Star: Snoop Dogg’s Comment About Migos Was Some “Sucka Sh**”

Star  Snoop Dogg s Comment About Migos Was Some  Sucka Sh      YouTube

“Snoop Dogg recently made a comment about not being able to tell Migos, Drake, and Future apart on songs, which radio host Star told VladTV was some “sucka sh*t.” He explained that there is a common thread in Hip-Hop today that pushes for the new generation to come up, but Star thinks Snoop’s comment goes against that mentality.

During the conversation Star also addressed his previous beef with Snoop, which led to the “Gin & Juice” rapper threatening to beat up Star. The Shot 97 host said that Snoop never responded to his comments online, and later he admitted that he and the West Coast emcee met in person back in the day when Star had a show on MTV.

Check out more of what Star had to say on the situation above.”

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