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Steel City Smackdown  Flyer! Event is  taking place in Pittsburgh on March 21st. This Card will feature three battles, Real Deal vs Rosenberg RawRone vsDanja Zone and Lotta Zay vs Nuborn. Also on the card will be three Proving Grounds battle, and a special surprise battle. The event will be taking place at the Mr. Smalls Funhouse, which is located at 400 Lincoln Ave Millvale, PA 15209. Doors are scheduled to open at 7:30 pm, and the event is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm. Tickets will be available at, but there’s no details on the site at this time. You can email[email protected] for VIP Tickets or Stage Passes.

We will have more details on the event, including any more announced battles, as soon as they become available. You can check out the flyer for the above


  • Tosmas

    Dope Card!

    But we need better matchups like Ty LAw vs Mr wavy or Rone vs Bill collector! Lottazay vs Chilla would have been way better then Nuborn…..

    I will support this card regardless!
    but if the audio or visuals are fucked up for this event i am done with the URL!
    If yall have bad audio thats really the last straw!

    • brian

      Lotta Zay vs Nuborn. is unfinished business. Smack didn’t campaign for this battle. It just happened cuz of the tension between Nuborn and Zay.

      • Tosmas

        They have already battled once before and Nuborn Choked the last time he was on that big stage AGAINST SCO!
        are u telling me Chilla vs Lottazay wouldnt have been better?

        Anyways i support this card but if the visuals and Audio is not on point i really had it with supporting this league.

  • brian

    Am I reading the top of that cad correctly? “An All Ages Event”? So its cool if I bring my 10 year old Nephew? smh

  • Alpo

    Yo Smack this needs to be the Summer Madness 4 Card
    Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook
    Conceited vs. B Magic
    Charlie Clips vs. Hollow Da Don
    Hitman Holla vs. DNA
    O Red vs. Tay Rock


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