STL Street Report Presents DEE BOI DOLLAZ vs GOT FLOWZ Full Battle

STL Street Report Presents DEE BOI DOLLAZ vs GOT FLOWZ Full Battle   YouTube

“Battle between 2 of STL’s Hottest New Faces. Both have been making a lot of noise in the City and this match up was a very anticipated matchup.”

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  • DBlock

    Its about time Twizz, the trailers are a big part of the cards. When you hear match ups like Conceited vs Hitman or DNA vs Chilla your first thought is “Why?” or “that dosent make sense” then the trailer drops and you forget about all of that and you’re just hype for the battle


    This Card is crazy!!!

  • WorldWide

    B Magic and Chilla finally made it by fighting and earning it. Dont let us down…

  • DBlock

    My only prediction is that Bmagic will beat Clips pretty decisively. Clips leans on his freestyle ability (which is hit and miss) a little too much and he hasn’t came with 3 full pre written rounds in years, why would he change now?

  • Jamal

    Yall Keep saying about time but you want to drop the trailer close to the event. This aint paper flyers, this shit gonna get views fast. The battle was dropped perfectly like 3 weeks before the battle.

  • Roryb

    Yo Smack… Put a DVD to together of this night. I’m sure there’s plenty other people out there who’d like to buy it.


    • Florida Boy

      i definitely would

    • Quez

      I would definitely by this ! & the summer madness card gotta be crazy to top these battles

    • Pappy Mason


    • nine5for

      ill buy the dvd but only if it came with a bonus with young ill & con, or some really good BTS freestyles and arguments of future battles, pretty ladies, and only if they still drop it on youtube for everyone who might be able to buy the DVD

  • Florida Boy

    this a fire ass card and for some reason that nigga Chilla sound like he aint bullshittin he making me think he gone 3-0 him

    • Billybob

      It sounds good but that crowd is tough and idk if they have patience for schemes

      • Florida Boy

        DNA has them long drawn out punches sometimes so the crowd gone have to chill a bit

    • kato5209

      U aint lying! DNA style is tiring and played da fuck out! Chilla 3-0 easy! I dnt kno if its just me but DNA damn near lost majority of his battles on SMACK, ppl only think he beat Surf (i still think that battle can go either way, gotta listen to da shit Surf was sayin) and Tech 9 on SMACK…but we’ll c tho!

  • Bawse

    Yo Smack, get a PPV livestream together for this event ASAP. You would make a killing on the PPV for this event!

    • SuperSquid

      fuck yes!

  • justreal

    you need ppv smack………………….what about those who cant fly to new york but wanna see it?? Start catering to your fans a little harder you would appreciate the come back im sure

  • bklyn ox

    Hollow vs surf- hollow 2-1 close battle
    Clips vs b magic- clips 2-1
    big t vs k shine- battle of the night
    rex vs dizaster- 2-1 either way
    dna vs chilla- 2-1 either way
    con vs hitman- con 2-1 close battle

  • 315 NY

    For real the Pay per view is a good idea….URL is the TOP battle league in the world but doesn’t have PPV, but King of the Dot, Strictly Bars and other leagues that aren’t as big as URL have pay per view???? Once again it doesn’t make sense man. No other league should have anything that URL doesn’t PERIOD.

    • juan lee

      they dnt have PPV because they dnt want ppl bootlegging it

      • 315 NY

        So what he will make more money in the end…the battles gonna come out on youtube anyway eventually…the only thing it would mess up is a few less views…and if fans like you keep giving Smack excuses it will never happen…think about what the fans want..

        • juan lee

          Fans like me? Nigguh “NORBES” said that not me im just telling you why he said that wont happena nd I’m 1 of the biggest supports of battle raps y u think I make some of those “Best Of” videos smh, stop assuming shit u dont kno smh

        • 315 NY

          You got it bro…i’ll admit i was wrong…it seemed like you were just throwin out a random comment at the moment…i didn’t look that far into it…and i also didn’t know you made some “Best Of” videos…didn’t know you supported the culture that much…my bad bro i apologize no bullshit

        • juan lee

          lol u str8 and yea that’s me

        • 315 NY

          LOL wish i knew that…i’m always watchin those videos….good shit bro keep puttin those together.

    • Jonnypause

      Unfortunately because of bootleggers online the event would lose exclusiveness and value but it would be nice.

