Smack/URL drops the long awaited match up between Dizaster and T-Rex. These are two of the most popular MC’s in the world and many have been requesting them to battle for sometime. Summer Madness 3 takes place @ Stage 48 605 W 48th Street btw 11 & 12th Avenue NYC. Purchase tickets for Summer Madness 3 at



    Rex won… This my brother from way back, him and mook and niggas like us don’t know what losing means…..#DOTMOB #MONEYAVE

    • Esick

      T-rex loss to o-red nigga wtf is you talking about?

      • scrooge

        1st of all this was a bit of a let down, these two cats seem to have too much respect for each other (lebron kevin durant) could it be that they r both close to day? also cats saying diz 3-0 (this just wasn’t true) as a fan of both i say with no bias 2-1 diz let me explain. In rd 1 rex played around a lil 2 much it seemed thru out the whole battle that he was looking for the crowd to ignore barz but URL crowds don’t ignore barz even on cam u could clearly hear dudes in the back saying diz was hot (u even could hear fans not wanting to cheer that had too) i felt rex killed the 3rd i thought that he was gonna win the 2nd but diz had a late flurry and it was enough to me because to keep it a buck there wasn’t alot of hot barz to choose from from rex or diz im starting to see why diz has so many haters but i believe cats are bitter over KOTD vs SMACK and the home crowd treated diz like the kotd mascot but if they thought somethin was hot they cheered diz last this battle is still better than any other that has dropped on nome3 to date in my opinion….men

        • clash

          2-1 Diz? FOH! Diz was week and uncomfortable . Diz lost clearly. Rex 2-1 or maybe even 3-0 no body bag tho

        • Raythekid85

          i agree Rex had a way better performance than diz he brought that heat every round… diz was kinda sloopy here and there.. he had some good bars but he needs to chill and just work on his delivery

      • url judge

        Lol t rex lost to o-red, dna, and okwerdz. Mook lost to serius jones

        • Neal Polo

          mook lost to lux ……on doggz

        • url judge

          Yup, lux too

        • Bob Smiles

          You have no sense of bars if you honestly think OKWERDZ beat REX GTFOH!!!

    • Big Al

      Rex lost homeboy… Battles work in rounds like boxing… See what Im sayin… So when a person wins two rounds and chokes in one round… That makes it 2-1… I didn’t know if I needed to explain that or what… Since its the “no child left behind” policy in battle rap now days and nothing is judged… Picture the NBA having a game and not keeping score…

      • Bob Smiles

        Nah see that’s where your wrong, idrc who you think won or lost but the big reason why URL battles or any battles for that matter aren’t judged is because it leaves it up to debate for people for years and lets all the fans have their own opinion of who won why would they judge it? If it was judged they probably wouldn’t get as many views on the URL’s channel either because the hired judges already chose a winner then the whole fun of debating with friends or fellow fans wouldn’t exist I love arguing with my boys who watch battles like I do. It’s good and fun conversation everyone should have there own opinion.

    • Dosage

      How Rex cum taste like? You must love it.

  • Winmath7

    Diz aint fit for URL crowd. its jus not his lane. He nice at what he do on KOTD just not here. I cant think of anyone from KOTD that would do well on URL. They jus dont got that vibe about them whenn they spit. Maybe if Diz battled Clips it’d be a classic since they both can freestyle. Rex 3-0 no body bag, he was just more compelling in this battle. But Rex aint impress me at all jus did better than Diz.

    sidenote– I predict SMACK setting up a crazy card for the URL anniversry. thats why he made SM3 so light. Question tho, since SMACK fuck w/so many industry people and they fuck with the battles, why not reach out to them about sponsoring the battles? U stay shoutin out Lupe, buss, Qtip, why not get them to sponsor a battle they want to see?

    • Karma

      URL fell off anyways.. KOTD is the biggest league now….

      • Winmath7

        size wise, yes. they got like 200 MCs.. but as far as respect and longevity. Smack/Url is the best league and always will be. Not that KOTD doesnt have quality Mc’s. they are just a water-down URL.

