mentioned that he should be on SM3 so I dont even know why you brought him up

          daylyt is trash period. I listen, but there is nothing to like.

        • A.j. Johnson

          yeah Swave is gonna body this dude…easy win for him i dont even know why he took the the match it had to be about the money i wanna see him battle Aye=Verb that would have been a sick battle they cant keep ducking each other they gonna have to get in the ring

        • buckshit

          so he got naked at a battle? and all the quill shit is cool and complicated to you lol. that nigga is trash

      • Black Duece

        Dreday no one could have put it better. that nigga Daylyt is straight ass.

  • dboy31

    B magic 2-1 clips didn’t prepare magic held his own clips came to play

  • eLz from PME

    daylyt vs swave is gonna b dope…u can see how happy swave is 2b on tha card,an daylyt hungry…

    • DRE

      Fuck that, you know what’s more dope than Swave vs Gaylight?…..Week 1 of the NFL season!! Smack must be nuts to think he can compete wit the NFL LMFAO!!

      • eLz from PME


  • TreeTop

    Charlie clips 2-1…b magic got that last round but clips got 1 and 2

  • Marvin Wofford

    hurry up hitman holla vs conceited

  • Somethin’ Lite

    Dammm Daylyt killed this nikka before the battle has even started!

  • Gee

    The Charlie clips dicc ridin gotta stop..nigga get worse every battle and fans saying 3-0 or 2-1.. If anybody won 3-0 it’s magic ..clips first round was nice but so was magics, 2nd round magic had some many bars, look at jadakiss face that round, 3 rd clips was pure ass,you know a nigga losing when he beggin don demarco to cut it out.. Dicc riders killing the culture,all dat dicc ridin and lying to clips saying he won gonna keep making him write that bullshit he been givin y’all the last couple battles .. Predictable abc shit .. “It will push ya shit north left,so I text kayne to my homiez and that will push ya shit north west” nigga rhyme one syallabe words all the time u automatically know what he saying form the lack of vocabulary foh.. And he got booed at the end of his third but they gotta protect the queen and mute/edited it out

  • Chosen15

    2-1 Charlie Clips good battle but Clips 3rd round saved him wen he broke down “Magic” something similar to wat k-shine did to DNA in the third round of that battle. B magic shit don’t be makin sense sometimes but niggas go crazy cuz it sound like it should make sense dats why I’m giving this battle to clips but it wasn’t a body tho. It was a close competitive battle. Smack keep up the good work fuck these haters commenting on shit they dont know wat df they talkin bout. about half of clips and bmagic bars goin ova dey heads so how can u even judge a battle if u dont understand way they talkin bout foh. CAN’T COPY MOTHERFUCKIN RESPECT Keep that shot up smack.

    • Gee

      Stfu clips dicc gobbler

  • Guapo_ACE

    Magic 2- 1 ……….. clips first round

  • Tayewavey

    B magic Style is soooo boring and Clips was right he say a whole lotta shit that makes no sense …. Clips Doesnt punch as much but he definately punches harder . Clips 2-1

  • bighomie_619

    Damn can I listen to a brotha freestyle without all the damn pausing….I know it’s free, but damn.

  • goonondeck74

    that june shit was not hot, but that crowd gassed the fuck out those bars. That’s all I heard and had too comment on it real quick, and then he said it again

  • Magic

    Clips 2-1 Got Barzzzzz B!tches….

  • flipper773

    Dat nigga Daylyte better get off dat shit

  • Black

    B Magic Stole Clips Bar? Boooooooo! His Punch Lines Kinda Weak.

  • goonondeck74

    I gotta watch it again but im leaning towards magic, Charlie was real disrespectful

  • Black

    I didn’t really like Clips 3rd round but he beat Magic in the first 2 rounds.

  • ms marjane

    thing is clipse and magic are cool.. they just egging eachother on. I almost edged this with clipse – his schemes were dynamic and hella heavy. b-magic got crowd reaction, rapid punches.. many of which didn’t land so strong. i see clipse edging him out in 1st and 2nd. if b-magic only got a angle on solid setups, cut out some fillter, he’d be unstoppable.

    • ms marjane

      fuck it, i actually jack thriller 3-0d the whole battle.