  • Url757

    Tsu Vs Hollow.. Tsu 2-1..
    Con Vs Hitman.. In the build. Hitman 2-1… YouTube.. Con 2-1 maybe 3-0..
    Clips Vs Magic.. Magic not ready for Clips.. I don’t care if Clips don’t have 3 full rounds or not.. Lol.
    DNA Vs C. Jones.. C. Jones got this 1.. C. Jones then will get Clips..
    Rex Vs Diz.. Rex 3-0..
    Big T Vs K-Shine.. Shine going to win.. Big T never been on a stage like this…

    • Supa Grover

      damn u drunk.

      Tsu v. Hollow, Hollow shouldnt have even taken this battle but 3-0
      Con v. Hitman, Con 2-1 possibly 3-0
      Clips v. Magic, Magic 2-1 I think Clips is going to choke

      DNA v. C.Jones, DNA 2-1
      Rex v. Diz, Diz 2-1 I’m sure Diz got some shit for Rex
      Big T v. K-Shine, Big T 2-1 if not 3-0 If he performs like he did against K-Shine

      • Url757

        You ” drunk ” with that’s dumb ass comment you made… Lol.

        ” Clips will choke. ” .. Magic will choke before Clips.. Since Magic never been on a stage like this…
        ” DNA Vs. C. Jones. DNA 2-1.? “… Just Nah. On that statement…
        ” Diz 2-1 ” … Rex will NOT let Diz come to his league. And beat him. I know that for a fact.
        ” Big T 2-1.. If not 3-0 “.. Really…? Lol. Big T has NEVER 3-0 nobody so why would he 3-0 shine..? Hell no. Lol.

        ” Con 2-1 maybe 3-0.. ” in the build.. Hitman WILL NOT get 3-0 by no one. Because he performs.. On YouTube.. Con is going to win.
        ” Tsu 3-0 Hollow “.. Tsu is my fav. battle rapper… But Hollow been gone for to long to get 3-0..

  • Gee

    -Surf 2-1 (I like the complex barz wit deeper meanings)

    -Hitman 2-1 ( in the building con Gon seem like he 3-0 him,but on camera u hear all his filler…Hitman cold thoo,I guess niggaz be so caught up in the performance they really not listening ..smh)

    Magic 3-0 .. (Clips Basic Af, in the building of course niggaz scream for everything,on camera Charlie ass)

    Chilla 2-1 (one thing I give dna I’ve never seen him get killed badly or 3-0d)

    Rex ( I just like the shit he talk about,Diz cool from the few battles I seen..really don’t care about this matchup though,should been somebody else vs Rex or diz vs sumbody else)

    Big T 3-0 (no body bag though..shine been on his shit lately but Big T a lyricist ,and I don’t think he could match witts wit T)

    • Jamal

      worst predictions ever..your hitman explanation was classic (made no fucking sense) and here goes another charlie hater..niggas say Charlie trash but no one has beaten him yet. And dont shoot names cause your a hater so your one of those niggas who will say Verb beat him and shit. Nigga said he from u not nigga u from fuck town USA..its not even the predictions..its the explanations behind them

      • Gee

        Get off my dicc faggot.. I hurt ya feelinz cuz I don’t like clips..dats bitch tendencies brah..fucc wud I lie about where I’m from I’m not none of those homo lil niggaz u argue wit all day online..EAD

        • Jamal

          nigga i said all your predictions is fuck boy shit. The clips excuse just shows you a faggot. A nigga been battling how much now..tay rock, verb, x-factor, big t, tony d, arsonal and has never lost..i pointed out clips cause when a nigga hate and call a nigga trash when he has never been beaten then it shows your just a hater. Haters dislike people for reasons that make no sense..the nigga is garbage yet hes beaten everyone hes faced..just say u like b magic and u think he will win..but i hate dick riding faggots..and once again im not even a fan of clips like that..hes nice im a swave fan..i just call out bitch niggas for being bitch niggas

        • 315 NY

          Yeah the only ones that were even debatle was Serius and Arsonal….i don’t really like Arsonal but you can argue he edged Clips just because he had more material and i think Clips took that battle kinda light….and probably don’t give a fuck about helping the UW leauge lol

  • Alfveli Freshngo

    one word…da don is back….congrats to chilla and b magic…..dna better not flop on this one…

    • Tsteez

      That’s a little more then one word, but I know what your tryn to say. That battle is gona be the shit! Hopefully we get to see it before Summer Madness 3 starts…

      • Alfveli Freshngo

        i kno smack always release them when it doesnt matter no more…..

  • Gary Santos

    i hope chilla kills dna and b magic kill clips

  • Batman

    how did surf become so popping??? his best battle was him vs kshine. this nigga mix tape is trash. he runing around like he meek mills smh. DNA and surf are the most overated niggas surf is trash, this nigga be in paterson NJ fucking trannys.

