SMACK/URL PRESENTS : Hollow Da Don Vs Tsu Surf

SMACK/ URL’s NOME 3 event was a massive success!! The evening was packed with an action packed line up of URL’s best talent. One of the most anticipated battles of the evening was between Hollow Da Don and Tsu Surf. The battle was filled with crazy word scheme’s and punchlines which are sure to entertain. To keep up with latest in MC Battle subscribe to our channel and log on to . Follow us @URLTV. SUMMER MADNESS 3 THIS AUGUST IN NYC!!! MORE INFO SOON


  • Testing

  • Better Judgement

    tsu got the 1st round, hollow killed the last 2, tsu bars got forced towards the end

  • booga

    hollow won 2-1

    • battlerapfan

      surf did hollow real dirty, when he asked who in here think hollow better than me? they in newyork & nobody said nothing. so goes the battle…from the word go, surf control this shit. hollow lost clearly…surfs punches were crazy.
      what happened to the old hollow? im a fan of both these cats but only one showed up. smh surf 3:0ed him

      • Anonymous


      • Bg88

        Hollow got it although I do agree he was alil rusty

  • anthony baskerville

    surf 3-0

  • Antonio Stevens

    Anybody in they right damn mind know hollow da don bodied surf.

    Hollow 3-0

  • tom

    People really felt like hollow won that? he took too long to heat up and then when he did his bars were still sub par compared to old hollow. Tsu surf had him straight from that opening punch.
    Tsu Surf 3-0 or 2-1 if im being extremely generous towards hollow

  • philly215

    hollow 2-1

  • Von

    2-1 hollow

  • Cooly Bop

    NEWARK !

  • tycarterbk

    Hollow 2-1!!!

  • Water

    Hollow bodied tsu. Half Tsu shit aint even rhyme! lol

  • Water

    Roasting Session! Hollow, killed homez

  • BtrButter

    Close one …. Hollow 2-1 Surf fumbled a couple times n a bunch of gun rap

  • roger

    U nigga crzy surf bodied boy..get of hollow dick his 2nd Rd was puff thts it 2-1surf

  • tycarterbk

    Roasting Session!!!!

  • joel austin

    Ima do da battle from ova here…… cuz God bout to strike his ass
    Hollow 2-1

  • Nhanha

    Hollow has to the most overrated battle now his gonna go against with a nigga with the devil’s foot work and God’s reach surf won this battle 2-1 the 1st and 3rd just listen to what the nigga was saying.the way hollow raps will be no match for Lux, the only thing that we as battle rap fans have started acting like boxing fans who wanna see Floyd lose so much that they start making his opponents so great but what does Floyd do everytime he knocks them niggas out I really feel for hollow, lets look at the Calicoe thing everybody turned him to God as if he was the greatest Lux destroyed his career.People come next we see the first ever non-debatable 3-0 in the History of Battle rap.


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