Street Status Owner Says Midwest Battle Emcees Need More Access to Battle Media Outlets

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Street Status owner Owe Weston took to twitter to voice his opinion to Sway Calloway about what he feels is a lack of inclusiveness of STL battle emcees on his Sway In the Morning radio show on Shade 45. As seen in the tweet below, Owe makes a request for the five most relevant battle emcees in Saint Louis; Aye Verb, Yung ILL, Remy D, Hitman Holla & B Magic, to be granted the opportunity to make an appearance on the popular morning show to drop some bars.

I feel like Sway isn’t showing any love to our Midwest Battle Emcees. I feel like being on his Morning Show is an honor and a great promo tool“, Owe tells

Owe isn’t making a statement of blatant exclusion from Sway, but more so stating that it’s easier for emcees in NYC to hit major battle culture friendly media outlets. He tells us, “It’s not a favoritism thing. The east coast emcees have these outlets in their backyard…….I would line up a NY Media run with the likes of VLADtv, and others who represents for the battle culture”.

A cipher with these five STL emcees is something that any battle fan would love to see….me included…

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