    • UjustS

      I think his battle vs Big T was much better

    • Jonnypause

      Take it easy baby

  • GA$AP Rocky

    Hitman is Gay and trust I know a gay nigga when I see one, no homo

  • killajing

    what ever happend to that philly shit that was supposed to go down wit reed dollaz and surf smack set dat up if reed still wanna do it

  • Zedric Young

    all these battle look gud i just want to c them .I was present for the chicago card last fathers day and it was live as hell I thought big t beat clips at first ……then i had to stop being bias lol but big t had the best showing against him

  • london

    PREDICT WHAT YOU WANT! 1 thing for sure this shit gonna be hot and we all gonna be waiting for it like the bad bitch that finally said she was coming to the crib at 12 at night! I dont give a fuck what other league got what other distribution channels they aint got the line up like SMACK! They aint got the celebrity battlers! I cant wait to see if Hollo got what it takes to live up to the LUX flow style. He gonna need to come wit that shit so we know its worth it him even getting on the stage wit lux right now thats like Jay Z battling wacka flacka the nigga good but do he have that extra to take it to that next level? We need Jay Z battling Eminiem Hollo show us your Eminem.

    K-shine he a killa

    T-Rex he a killa

    Conceited – who gives a fuck if he wins or loses the nigga funny and brings something to the table we all wanna see. Thats like if Tyson said he was fighting Mayweather next. You gotta watch cause aint no telling what will happen.

    Su surf – You been hangin wit KD living good now its time to show and prove.

    Chilla & B Magic – we need you young niggas to bring something new to the table.

  • A.K.o.B @Cpt_Kenz860

    Good card! Some battles I don’t understand tho in regards to match ups but we’ll see.

    Looking for beats? Hit me up on Twitter @Cpt_Kenz860

  • rexchap

    I’m SO sick of HOLLA….that nigga DON’T BE WINNING shit. He swear he be doing work….ROFLMAO!!!!! NIggas need to listen to how corny that nigga is! CON will run circles around this wack nigga!

    • Logic

      Come on Rex. Here we go again with this sh*t. The nigga is on the card because he’s (arguably) the most popular nigga in the culture. Six battles on URL, six battles with a million views or more. It’s simple fu*king math king.

      When there’s no official judging or voting, nobody gives a fu*k who won or lost. Neither does Smack. It’s about TRAFFIC. These niggas don’t give two fucks about wins and losses. Just think about all of the so called “top tier” niggas that have fu*king sucked over the past few events.

      Tsu Vs Hollow – Hollow. Surf will need more than bars and aggression to beat Hollow. Just ask Big T how that worked out for him.

      Con Vs Hitman – This should be a goodie. Can’t call it either way. But I will say this; EVERYBODY HH has battled has been superior to him lyrically. He’s obviously handled himself alright.

      Clips Vs Magic – It’s up to B Magic really. We know what to expect from Clips. He’s got the complete skillset. Has Magic evolved enough to counter Clips? Not sure. But we’ll see. I give the slightest of edges to Clips since he has a few more moves in his arsenal.

      DNA Vs C. Jones. – Again, this all depends on Chilla. Has he evolved enough to handle DNA? I sure hope so. I’ll give a slight edge to Chilla since DNA isn’t as entertaining as Clips.

      Rex Vs Diz – This battle is the most unpredictable. It all depends on how the crowd responds to Diz. If they fu*k with him and Diz can stay focused and not break into those random ass freestyle rants (see Diz vs Arcane), he can beat Rex. Especially if Rex comes with the sh*t he had against O Red.

      Big T Vs K-Shine – This will be the battle of the night. Shine has been on fire as of late, but I know Big T is sitting on some SHIT. I’ll rock with Shine, but he better not fuck around. He could die if he fucks up.

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    Bigg-T and Concited are DEAD

  • Mr.Ha Ha

    I wish more top tier battle rappers would b like Clips and DNA,,, DNA said anybody smack call him to battle he doing it,,,,they ain’t like the rest of them top tier niggas,,,,running from the niggas who’s a threat and trying to get to that main stage

  • Andre Harris

    There is no way Summer Madness 3 can top this card. I don’t care if Lux, Mook, Serious, Meek Millz, Cassidy and Jae Millz was on the card. This card should be called Summer Madness because this line up is crazy.

    • Somethin’ lite

      Man i gotta agree with you. Is there such thing as too good of a line up? I mean the main event is the finale of the show. If the whole card are main event type battles, the energy of the crowd will be dispersed evenly throughout the night instead of built up to the very end. In other words, the crowd can become jaded then bored. Also, summer is just around the corner. You guys need to do this event earlier in the year so energy and anticipation can build back up. Damm, can’t believe i’m giving this advice out for free. I get paid to do this shit!!

