SNKRBST & URL drop another dope match up squaring of JC from Michigan VS John John Da Don from Yonkers. Catch the full batte and let us know who took home the W. @URLTV @JOHNJOHNDADON @THEKIDJ_C


  • K9 aka 40BoY

    JJDD Won This

    • Agustus Mayes

      How did he win when he stole bars for this battle?

      • K9 aka 40BoY

        y’all love saying that don’t ya bar stealing move to something else please

  • Omega

    imma give it to jc edge

    ait battle…

    Message to Cortez, Dna, charlie clips, johnjohn, jC


    these niggas took 5 battles in a month and a half

    • peez

      only dna needs to sit the f down he battles every fn month smfh

    • Diesel 45

      Omega you don’t know what it means to get it on your grind. Only a lazy ass would say what you said. Broke mentality.

  • HDTheProducer

    The (2) Most (Non Believable) Niggas When talking “Gun Bars” in the game period

    • @ITZDMB

      nobody in the game has shot anyone, who gives a fuck its battle rap have you shot anyone? are you a gangster? no? stfu and listen

  • niyon

    JC edged it 2-1…1st JJDD 2nd&3rd JC

  • hamza

    Good battle. And who cares if some of their bars not believable, y’all think bc guys got a tougher image they letting the ratchet spray and broadcasting on the stage. Grow up, it’s hip hop, entertainment. Off that since cats wanna judge other cat’s realness, bc truthfully, anyone can cop and squeeze a ratchet, scary niggas will shoot just s quick, but oh well, rather them spit it in bars than do it in the street like the system wants.

    Off that, both solid 1st’s, but John John’s schemes and personals were more entertaining. John dance scheme was nice, but can tell JC smelled blood when he started that 2nd and finished him off. 3rd, John didn’t seem to have that fire, JC easily. JC 2-1

  • Razor

    JC won clearly… Salute John John for figuring out creative ways to credit himself in that 3rd round tho these battle rappers are incredible at that… That nigga CJCity said John John would clearly win 3-0…. I told you it was dumb then… and I’m gonna remind you it was dumb now…

    • Strongchef

      jjdd won 2-1 good battle

  • pimpin slimm

    JC 2-1


    jc won this one but young ill murdered jc…

    • myian barnes

      Uh, ILL was bodied in that one….ILL hasn’t won a battle in years….closest one was the Rex battle but I called that a tie.

  • Darkvibes

    If they all rolled with the heat they say they do we wouldn’t have a battle rap scene at all because they would all be dead or banged up. You can’t be a gangsta and a rapper at the same time these days, those days are dead. It’s like trying to make a “godfather” type film these days, you couldn’t because there just isn’t that pool of quality “Italian American” actors to choose from anymore. Look at the mainstream at the minute, FairPlay to kendrick for trying to spice things up a bit but he is hardly a “biggie” or a “tupac” is he, you can’t recreate the nineties, it was a golden age that can’t be challenged for talent……anyway rant over and ill cut short my battle analysis and just say I give it quite clearly to the man from the Yak!!
    2-1/Bag debatable

  • Jnyce415

    battle was weak they both lost to me

  • Florida Boy

    Yo how the fuck can the sound quality be this bad? Cmon yall get that shit together…..On another note im rockin with JC in this one

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh


    • Truth

      Don’t be a dumbass. He looked at his phone becauee JJ used that multiple choice scheme AGAIN. And it’s absurd.

  • Nolies357

    John Jon Won That….Its A Battle A Fight. JC is Nice But John Jon Punched His Head Off..2-1.. Rsht

  • InTheClouds856

    These niggas…smh

  • Haitian Whitey

    @discus you a clown. If you listen to the beginning of the round he was making fun of JJDD on tweeter

  • Haitian Whitey

    You niggas need to stop being fucking Divas and stop complaining atleast they released a battle.

  • K9 aka 40Boy KiLL Urself for saying that JC WoN clealy No Debating

  • myian barnes

    JJDD had some dope wordplay,especially in the first,but he just has to find a way to ruin shit with his swagger jackin’ ways. He completely ripped off the way Hitman acts his bars out(a lot of people do it, but he did it exactly how Hitman does) and the whole dance shit he stole from ILL. JC 2-1.

  • elo

    detroit aint have shit to with battle he will pay for that

  • Pappy Mason

    2-1 JJDD

  • GUNNER88

    jc won 2-1 okay battle i like the fact that there’s no haters and you could actually watch and listen to the battle.

  • D

    Jjdd win

  • A D

    Battle was boring…jj only comes with 1 good round now a days…..I give him the first ….jc might have won 2 and 3 but barely…jc spits too much filler

  • Darnell Godengineering Gary

    This was not a good battle Im a fan of Jc I think he could have came with better shit I still gave to Jc 2-1 close but 2-1 Jc next battle I expect better shit

  • Realddiddy


  • Ace Boon Coon

    damn jjdd wack as hell… its nothing entertaining about him anymore

  • Bnews Theemcee

    jc didnt go hard on him it is a waste of bars i think, he did way better against charlie but i can understand

  • Tony Brown

    Jc 2-1. JJDD took the first round, but handled after that.


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