Star Interviews Loaded Lux willing to take 30k [SHOT97 EXCLUSIVE]

Battle rapper Loaded Lux calls in and chops it up with Troi Torain (STAR) about the disconnect with URL (Ultimate Rap League), the Summer Madness 3 event and more.


  • sjerzcmd

    That mixtape is dope, ive been poppin shit sayin dude isnt spittin 40thous dollar battles but he is talented, best mixtape on datpiff in 2013

    • K9 aka 40BoY

      u aint heard ed cd on there hoe

  • Spike

    I like to watch STAR work. Brother you don’t mess around in your interviews. You wouldn’t let lux run around the hard questions. Lux, go get that paper while you are HOT. Good job STAR !!!

  • john doe

    Smack its a shame loaded lux not at sm3 diddy aint shit but a black jew he cud pull it off but i guess he your man on his iwn time only when it benefit him lux deserve it best performance at sm2 so make something happen

  • D5

    fuck money where your loyalty at feel me??? #LOM fuck loaded purses and luxury

    • K9 aka 40BoY

      real talk

  • HipHopSyko

    Smacks pockets aint that deep, stars buggin.

  • Timothy Bias

    Lux is trying run stuff but he is getting what he wants the money I cannot hate but he better not choke this time.

  • flipper773

    Here is the card that shoulda been on SUMMER MADNESS 3:
    Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don
    Cassidy vs Meek Mills
    Math Hoffa vs Murda Mook
    Swave Sevah vs Aye Verb
    Serious Jones Vs DNA
    Iron Solomon (Come back) vs Dizaster (No biaz)
    Lady Luck vs Ms Hustle

    I woulda brought a $300 dollar ticket for this!

    • Florida Boy

      Out of everybody that been putting in work and deserve it u would pay to see Solomon on the URL stage again????? If thats the case i got some ocean front property in Idaho i can sell u

    • Oh My

      whatever u smoking i need some of that out here in DC. 1st off nobody want to hear Cassidy and Meek elementary asses in the ring. 2nd Mook would kill Math but both them niggas boring dont nobody wanna see that shit. 3rd when the hell the last time we seen Lady Luck in the ring? 4th no fan or URL wants to see Solomon or dizaster let alone in the ring together. and 5th if u willing to pay 300 dollars for that weak ass card i got a brand new 2019 Jaguar i can sell to u on the low for bout 20k u interested?


      good card minus iron vs dizaster

    • DTG

      nah bro ur close but its lux vs. hollow, lady luck kickin jaz ass, swave vs verb, con vs b magic, mook vs surf, mickey factz vs big T, rex vs reed dollaz

  • Sclass

    I fuck wit star. But lux is b4 his time a true pioneer in his own right, ppl not trying to here him out cuz there to small minded to appeal to reason.


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