  • goonondeck74

    he did Charlie line betta, it was like a rebuttal all that talking too the crowd while magic was rapping was not cool, off that alone deduction , all Charlie shit is the same and yall bias ass eat it up, the more I think about it magic won that one

  • thrillzdadon

    2-1 b magic rd 1 clips 2nd b magic spazzed.. 3rd they both sucked charlie start story tellin nd never finishing but id give it to b magic charlie 3rd rounds be embarrasing …

  • sd

    no hate but this battle was jus o.k. ….5 out of 10 average..more ‘wack’ than “classic”

  • Pappy Mason

    Clips got this 2-1 i mean Magic had bars but clips shit was hitting harder Clips gave that nigga the third or else it would of been a 3-0 not a body bag 3-0 i tell y’all this tho B-Magic better get some more weapons in his arsenal for real that nigga is to 1 dimensional


    Young ILL VS Charlie Clips..

  • Macmar415

    Another VERY EXPENSIVE URL event gone and this is the shit people are paying for. This battle was corny….period! Tired of expensive ass, no seats having, no food serving, pricey bottled water selling events that last ALL FUCKING DAY for trash ass battles! The only ones making out is the URL staff and the battle rappers with our cash being spent on this shit! Get some fresh blood in there smack and OFFER FOOD FOR SALE AT THESE EVENTS MY NIGGA PLEASE! Shit, even if we eat before we come wee in that HOT ASS NO A/C having spot at like 2pm til damn near midnight STARVING, LOL.

    • Edwin Stagg

      summer madness is gone be wack this year without loaded lux hollow and kook thats a loss of potentially 4 million views

  • clips won 2-1

  • rexchap

    Clips rd1, Magic rd 2 Both below average rd3 so this was a TIE 1-1-1

  • Eastside

    2-1 either way, Clips first round was disgusting

  • Damon Woodruff

    Clips 2-1

  • Damon Woodruff

    Same schemes, concepts, blah blah this shit need to get more creative, fake ass arsenal with bloods behind him, T. rex ass grabbing, a verb getting choked out, all deeZ niggaz seem fake. Math the only one with true credibility, sad, these niggaz all talk, when I look at what they say I look at who would really do that type of shit b magic or Charlie? Charlie seems like a street fighter, bmagic stance seemed defensive. Charlie 2-1 easy, just based of credibility and probability, who would blast for real. Think about it like that!

  • Edwin Stagg

    summer madness is gone be wack this year without loaded lux hollow and kook thats a loss of potentially 4 million views is risky

  • Damon Woodruff

    Credibility and probability over schemes and filler

  • DAMU

    Clips 1st round was better then all 3 magic rounds GTFOH

  • fresh

    I got clips for the win but i just personally don’t like b magic’s performance he has zero personality or charisma. its all bars which is cool but not for me. i do think clips fucked up waaay too much in the third to score a 3-0 win though so 2-1 clips for me.

  • 2Gees

    The boringest battle in history would be B Magic vs Conceited. Sorry but all these wack as punches and metaphors (Bmagic has to use “LIKE” more than anyone else). No set up or personals…..just punches. I got Clips 2-1 no body bags. No replay value at all. They damn near both loss.

    • Aubrey OVO

      Wrong. Go watch Heartless vs BMagic. I promise you’ll enjoy it

  • lazerscope

    Gotta give it to Charlie 2-1, though it was a really impressive showing by B-Magic. If Charlie didn’t fuck up that boxing scheme in the 3rd shit would’ve been crazy….Can’t say B-Magic got body bagged only because I thought he lost just slightly to Charlie in the first two.

    Oh yeah, anybody caught Charlie taking trash off his shoe and sticking it unto homie? lol….

  • Fipps

    this shit super debatable. Imma have to watch it a couple times over.

  • your dad

    cant believe Clips bit Budden like that…. lost all respect for dude… tight end wide reciever line like 6 years old… smh

  • Guest

    Classic but i give it 2-1 to Magic Clips should have just fell off 3rd round

  • Cityboy Dutch

    Classic But i gotta give it 2-1 to Magic Clips fell off 3rd round to many stumbles but he still did his thing

  • taytay

    this nigha wit da eye tho…hahahaha…nighas reactions are funny af.

  • Aubrey OVO

    Yall niggas would judge any battle. “2-1” “3-0” Nigga this battle was trash, it didn’t even matter who you thought won. Smack needs to stop setting up these matchups cause they don’t make sense anymore. Niggas put K Shine vs Big T and Surf vs Hollow… lol Y’all just putting fan favorite to battle each other for the views, but fail to realize that those combinations result in mediocre battles. Back in the day you knew who stood where in battle rap. Nowadays a nigga can lose to Chilla Jones and still get to battle Conceited.

