SMACK/URLTV/Tombig7 Presents: Ill Will – Shell Shock

This is a Tombig7 Mix of Ill Will in his battle with Tay Roc. As always like share subscribe and enjoy. To keep up with the latest in real Hip-Hop and the MC Battle culture subscribe to urltv channel
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  • ohgod

    Terrible. Will wait to see what cheese comes up with. But nothing beats Hitman’s 1sr rd mix Cheese did against Con.

    • clash

      Terrible?? kinda dope to me

  • Fafodadon

    Shit is crazy dope

  • kulture

    ill will had jokes, tayrock came with bars. roadblock! do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars lol.

  • Spindizzy

    Where is all the good beats at cause big tom didn’t get none. this shit is garbage and the rappin was aight at best. Not only do rappers have to step their bars up but beats have to be stepped up as well.



  • Battlerapfan4life

    GTFH Spindizzy Yo Tom real shit yo shit was wack at first but NOW You stepping yo shit up. this shit DOPE AS FUCK. Keep em coming

  • Dizzle

    This mix was dope… I’ll will got a mean flow and I didn’t know about tayrock till his battle with will. I like I’ll will but I have to say tayrock won 2-1. But this mix goes hard tho…
    I wonder if they can make one with tayrocks bars?


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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 good meeting you bro!
  • JC
    RT @MrPhillips83: On some real shit all the battlers were cool.. @Real_DealRaps is fucking hilarious @ThekidJ_c is dope tho.. a trolling di…
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    I been knew that but I'm still learning
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    As much as I preach you can't do it all by yourself... TEAMS win championships
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    RT @Slim_Jim_: 40 could've beat PC if it wasn't for the choke. I got PC 2-1
  • John John Da Don
    What rounds?