SMACK/ URL does it again with their the third installment of their marquee event SUMMER MADNESS 3. Instead of  massive trailer with the each battle on the card URL will release a separate trailer for each battle leading up to SUMMER MADNESS 3.  The event takes place in NewYork City at Stage 48 605 W 48th Street between 10 & 11th Aves for tickets Follow us @URLTV



  • rDre

    Like 4real.
    Thanks for wasting my time

  • Comrade

    If Smack has this nigga on Summer Madness 3 I’m done. Hope this was a joke.

  • Pa AllDay 717/484

    He Got Bars, He Get Views, He Battle Consistently, and He Entertain = SM3… Yall know this shit political now, and as far as criteria he got it covered. Guess he earned this one

    • Dre

      Rapping on stage in a thong is entertaining to u?

  • Dramaface

    MF SITTING HERE WAITING ON A TRAILOR TO DROP N U DROP THIS BULLSHIT!! REALLY! Y’all gon fuck around n lose alot of money taking forever to drop this TRAILOR!! It’s less then a month away! WE NEED TIME TO MAKE PEPERATIONS TO COME!! BUT WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE PAYING FOR FIRST!! What the fuck!!

    • Beasley

      Dumbass it’s spelled “TRAILER”. Stop bitching

      • Javel J-vels Hutson-Ghost

        regardless of how is grammar is he’s fucking right…

      • Smooth

        Yo whats good with the card??..Niggas wanna know what there paying for..gotta call out from work 2weeks in advance……And on ticketmaster theres only 1 price for tickets? .tryna do v.I.p/balcony not tryna stand up for a 10hours…im guessing a lot of the artists are still in negotiation that’s the reason for this single trailer..but damn.

    • Arthur Mel Jones

      Damn fam calm down you sound as if you want to tie a rope around your neck and kill yourself over a smack battle, LMAAAAOO. EZ COWBWOOOIII

  • 3rd Round Finisher

    The Quillll is finally here! Bars over everything!!!

  • RapGenius

    Day is nice! All the antics have finally paid off. Yall hate him cause of the antics, but that’s what got him here! He got bars, presence, and performance. What more do yall want? Glad he’s finally getting his chance to show the world his skills…

    • SpiT

      you mean his ‘thrills’ nigga…why is it i think of ass cheeks when his name is mentioned.??? sic sic

  • Swerve

    Smack fell off after Armeggedon.

  • ohgod

    GARBAGE. Day on SM3? GARBAGE. I wanna see Rex v Head Ice. That would be hella battle. Daylight? GTFOH, SMACK.

  • Dat_Flyy_Capricorn_Nigga

    Where’s the trailer wtf, smack is gay

  • Florida Boy

    If Day on SM3 the crowd gone be bored as shit…..All yall Daylyt dick riders can feel some type of way idc, but i guarantee he get more crickets and boos than cheers.

    Just get at me after the footage drop

  • PEEZ


  • lijamik

    what the fuck yall doing with this shit.if it is nextmonth yall fucker need to give us time to ask for days off. its not ssmmmaaakkk it more like waaaaaaaakkk

  • lijamik

    yall maybe the most respected but yall site is trash and i aint hater just letting yall no. yall should of been have summer madness info up since june.i am on yall site 2aday and i cant believe yall pull this bullshit

  • Dat Nicca

    Fukc what you fukcboys are talking about. I rock with the homie daylight and salute his grind to get to the SM3 stage. Ya’ll must have not seen Day bring the heat to Calicoe in Cal’s backyard. There was no antics or shenanigans. Just performance and witty bars. Ya’ll need to stop paying attention to what Day does when he is battling in no name leagues or against no name opponents and instead pay attention to what he has done against Lotta Zay, Rich Dollarz, Calicoe, Danger Zone, Shotty Horror, and Spee Dolla. The nicca is nice and if you think Beasley would allow any active battler to get on the stage if he also didn’t think dude was nice, well then you’re a dummy!

