Smack/URL Presents: K-Shine vs Yung ILL on 1-15-14


Smack/URL will debut the anticipated matchup between Harlem’s K-Shine vs Saint Louis’ Yung ILL tomorrow, January 15th, on

@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


  • Razor

    I guarantee this is gonna be a trash ass battle…

    • zed

      Dont normally agree cwit you buw your right

    • lylez123

      Still waiting on battles that happened in 2013

    • demdimes

      smack want niggaz to watch ah di boom bullshit, smack new name is smack hostage…he be having niggaz battles cheeked!!

  • Anonymous

    LOADED LUX vs CALICOE painting

    • bobwisely

      stop spamming your shitty painting on every single url video im gonna send an email to the url team so that smidddddack your ass off this website real nigga time

    • lux

      ↑Did you paint it with a potato?

  • L0wa East Side

    Smack… Wats good with the trailer.. Smh

  • Quette

    I wanna see Da dna vs cailcoe joint

  • muta

    smavk u the illest these battlers comin out in timely fashion,p.s. stop puttin thes fake as battle leauges on your shit too,they the ones killin battle rAp.peace to dna and beasly.sssssmmmmmmrrrrack.

  • Anonymous

    If this fuck boy writes one more thing about a loaded lux painting anywhere I gonna sneak him……gtfoh (dNa voice)

  • Anonymous

    ^ lmaoooooo

  • Mister

    Ayo Smack beasley and cheeko. Whats up with the visuals from these born legacy battles?
    why are they so ugly? yall also need better mics. i remember that yall didnt release the nome 2 battles because of horrible mics. now it seems like yall dont even care. Get some better visuals on these battles and better mics.

  • demdimes

    smack stop cheekin the footage-pause-


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