        • rexchap

          D leaguers!

  • Eric Coleman

    This right here is why smack dont wanna pay these niggaz no more…people at these events pay money to see a good battle not watch coked up arab waste there time.

  • islandboi340

    Get dat nigga reeeeeex!!!! Best quote ever!!

    • ohgod

      What about “Eat him” by that Con’s Nigga? “Eat him”. What happened to that nigga that use to shout that?

      • SLIME

        I believe he came back for the battle vs Hitman lol

  • grizzy

    Y’all niggas is haters and dont know shit about battle because you did than you would know that “Diz is stupid dope” and that diz won 2 to 1 . rex tried but diz got this.. and if y’all knew what battle rap is than you would agréé that the nigga diz got this 2 to 1. Ez

    • Big Al

      Damn Skippy!! He not only got him 2-1, but if he didn’t slip up in the 3rd it woulda been a body bag… Nowhere near the best Rex shit… He is lucky as fuck Diz stumbled… Shorter rounds would have = sicker battle… Rounds are way too long…

  • flipper773

    Dizaster got off. Not like he usually do thou. i say Dizaster 3-0. Edged the 3rd. Diz 3-0

    • rexchap

      Then you woke up

  • grizzy

    And diz will be on the main stage again an again cause the niggaz is dope. watch Summer madness 3 watch him have battle added to the card i wouldnt doubt it. anyway i tell it how it is and diz got this 2 to 1 and everyone knows that diz got this 2 to 1 its already been said and done for so long now from all the réal emcees of the url including smddddaaaaaaack!!.” Don demarco”

  • Sneaky

    Diz 2-1 easy!!! Most likely 3-0

  • TTP

    That was a badd battle idk wat trex was doing bt diz anit made for this stage bt I got 2-1 diz

  • young slime

    i feed em the biscuit first like a red lobster meal..rex got that all day

    • Big Al

      Im pretty sure like 15 dudes have said that shit already… He is stealin bars from white boys…hahaha…

  • TTP

    Smack that’s some bullshit for all that yu should have gave us that hitman vs con bt no yu wanna do this dum shit….. shout out to HITMÀN HOLLA I anit fucking wit smack or URL until I c the hitman battle nd he should be on sm3#fucksmack

  • Eric Frazier

    Unfair battle…….Diz need to start writing for people…..Rex took this battle seriously. This shit was a srt8 money move. Like this shit should have been put wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the VAULT!!!!!!!! Real talk Rex is seasoned. Rex 3-0. Even if you took out all the cheerleading. I’m writing this through Diz 3rd round…..SMH!!!!!!!

    • mahdi777

      that is why you got this Rex 3-0, b/c you writing this through Diz round lol. Diz clearly got that 3rd round, and how bias can a nig get than giving someone a round w/o even hearing the other’s effort. #ignoredickeaters

      • Eric Frazier

        First of, def not a dickeater….Even if you give Diz the 3rd, its still Rex 2-1 debatable. Im not taking nothing away from Diz, hell he nice when he take shit seriously. (CANIBUS) Niggas paid money and stood in line and stood up for hours for you to rap filla and freestyle?!?!?!?! You see thats that GT and KOTD shit!!!! #Youdontbelonghere!

        • Marq Nash

          If your areal fan of this shut YOU GOTTA give Diz extra credit for free styling and picking back up into the writ tens…that goes along way with performers thats why SMACK kept tapping Loaded Lux and Mook like “did you catch that??,,” he lost but he performed and held his ground and had him own crew/hometown laughing bc shit was witty and off the top..#realisreal

        • Eric Frazier

          I can respect that.


