• MIkey

    LMAO at #QuickSchemin !! D.N.A.’s bars about ‘going into a fight’ pretty much sums up their styles, the battle, and who I think the winner was – D.N.A.

  • RUOfficialDOTcom

    LMAO! “Quick scheming” hahaha

  • Florida Boy

    The Chilla ‘cult’ fans not gone like this review at all but me just being a regular Chilla fan i agree with Jay Blac on him

  • On Point

    Yeah he pretty much nailed it. I almost feel asleep on Chilla’s rounds. He so monotone and dry. But the schemes be hot, but he isn’t going to win alot of battles. He dealing with battle rap fans not Harvard grads and rocket scientists.

  • JustMiopinyun

    Chilla and Verb are similar, they write very well, but just don’t have the voice for battling and really grabbing my attention, so the delivery suffers in a big way. Arsenol and DNA are both strong in this particular area. Of all the elements involved, the biggest to me is the delivery should be as strong as the writing.

  • Real Nigga Time Is Dead

    Just got done watching tone montana vs Sco, Smack im disappointed that you keep giving tone montana chances he is the worst battle rapper point blank period. That nigga is garbage and so many others deserved that shot on BET. Verb was right Smack giving these niggas all types of chances and they still fucking up. And nigga had the nerve to say fuck Bow Wow! who the fuck are you to say fuck Bow Wow? Tired of these niggas word up. Smack I give you 2 more years and this shit is gonna be a wrap if you dont start making some serious changes..

  • Marsiano007

    I got to agree with my nigga j black, chilla needs to speed up his schemes some thing like b magic but straight strong and powerful schemes that hit a nigga hard and he will be the nigga to beat.

  • Kingjaffe01

    It don’t matter substance what matters regardless. Besides the bars you mention thats all he had the whole three rounds. I mean that it wasn’t like Chilla didn’t had bars throughout his round. I agree maybe he could change his cadence up and reference you mention in the JC battle like but DNA didn’t had no substance any of his rounds except for the first. DNA rap so fast that sometimes his words run together. DNA died down in the 3rd except when he started freestyling but if he would had went the same time limit, he would had lost even worst.

  • BxBully

    This nigga is a fraud his opinions are irrelevant
    How the fuck this nigga get on this shit
    This the URL site. Give me a job I’d do better

  • Hydro

    DNA vs Chilla after the battle

  • Hydro


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