• John John Da Don
    Bouta go grab a drink somewhere wit the fellas... this always good for stress when wifey at work lol
  • Mr. Loopy
    Someone ask me who's my hero and i said "Me in 5 years" #Progress
    Big dAwg Joe oz over here telling me to please kindly walk lighter and try not to break the…
  • Gentleman & A Savage
    RT @Jai400block: @CORTEZ_HSP Lmao
  • Gentleman & A Savage
    RT @SommerRayy: Throwback Thursday 😇 who remembers these pics?!
  • John John Da Don
    Who's "The World" ? Lol geechi 🔥 tho
  • D.N.A™
    RT @QFlo_Music: @DNA_GTFOH bout to battle Reed.....the fan wants to root for dna but the Philly in me wants to root for Reed...this gotta b…
  • ShoeBoxMoney
    🤣 WHO ARE THEY!!!!!