    Keep doing you Day! Salute!

    • ohgod

      Knigga, STFU

    • zeekyg

      Man calicoe kilt daylyt…. I dont know wtf you was watching he died in the daylyt is a gay now he make naked videos….get stage after that stunt there us noway this nigga winning a battle….

      • Troll_E_G

        Day chewed Cal…u niggaz dont know bars or just stans who cant be unbiased

    • SpiT

      showing his butt naked azz in front of men is a performance nicca.?? and you want all us not to pay attention nicca.?? maybe @ da ‘Down Low’ bar or the ‘The Other End Lounge’…..GTFO

  • lex

    summer madness is suppose to be super bowl of battle rap!!!! The fact that this is the first trailer, and Arsonal has confirmed to be on this card and your not answering nothing about it……leads me to believe the ppl everyone want to see will not be here!!!!!for what ever reason……..Summer m Madness? more like provin Ground! wwwwwwaaaaaack!

  • CoolWhipWinston

    Daylyt a Stevie J lookin nigga.

  • myian barnes

    The SideShow Bob of battle rap.

  • @GreedyVegan

    This was a dope trailer!
    Simply because it says “announcement #1”

    $5 says everyone on the card has a trailer.

    Think clearly/rationally.
    The more you log on to the site to complain and hit refresh, the more he gets paid.
    lol, he doesn’t care if you’re mad.
    You’re putting money in his pockets for you to be upset.

    #smart. iLove it.

    • dre

      well the money made off TY clicks wont amount to much if SMACK /URL doesnt sell that venue. if people cant confirm battles they wont by tickets …simple as that. enjoy all that YT money , lol.

      • @GreedyVegan

        MILLIONS of people click on them battles.
        so its safe to say millions of people view this site.

        he’s making money off this site, youtube, BET AND the events.

        • dre

          Agreed. Which is precisely why this “trailer” isn’t acceptable. URL / SMACK is dealing in serious money so everything should be on point.

  • dre

    Yea, dramaface said completely, you can’t expect people to pay for a card without knowing who’s on it first. And this isn’t a trailor for a battle ….its just a bunch of non-sense…plus daylyt was whack on his last battle …if he debuts at SM3 ya’ll gonna have some footage thats not gonna connect well with true URL fans. The old method wasn’t broken…so no need to try and improve on it. hope ya’ll get it together real soon.

  • dboy31

    Fuck it give him his shot you better bring it day a lot of niggas countin u out let’s see what u got all lyrics no bullshitin day

  • Black Duece


  • lijamik

    i have o problem with day i like to see new faces. some of us have jobs we need to ask day off for and these dudes is not taking that into consideration. how the fuck is the even less than 3 weeks away and we still dont know who is on the fucking cards

  • Gee


  • KevinStenhouse

    The card must be weak for Day to be on it. You have at least 20 rappers better than Day. Hitman isn’t probably on it. They said Clip/Conceited got bodied so they may not be on it. Will O-Red get a shot on the big stage? I think the headline will be Lux vs Hollow. Reed Dollarz already said that he will battle Jon Jon 1st in Philly. B-Magic deserves a shot but he got people spooked after the Clips battle. Will T-Rex battle Big T after he beat K-Shine. Will Serius be a man of his word and be on SM3? We all know DNA will bring it. Ars is confirmed. Ayeverb only likes STL events. Only time will tell. There is only 3 weeks until the event. URL may feel that regardless of whose on the card the event will still sellout because of its fan base.

    • Edwin Stagg


  • Jay Something

    Wow, The fact that Daylyte made it to a smack event shows a fucking downfall. I can’t believe I just sat here to watch a trailer of this nigga, wow 3 minutes of my life I would never get back.. When this nigga rhymes I literally pull the pillow out

  • PissedoffURLsupporter

    I’m not buying plane tickets or sm3 tickets till I know the full card. Buy time I find out the full card sm3 a be 2 weeks away n plane tickets a be sky high! $125 a ticket is allready expensive for SM3 n now u making my plane tickets sky hight to?? Smh. I’m giving ya a few more days n I’m saying fuck SM3. Ill catch the battles online.