  • merkur1

    listen. lotta dickheads on here don’t quite GET Clips. cats say his schemes are elementary, lyrically ,whatevs. y’all don’t get it. Clips absolutely controls the stage, the crowd, and the battle, no matter who he is up against. i’ll say dude’s 3rds have been off, but he still does enough to win almost every time. who has he lost to? magic looked weak, but tried his best. clips 2 -1.

  • dhsoldier

    jack thrillers faces doeeeee

  • Magicred21

    “Flying objects will give yo whole Area 51” B MUTHAFUCKIN Magic nigga

  • WTF?

    filler filler..DON DEMARCO filler …DON DEMARCO ….BAR..filler.. DON DEMARCO ..filler filler..DON DEMARCO filler.. filler …DON DEMARCO ….BAR..filler.. DON DEMARCO ..


    charlie pulling the trigger with blanks in a clip. He was hella light. B MAGIC MERKED HIS ASS!

  • PA AllDay 717/484

    33:07 somebody in the crowd scream “You got to many barz for dat nigga” Clips replied “I shoulda had him write my battle” SMH sounds like “But I will not lose cause even in defeat its a valuable lessoned learned which even it up for me”… Charlie know he lost… He had some tough shit though.

  • ThatsWhatsUp!

    On a serious note, I’ve watched this battle three times thus far, on my forth now. First was just for watching its sake, second was to catch the bars, on the third and however many over times I watch this battle, its cause I enjoy B Magic catching this body. Can’t sleep on the kid.

  • ThatsWhatsUp!

    Weak performance by Clips too in the third round, defo nervous. Has some bitch ways about him when he comes against good opponents, noticed that when he was battling X-Factor and it was X’s round

  • Pittsburgh

    B. Magic got this. Clips spit filler spent to much time explaining his rhymes and talking while B. Magic was spitting. Clips first round was hot but overall Magic was way more consistent.

  • NewUk

    Charlie got the first round. Yeah the calender scheme was kinda light but it had a better impact that b magic’s first round. Saying that, I feel that b magic wanted it more in the second and the third. When clips kept switching from old to new Charlie lines in the second, then messing up his sport schemes in the third ( not to mention the trash talk to the audience which was off putting) I thought he was wack and b magic capitalised ( even though it took a long time to get to his punch lines.)
    Still can’t believe clips lost this one but b magic wanted it more i guess.

  • Ray B

    Don Damarco respond to the crowd with that tag, the crowd participation was going crazy over the anticipation but calmed down after they realized the bars wasn’t their best.


    When they gna say whose on the card for Summer madness N Y is it in september?


    1 through 10.. I give this battle a lucky 7! lol! MayB an 8. idk…

  • Taimak Rush

    Clips 2-1 Ya’ll cant tell me no different Bmaic is supppppppper wack

    Clips out bared this nigga in all 3 rounds even tho his 3rd was off, It was as hard as the first 2 rounds. Bmagic and his punchlines be super dry most of the time. He may say some hot shit once or twice in a round and thats a maybe. He could keep up with Charlie Clips and his whole structure of rhymes throughout the battle.

  • Taimak Rush

    I take Conceited punchlines over B-magic at least you know its way hotter than Bmagic… Bmagic can rap a whole bunch of nothing just to say a punchline. He lost clearly

  • Tito Bloomberg

    This was a good match

  • Tito Bloomberg

    Clips won this by far ya need to get off magic Johnson!

  • CPG718

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another midwest nigga down!!!!!!! Get that nigga Clips!

  • 702

    Clips killed it

  • Jayryte

    Does anyone know if url has some kind of live stream or Ppv channel that can be purchased for sm3? Like how kotd has wd4 on Ppv and live stream. Cause there is a few battles I’m interested in and want to bet big on them but don’t want to wait till 2014 for them all to drop lol

  • Hippy Beamen

    Clips first round was better than all they 3 rounds…magic 2nd was just way longer lol clips 2nd was hard to tho the way he switched his flow….3rd clips fucced up alot but bmagic 3rd was ass too tho lol but overall 2-1 either way…all these NOME battles was ass anyway


    Daylyt is trash

  • MrBallsDeep

    “You go in a tight end and come out a wide receiver.”


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