    Man fuck this weak ass battle, SMACK drop Hitman battle and quit playin

  • Trey Longz

    if diz had a B-Magic flow he would be straight, the bars are there, he just force it too much

  • mahdi777

    Rd 1 Rex, Diz weak that round

    Rd 2 Diz, Rex was solid, but Diz brought his A game that round. but real talk, Diz needs to deal more w/his opponents than the crowd, think he plays off to the crowd just a little too much, but good ish homie

    Rd 3 Diz, wanted to give that one to Rex, but Diz had too many punches that round, plus a few dope style bars.

    good battle, i’m a fan of both Rex and Diz, but gotta give this one to Diz 2-1. if Rex had longer 2nd and 3rd rounds, could have went either way


    kotd and this is suppose to be the leader of the click ?…
    3-0 rex was average but its clear diz cant spit that white boy cali shit in the url.He looked he was on a molly with a perk .diz did do his best shout out to him he had some funny moments

  • therealestcritic

    Rex won 3-0. Dizaster got too caught up in the crowd and the reaction to his bars. He’s used to the crowd reacting off of anything in those other leagues. He needs some readjusting in order to continue to battle on smack. Good effort tho.

  • Data Nicca

    The crowd basically killed this battle as an on camera product with their low energy. But any real fans who have been fukcing with this battle shyt for a minute can watch this battle, ignore the dead ass crowd, and still tell that both Rex and Diz brought good performances. I’ll give the battle to Rex off the strength of home team advantage but I actually liked Diz in this battle. I would be happy to see Diz come back on the URL stage but I think he needs to battle off of a more lively crowd which prolly means just letting him battle earlier in the night. I thought Rex had a lazy 3rd round but was fire in rounds 1 and 2.

  • Jmarshall510

    2-1 Diz

  • doyou

    Rex killed this nigga 3-0 but diz tryed just not fit for that crowd.

  • Big Al

    Anyone that thought that Rex won is retarded… That fools words don’t even fit together half the time in this shit… Dizaster beat that fool 2-1 easy… If the rounds in URL battles weren’t 20 fuckin minutes long it would make for way better battles, just sayin… Rex is way harder than this performance… He needs to go back to that thirsty ass Rex from when he murked Ars’ ass…

  • Kid Dynomite

    rex automatically lose for wearing jean shorts

    • Florida Boy


      • SLIME

        & Basic shoes

        • diz was a diz

          Ol skinny jean short wearin rainbow color shirt basic shoe ass nigga, rex live near flight club pick up a pair of rainbow custom foams that will b a good look for him. Stop that jean short shit too, not yet, wait a couple yrs

    • Big Al

      Funny as fuck!!

    • Phxstreetshark

      Homeboy has rainbow colors on I see why they say him and his crew is gay

    • ohgod


    • MrMr

      Cut off SKINNY jeans at that

  • Magicred21

    Clearly diz didnt prepare for 3 minute rounds. The people complaining about the time limit is KOTD fans stfu those are the rules if you don’t like it stop watchin smackkkkkkk we supposed to wait 3 months for 2minute rounds.

    • Big Al

      Pretty sure those rounds were way more than 3 minutes bud… The video is 40 fuckin minutes long with a minute intro…

      • Magicred21

        That’s what I’m saying who wants to hear short 2 min rounds

        • Big Al

          Im down with 3 minute rounds… That is the best… But we are talkin 5 or 7 minute rounds homie… URL needs to do pay per view shits like KOTD and then it isn’t a fuckin year long wait… You just drop some cash and watch it when it goes down… Doesn’t make sense not to…

        • clash

          bootlegs and small views on youtube thats why

  • whatup

    Dizaster did pretty good better than I expected.

  • Kid Dynomite

    diz got bars but no delivery or swag

  • newera65

    dizaster won 2-1 maybe 3-0

  • Mentel

    Rex had home field advantage and that was it. The crowd never warmed up to diz. If this match played out in King of the Dot Diz would have owned his ass. T-Rex spent too much time trying to be hard, who you trying to convince? Apparently the slanted crowd.

    KOTD rappers including disaster have sick ass flows and the topics aren’t all about gangs, drugs, guns, and other retarded shit. That’s true battle rap, where the topics and wordplay don’t take a backseat to retarded gangster shit.

    Did Rex put together some good lines, sure. Was it entertaining, not really.
    Shit, canibus did better against Diz even though he forfeited.
    I give this to Diz for originality alone.

