SMACK/URLTV/Big Cheese Presents: Hitman Holla – Hold Me Up


  • ChiseEagle

    This shyt is meeeeeeeaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!

  • Derick

    this shyt go fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkin hardddddddddddd son……… good shyt BIG CHEESE way better than tombig7 shyt

  • CharlieKun

    The “brother gonna have to hold me up” bit could have fit nicer, but still dope nonetheless.

  • ohgod


  • Florida Boy


  • Looka

    Follow on twitter @LooDuffie

    • Cmon Man


  • cmd★sjerz


  • Pab

    That Nikka hit man made history !thats what he’s suppose to do ”

  • ferb420

    Sick shit, mad props

  • Bolaji

    That Holla cat made conceited look like a baby.

  • Chris Scott


  • mike lon

    hitman holla had some shit but conceited took that battle 2-1. better bars over good aggression

    • Kiddddo

      What battle you watching? You can’t even remember nothing from Conceited’s “Bars”
      BTW He sucked on Wild N Out.

      • DMC

        the pneumonia and halitosis bar in the first round. conceited’s first round was fire. what battle you watching?

  • Detroit Nigga

    Damn dis is some cold as shit #LittleBroGoneHave2HoldMeUp

  • Kiddddo

    Happy he bodied Conceited. Can’t stand that little cocky ass midget.

  • DaLastjadi601

    My nig that was nasty !! First time every leaving a commit

    on this an that sit was tight. Jacktown 601

  • Anonymous

    HitMan killed it


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    What rounds?