      • Jonnypause

        I disagree, I’ve been to a couple big URL events, the crowd just want good performance, I think the Energy will be up all event just on the strength of elite competition, damn near everybody on that card some serious craft.





  • Pappy Mason

    BIG T is over rated

  • Edwin Stagg

    big t slow down on the food you could barely make it thru a sentence nigga ctach ya breath

  • W. Wilson

    This card is insane. How do you top this for SM3?

  • Hubert DeRavin

    The only battle I’m pissed about is kshine vs big t. Big t is no comp for k shine

    • Zedric Young

      r you serious hubert? 2-1 big t

    • UjustS

      That’s bout as crazy as dude who said Hollow gonna 3-0 Surf

    • Jonnypause

      You sound silly, I can understand u thinking he k shine better but no comp?please have u ever seen Big t battle? Bias dick riding is what mess the game up fam

  • Hubert DeRavin

    K shine needs to take on a O red and revenge that dot mob loss by Rex or challenge Math. Either way I,ll just listen to k shine spit his shit and fast forward big t shit views is views Right smack.

  • Heywood Jablomi


  • ChicagoWeOn

    Greatest ..event ..card ..ever…

  • 315 NY

    Here’s my predictions…no bias…a lot of my favorite battlers are on this card,

    K shine vs Big T…i wanna say Big T cause it’s been a year since he battled and i know he gonna have a lot of bars. But Shine is different…and he’s on a roll and seems to keep getting better. i got Shine 2-1…taking the last 2 rounds.

    Hitman vs Conceited…Con is gonna punch A LOT…because he will HAVE TO…but Hitman hasn’t been on URL in awhile and he throws haymakers along with performance…this will be a classic to me but i got Hitman 2-1…Con will have some shit tho.

    B-Magic vs Charlie Clips…everyone thnks Clips is gonna take Magic lightly and idk why because Magic is hungry and i think he’s gonna have his best performance since the Chilla battle…haven’t seen the Tay Roc one yet but i heard he went in…this is probably my toughest one to pick and i didn’t expect that..but if Clips takes him light he’s gonna lose..and i don’t think he will…Clips 2-1

    DNA vs Chilla Jones….Chilla Jones looks focused and like he’s got something to prove…but to me SO DOES DNA….he needs to prove he’s still a top tier battler…to me he still is but he’s been hearing a lot of criticism lately since the K Shine battle and putting on the beat in the 3rd round…i got DNA 2-1 in a back and forth bar/scheme fest lol

    T-Rex vs Dizaster…listen i know Rex is a legend..but when Dizaster takes a battle seriously he’s amazing…i think he will adapt to the URL crowd just fine…he also said this is the best shit he’s ever wrote for a battle and if Rex beats his first round he will retire lol…i think Diz will clearly take rounds 1 and 3…so Diz 2-1 and if Rex don’t come with something amazing it could be 3-0

    Main Event….Hollow vs Surf….great battle…everyone says Hollow shouldn’t have took Surf but i disagree…i think Surf matches up well with Hollow and will make this a classic…this is not just a warm up for Hollow before he battles Lux…this is a true test to see if Hollow still has it…and there is no doubt in my mind he will prove he does..he’s gonna have some crazy shit and might be better than ever…i got Hollow in a 3-0…but not a clear 3-0…some rounds will be debatable and Surf will NOT get bodied…i just feel like Hollow will be able to edge all 3 rounds.

  • shoota

    I did surf get hollow …thats some bull…I rather seen him go against calico


    kshine gone need a BIG BODY BAG! big t hot…but i dont think he can kill shine… he better bring out his A PLUS @ellaykhule

    • Zedric Young

      kshine gone need to b on his a game


    kshine conceited dna bmagic are my wins tsu & hollow is a toss up… i also like clips & some of these battles can go either way oh yeah DIZASTER this yo west coast big homie…DONT SLEEP or FUMBLE like your last 2 battles…REX IS A FUKKIN BEAST!! write more freestyle less!!!

  • Somethin’ lite

    Ayy yo Smack….you need to do more than just put a DVD together, you need to do a real documentary! I think people wanna know about each contestants lives, insight into how the battles are put together/matched, whats it like backstage, the trial and tribulations of the event, crowd perspective, etc, etc…Your trailer documentary for N.O.M.E.3 is just the beginning, you can touch on a lot more subjects.

  • 8ukcie

    Dis card is crazy hollow shud have neva taken da battle he shud battle b magic sine he been gone tsu surt gunna eat dis nigga for food but hollow still nice I think



  • Kid Dynomite

    Surf caught a mean body


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