    • Magicred21

      How r you gon say disaster doesn’t spit retarded shit this niggaz is a weirdo and random rex give you what you paid for hhis 3rd round was some shit her never does why do you think it felt like a super light ass round

      • Mentel

        I don’t have a problem with retarded shit. The problem is un-origionality . Rex said nothing I haven’t heard before from other MCs. Focusing on gangster shit and not one good line that was memorable after it was over. Some of the best MCs ever never talk about that shit, they are legendary for putting together sick ass flows that range on topics. Like Diz said, I’m on URL so I’m going to use gun bars, lol. That’s what’s wrong with this league and why KOTD will surpass it. I waited for this one and it was not even close to entertaining. It was painful on both MCs but Rex didn’t even come with anything but gun bars.

        • Magicred21

          The URL is never gonna be like KOTD and vise versa It’s not gonna change.

        • Eric Frazier

          I wouldnt say KOTD is gonna pass URL……Remember Battle Rap without SMACK just aint worth watching or fucking wit PERIOD. But i see KOTD doing there thing. Most of these leauge’s dont do much of anything if it wasnt for the internet and youtube…SMACK alone has birthed alot of them.

    • Eric Frazier

      I respect that.

    • ms marjane

      kotd is too white. like not just *any* white, canadian white. culturally, all the sick ass flows sound like a wonderbread commercial. it’s battle rap for suburban white kids.

    • Bob Smiles

      I think Diz transitioned well and the crowd might of enjoyed this battle more if they weren’t already standing for 8 straight hours watching battles in my opinion. Diz deserves another shot on the URL stage he just needs to compose himself better and work on his delivery(too many studder’s and pausing in between lines)

  • B_Crooks

    Disaster sucks…. Real talk

  • Kingjaffe01

    Yo Diz is whack as hell but trex didn’t really having nothing this battle, so it looks a lot closer than it should had. I can’t watch the rest of this battle and by the far the worst battle that came out so far. Trex won 2-1 but I going to need you to do better.

  • lovefortheart

    Really disappointed in both mc’s. I feel that Diz should have taken the URL stage a little more serious, I wouldn’t be surprised if smack never booked him again. I feel like Diz has been short changing himself by not writing fully and forcing bars and getting to animated, looks cool in a group but not on a stage. T Rex, you should have killed this nigga, you had home court advantage and you didn’t come with no knockout bars, had a couple good punches. Rex should have killed this nigga so Diz take it more serious

  • Kingjaffe01

    Those who saying Diz won must be fans because the shit he was spitting didn’t translate over in the URL. He had couple of hits here and there but his style just doesn’t cut it. That shit is cool over in KOTD but strictly trying to freestyle in every damn round in the URL is a guaranteed lost.

  • jnate

    smack this was the weakest battle of nome 3. neither rex or diz stood out to me as a winner. I’ve seen every URL battle way more than once, and its sad to say each battle you drop now gets worse and I get less motivated to watch the next one. Ive been following the movement from day 1. I put a lot of people on to URL and now I feel like it got watered down, and the hungry little name battlers are drowning . That don demarco shit is killn me my dude. U don’t even need a DJ for these battles so save yo money on that one. I will never watch this battle again, but I watched danja zone vs nuborn 3 times already. Anyone of them would have won this battle and they are not my favorites by far. They had real barz.

  • jnate

    this was the weakest battle of nome 3. neither rex or diz stood out to me as a winner. I’ve seen every URL battle way more than once, and its sad to say each battle you drop now gets worse and I get less motivated to watch the next one. Ive been following the movement from day 1. I put a lot of people on to URL and now I feel like it got watered down, and the hungry little name battlers are drowning . That don demarco shit is killn me my dude. U don’t even need a DJ for these battles so save yo money on that one. I will never watch this battle again, but I watched danja zone vs nuborn 3 times already. Anyone of them would have won this battle and they are not my favorites by far. They had real barz.

  • slimeface2o3

    2-1 either way depending what u like..

  • issac

    This battle was weak as fuck! The worst Diz I’ve seen. And Rex is always garbage. Disappointing shit!

