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CjCity Weighs in on the New Smack Event on OCT 26th and gives his predictions. Who Do You Think Will Win??


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  • K9 aka 40BoY

    u should do big T record

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    i think Big T one clear loss that dropped was hollow.. thats it until Ored and T battle drop thats how i call it

  • ms marjane

    john john is so hit or miss, i wouldn’t bet on him against jc. jjdd even gives up advantages in his own rounds.. he tried to flip multiple choice schemes a couple of times in recent battles, and his stock dropped.. jjdd hasn’t been fresh in a minute. his gun bars don’t sound legit either. dna vs b-magic will be interesting, i hope b flips some new approaches because the pline bombing does get old. if dna can spit a coherent round with haymakers, i’d like to see it. even with having an advantage in other areas, dna’s free’s really fuck up his rounds sometimes.. he’s not landing punches on the regular, and he’s comin up with quick schemes. i still feel like chilla really got at him, and the crowd gassed up dna’s performance – it really wasn’t all that. I’m still tryin’ to figure out what happened to this nigga vs k-shine.. the performance was so sub-par, it seems like he’s just on a downward trend period. i think clipse vs yung ill will be too friendly.. clips obviously wants to put on a show with him, and wasn’t even really calling him *out* as much as calling him *back*. but clips aint got it in for ill for there to be a grimey battle… he just goin dust off that ring rust. i don’t really know where ill is at with the bars.. it’s a different situation now in the last year, and he already got a clone sounding like him..

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    That Big Kannon Vs SyahBoy Might Steal The Show… Both Of Them Are Underrated…

  • Jmarshall510

    He’s don’t know what he’s talking about

  • Razor

    I just don’t understand what world this nigga is living in to think John John is better than JC… How?!?! JC has had one bad battle against 100 Bulletz yet we’ve seen John John get washed a few different times this year alone… Like I said before you have no logical evidence to support that point you’re obviously a John John fan… That doesn’t make sense… Sorry homie

    • Trazsong

      Cj city u r 1 of the most bias dudes I hav ever seen jjdd 3-0 jc is just bias

    • bUCKsHIT

      lol rightt. jc is arguably top 3 out of ANYONE

  • darius

    if john john do that dumb ass ALL OF THE ABOVE shit he automatically gonna lose that shit is getting old

  • Rugged

    You should prolly do Tsu Surf’s record, a lot of people say he’s Mr Debatable it would be interesting to see what you think.

  • Guest

    @16da32ad5f388389776cabffe78edf6e:disqus @666ec39ef2e9613041714b571cffc025:disqus We’ll see what happens when the battles drops. Damn i can’t wait to show y’all i know what im talking about lol

  • cjcity_

    Razor and Trazsong… We’ll see what happens when the battles drops. Damn i can’t wait to show y’all i know what im talking about lol

  • Echo 5

    This nigga look like a young Lamont Sanford.


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