  • InTheClouds856

    What yall gotta realize is that there is a low tolerance for bull**it in the URL. Its just a feeling but I think were gonna see the real Daylyt at SM3. He has no choice but to show up or hes gonna stop getting invites like Bill Collector, Miles, Tech 9 and Qleen. This is his chance. He knows if he f**ks this up thats it!!!!!!!!

  • barondebxl

    Smack is on some bullshit for real. I fucks with this announcement cause im a fan of Daylyt, but URL is fucking up cause SM3 is only a few weeks away and there’s no trailer, nothing really so how the fuck they want ppl to buy tickets without us knowing what its going to be? Niggaz is fucking retarded.

  • barondebxl

    Looks like KOTD is going to take over this summer.

  • STR8-UP

    SM3 Starting off on the wrong note…why smack why you should have had The return of Jae millz

  • yo

    Smack need to stop bitchin 4 real

  • Javel J-vels Hutson-Ghost

    WTF is this smack??? its august who’s on the card? fuck is all this bullshit? you keep playing the summer madness theme song with no battles confirmed.

  • sampirlo

    I dont know why yall Niggas Haten but this trailer is Dobe & am not even Daylyt fan he said it on battle rap arena show if mufackers see him on Url Stage he gone schook the world so Thats means he is on the SM3 Card & yall mafuckers schould be ready

  • Leo Hillard

    I just dont get it i really dont..this nigga made it to smack really?? you got lamar dropping bombs all over the net and smack dropping this?

  • zeekyg

    Anybody rocking with daylyt I questions yo man hood…. the nigga phony he wants attention he worse than aye verb…he diss big t about big t sayin he on opposite shit but this nigga a crip you have no opinion…. and what type of nigga get on stage naked know real nigga should respect that shit and than drop a vifeo naked msn this nigga weird ivfint want to see daylyt math hoffa or cortez at sm3 its so many more deserving battle rappers like lottazay jc chilla magic these nigga earned they name without getting naked

    • SpiT

      agreed…they lot more rappers out there than the ones u said…getting tired of cortez..assonal…clips…and daylyt..

  • ROAE

    Summer Madness gon sell out whether he drops a trailer or not. Probably already pretty close just from local niggas. So the complainers probably aint that concerning to smack… at least no more than they usually are…. The card is Like the Hitman Con battle…. HE WOULDN’T HOLD IT IF IT WAS WHACK. Buy yo shit or quit bitchin.

  • SpiT

    pleez dont tell me diz stupid ass queer boy nigga gonna be on the card…..can’t stand diz nigga…saw his ass cheeks hanging wearing shiny green thong on a tec-9 mix tape…. he just wanna pick up views cause his barz suk nutz…..if he battle, let him battle that fat stinky ass goodz …..fuck outta here wit dat cheap ass Dollar tree batman costume…

  • SpiT

    why iz dis ‘summer madness 3’ when it happen in september .?? smack need a new calendar…..

  • Mikeskills

    Im glad Daylyt gonna get serious on the URL stage. The people are what ruin Summer Madness anyway cus niggaz love to be loud and ignorant in large crowds instead of listening and respecting the MC.

  • DRE

    Losing a lot of respect for smack, no battle today and now this bullshit!! I don’t care if Gaylight is battling Lux, if he make niggas wait all this time just to put that fag in SM3….I won’t watch one fucking battle!!

  • DRE

    Losing a lot of respect for smack, no battle today and now this
    bullshit!! I don’t care if Gaylight is battling Lux, if he make niggas
    wait all this time just to put that fag on SM3….I won’t watch one
    fucking battle!


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