  • VisionZ

    Rex 3-0 no replay battle so far Hollow and Surf have the best battle out

    • VisionZ


  • Dr.Parga

    I think when Dizaster decided to stop writing insanely clever jokes and on point punch lines along with his gruesome bars, is when he started “falling off”. When he performs now days it appears as if he gets so conflicted when trying to find the proper rebbutal, that he ends up with a terribly morphed combination of free style and pre-written bars which I would normally wouldn’t mind if they were structured properly,didn’t last forever and were actually relevant. He should go back to the way he structured his bars before and I guarantee he will stop embarrassing himself and his fans because its getting really difficult to defend him. T Rex wins by a land slide and that honestly hurts to say. Good work Rex.

  • Florida Boy

    Damn this let me down im done i’ll watch they 3rd rounds tomorrow or somethin idk

  • E-Z steppin

    Rex took this one diz is aight but his performance and delivery was off you can’t spit a few bars at the end of a round and win this isn’t boxing

  • Ju

    No bias shyt the battle was weak but I give it to Diz 2-1 Rex getting wack as hell calicoe might demolish this boi in sm3 smh Diz need to write and freestyle only a little bit and don’t pay attention to crowd he killed him in the second round talkin bout mook dotmob sad daylyt don’t fuk wit them like that

    • scrooge

      agreed u know when verb said to ars (no thats a rex move) i thought here goes verb again (lol) after every loss its somethin but in this battle i paid attention and i saw it thru verbs eyes (rex told diz in this battle “clearly” that the crowd was going to hate on diz) and it made him look like he was trying to even pump up the crowd to hate on em and he only made verbs point even more so i went thru all of rex battles he has been told ( u needed the crowd help against a aye verb) this is bad because rappers will get to the point that they never wanna leave their home field advantage and choose to take battles where they have the best chance to win and if fans complain they’ll just say (we’ll lux only battles in NYC) for example there are just some matches that have to be on url pat stay vs hitman diz vs lux hollow vs lux charron vs yung ill or jc hitman vs diz pat stay vs bigg k why?? KOTD fans won’t truly get how great hitman is and what he does is over the head of much of the fan base because its so street i’m surprised they even felt head ice and hoffa the way they did last, the days of me wanting to see mook vs diz on url are over it will be a room full of cats hate’n on both of em (lol)…

  • Phxstreetshark

    T Rex literary made K- shine say ” Get Dat Nicca Rex” Lmfao Wtf is up wit K sunshine he is not energize this battle.

    • Big Al

      The funny shit is how Mook reacted way more to Diz than he did Rex…

  • Mike TheFranchise YoungHomie

    Diz whooped dat ass rex..they booed 3rd round but he still came gotta rap bruh..

  • Derek Lee


  • Big Al

    I just watched that shit again… I changed my mind… Dizaster 3-0… Woulda been a body bag if he didn’t let the crowd and the whole Dot-Mob get in his head… And he should have dropped that Diddy scheme after the bronisaurus line… Really though… Rex didn’t have shit on him… 90% of the heavy punches in the whole battle came from Diz…

  • Cayenne

    Dizaster was out of his element. Shouldve jus came at him naturally, he was doin to much.

  • Gee

    All the nigga who been fuccin wit Rex from the smack DVD days kno wassup.. This the Rex I fuccz wit nuthin but street barz..diz jus have a lot of Internet nerdz who Gon ride wit him to the death,he lost but it’s not that bad cuz Rex/diz don’t matchup right..Anyway Rex spit that shit I like
    Diz had about 5 barz but the rest of his shit made me laugh which would never beat street barz in my book

  • nine5for

    both did there thing i edge it to diz but can go to rex if u like his style more classic IMO best battle from NOME 3 so far

  • grizzygrizz

    watched this battle again an truth be told its fucking horrible.

