SupaNova Rap Battles Presents: DNA vs Ty Law (Hosted by Murda Mook)


SupaNova Battles the definition of DMV Battle Rap, returns with the first battle from the anniversary event Game Changer 4. After battling Tay Roc & Tsu Surf along with his partner K-Shine earlier in the day at URL’s Double Impact in New York, DNA makes his way to DC to battle Ty Law in SupaNova. (more below)

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Hosted by:
Maestro Metaphorics – @TheSuburbCeleb
Murda Mook – @MurdaMookez
Vada Fly – @Vada_Fly
Will B. – @Willbull2010
Ty Law – @TyListenanWatch
State Of Mind – @Stateofmindmmd
Sovereign Crown – @SovereignCrown1 (For all your custom Battle Rap gear)

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Check out Ty Law’s video for the song – Sugar Ray Robinson:



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    RT @XboxNeeds2Chill: @TheReal_Calicoe when that YouTube video dropping... I'm hearing you straight 3-0 that man.
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    🤣 niggas act like that wasn't FIRE 🔥 tho🤣🤣🤣
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    RT @KCGRIM: @BIGTQMB 🗣talk to that nigga bruh TF be wrong wit niggas b! #Thefuckamifightingforigotthat #GSK
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    RT @youngceo4ever: I fucks with this track the hardest @TheRealTayRoc
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    RT @spanky_austin: @RapBattleUnited @rapgrid SHIT NOW @TheRealTayRoc I'M RUNNING OUT OF SUITS👔TO WEAR TO THESE NIGGAZ FUNERAL💡📊...#INKFLOW!…
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