  • brandon davis

    3-0 rex

  • sampirlo

    2:1 Rex It levels to this shit men

  • Hubert DeRavin

    I didn’t even make it to the third round yet and Rex is murking this dude you can see it in his face he lost. He said fuck it and opened up with that weak freestyle in the 2nd rd. this shit is like rocky vs clubber Lang the first time they fought. Diz is looking dizzy

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Crossed eyed Hindu lmao

  • Dmaxx

    Smack you should let release the not so good battles like this one early and the way better ones like hollow and hitman late like you waited to release this one, it wasnt worth the wait, but I’m still waiting on that hitman vs conceited tho, release that one bruh

  • Hubert DeRavin

    3-0 Rex dizaster is funny but he can’t fuck with those bars

  • Dmaxx

    Ohh yeah n I give it to diz, 2,1 hands down stop hating world

  • Kid Dynomite

    The dot mob crew swag is lookin shaky baby *conceited voice*

  • Karma

    It was close….I’m a T Rex fan but I think Diz might have edged it 2-1

  • Swagg

    Rex won but disaster last round was creative and witty because he fucked up and freestyle the whole time and that dot dot dot shit from the mook and serious battle was nice. He has good stage composer but should of been more prepared.

  • Velli87

    On paper this a classic, on the URL stage its ass.

  • FAMP

    DIZ ain’t even on the same level.. REX is the Best..! Killed this nigga 3-0.. I mad people even call this debatable..

  • Scarface

    This battle is pure trash nobody wanted to see this shit!!

  • BX

    rex 3-0

  • Kenji

    Not as dope as i was expecting but it was a good battle.
    the rounds were to long.

    Diz 2-1

  • Pa AllDay 717/484

    Diz Did Aaaite… Rex Kilt Em Doe, E Z

  • NasEminemPunBiggie

    Ohhh, so mook magically just disappears when K-Shine got cremated huh?

  • MoneyBamn

    Chill with the fuckin’ Don Demarco’s god damn

  • QuezRAW #RebelKidd

    I haven’t watched the third round yet but I don’t need to because Diz already won both . I’m not a Diz fan at all but he won . Point Blank ! He was snapping & Rex was to cocky . I don’t like when celebrity in the building & Rex rapping because he always pauses looks up at them , laughs , look at the crowd & wait for a Don Da Marco . Rex you lost to O-Red clearly & you just ost to Dizaster .

  • MoneyBamn

    Yall niggas are pathetic… It doesn’t matter who won, they both got paid.

  • Dje

    Holy crap its finally over, that was the most painfull thing to watch. By far the whackest battle this year and Math battle like 6 times this year n didn’t suck that bad. The entire Dot Mob whack, Diz whack, Smack ur whack for releasing this battle you should of burned it and had nothing to do with it. Stop fucking around n drop that Hitman vs Con shit.

  • Aubrey OVO

    1st off. Don Demarco is a faggot bitch. NOBODY wants to hear yo gay ass name faggot. 2nd. Cool battle, I enjoyed it.

  • King eightOfive

    i think if diz wasnt to turnt up he would of won..he should of had a coulpe more url battles before this one!!! Rex didnt do his best like the rest of the battle rappers but he got a eze W!!!

  • QuezRAW #RebelKidd

    Ever since Lux did that in the third round against calicoe everybody wants to start doing it . It getting old now & it’s wasn’t creative or original Rex .

  • Fatal2daGrave

    this shit was fucking terrible ……… Rex had few bars that where nice but everything else i heard him say was gun bar fillers which can get to repetitive …… dizaster was decent as well had few punches and bars but again he stopped way to many times and joked around. i give him credit for freestyle a bunch tho because thats what battle rap originally is . this battle is debatable but rex might of edged it with performance

  • iambig_t

    Did yall catch how Rex tried to twist Official Last dragon bar lmmfaoo that shit was #weak asf.. Official will kill both these “vets” on her worst day!!

  • thrillzdadon

    i like diz for outting t rex sheesh dude is a fag a pussy got robbed beat up cant ever believe his bars ….t rex most overrated battle … diz got barz t rex just a bandwagon clown

  • To Hard

    Man Rex the hardest dude in battle rap, as many dudes he rap about shooting and killing he the primary reason for the murder rate in NYC. Get that nigga cops!!!!

  • To Hard

    Diz has some bars, but you know damn well NYC ain’t about to let Rex lose. Rex really ain’t that tuff, all generic gun bars. I swear every time he raps it’s like a replay of another battle. How come he get away with all the gun bars and hard ish, when he stay getting robbed and knocked out, his team smacking ass, and he like 5’3.

  • ms marjane

    thanks for the exxxxtra hot garbage battle. diz can barely land a punch, surprisingly.. i was hoping he would get creative with his format. gotta remind him he’s not selling to a kotd/grindtime crowd.. url crowds are impressed by the bars. weak metaphors and wordplay, barely a scheme in sight. zzzzzzzzzz.

    • KOTD

      not saying this battle was good. but url crowd want dumbed down bars. They don’t understand anything complicated. Tsu surf was saying some BULLSHIT in the hollow battle and they were cheering like everything he said was gold

      • ms marjane

        y’knw, i want to give the url crowd credit and just say that they’re into a different complexity. what passes for hot bars in kotd feels really light a lot of the time.. but they’re not spitting crazy gun bars either.. i just don’t feel the heat. my preference is for raw lyricism anyhow, and i thought surf kinda snapped in that battle.. but you’re right, most of what he came with was bs.

  • Paul Dronette

    I asked this once and I will ask again – Was Rex a nurse? Was Ars a bus driver?

  • Art

    Rex always been a great mc, glad 2 see 1 of the best in the game never change

  • Kyrie

    Rex clearly won. THIS NIGGA DEAD !!!

  • Trey

    Rex talking that drug dealer shit and Lux shaking his head like its hot….what happened to drug dealers being lost niggas

  • Trustory

    Rex won this easy. Dizaster flow is trash and his punchlines are corny. He doesn’t fit into the URL format. This wasn’t even Rex best performance and I think he won easily 3-0. I also think DNA bodied Dizaster when they battled.

  • SpiT

    dis battle lame….i don’t care who won…

  • yallBicurious liveVicariously

    the Bicurious live vicarious. There is absolutely nothing legit about t-rex getting held down by some retarded whore in the audience. The fact that nobody checked that broad raises questions about testosterone deficiency. And that long neck brontasaurus stuff was damning.

  • yallBicurious liveVicariously

    That boo their own mother was a bad look though. Impressive to see both rappers made some entertainment value.

  • dboy31

    That’s why I fuck with rex he always represent one of smacks best and realest that nigga 3-0 fuck diz

    • bumbaclot

      stop dick riding rex was boring as fuck

      • dboy31

        Thats your opinion fagget get off my dick nigga rex won fuck you and diz yall don’t belong here

  • Gillie0808

    Diz won this battle fuck everybody that think he didn’t

  • truth

    rex 3-0 facts only

  • senegalo

    i fux with the url but that battle was boring as fuck

  • Mayhamn

    How did anyone say diz won? Rex killed him no bulshit he was spitting bars! Fuck the crowd his crew and all dat. rex 3 – 0

  • CPG718

    WOW Diz is TRASH! Please take that dumb shit back to the graveyard and bury it with GrindTime! Rex 3-0 Diz should rap on Def Comedy Bars “FEED THE BUISCUT FIRST LIKE A RED LOBSTER MEAL!!!!!” LOL GET DAT NIGGA REX!

  • myian barnes

    Rex really didn’t win any rounds. Dizaster, however, lost them all. Weak battle from two “top tier” cats.

  • ace boogie124

    Rex won the 2nd and 3rd

  • Nicolas Segreti

    all yal mothafuckas sound stupid if you watched the fuckin battle clearly DIZ won Titan up man speak facts stop riding Dot Mobs Dick

  • Elvis_Freshly

    T rex 3-0 ….wack battle

  • the5thgod

    Rex look homeless

  • justmeopinion1111

    good job both, i gave it to diz close win. he seemed more entertaining

  • dotmob

    REX Killed it

  • Zeek

    No mo kotd nikkas smack…



  • the don

    damn this battle is boring yo. damn rex

  • next_one_up

    rematch da don an rebel

  • Minnesota girl

    Man dizaster weak as fuck “yeah”


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